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BOOKS ⚦ Snowball (Chronicles of a Wererabbit, #1) Author M.Y. Zeman –

Snowball (Chronicles of a Wererabbit, #1) Heroes Don T Come Any Furrier Than This I Wasn T Born With A Scar On My Forehead I M Not An Heir To A Distant Kingdom The Destiny I Was Born To Was Simply To Die In A Laboratory My Ability To Become Small And Furry But Becoming A Hero Doesn T Happen Overnight And Destiny Is A Funny Thing In One Moment The Kindness Of A Stranger Or In My Case A Vampire Can Change Everything My Name Is Snow And I Am A Wererabbit Snow Everly Was Born A Rabbit And Believed That Her Destiny Was To Die In A Cold Laboratory Then One Winter Night, A Vampire Breaks In Searching For His Missing Research When The Lab Goes Up In Flames He Goes Back And Rescues Her When She Turns Three Years Old, Snow Gains The Ability To Shift Into A Girl Why Was She Created Who And What Are The Mysterious Figures Following Her Follow Snow On Her Journey As She Searches For The Answers Snow S Dream Is To One Day Become A Hero And Above All Else She Wants To Be Accepted For Who She Is A Wererabbit.

BOOKS ⚦ Snowball (Chronicles of a Wererabbit, #1)  Author M.Y. Zeman –
  • Paperback
  • 248 pages
  • Snowball (Chronicles of a Wererabbit, #1)
  • M.Y. Zeman
  • 09 March 2019
  • 9781515203278

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    Are you on the hunt for a wonderful middlegrade fantasy for your young reader that isn t full of gruesome scenes, but has completely relevant issues that face kids today neatly tucked within Look no further, Snowball Chronicles of a Wererabbit by Michelle Zeman is a delightful paranormal fantasy about a young rabbit who escaped from a laboratory only to be found by an ancient, absent minded vampire John names her Snow, takes her in and knows absolutely nothing about caring or a baby bunny Thank fully, his partner, Edgar, a flamboyant and highly loveable vampire takes charge and their little family is a loving trio As Snow aged, poof She changes into a cute little toddler, in need o learning how to change at the right time As Snow grows, she faces the same issues as any child, from being made fun of to going to her first dance, to dreaming of being a hero Along the way, she makes some great and unique friends and lives a life filled with family love, support and caring all while learning about accepting others as she would like to be accepted, as herself, a wererabbit.Michelle Zeman has created a non threatening fantasy for all ages, a wonderful plot,...

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    Shifters for children from M.Y Zeman Enter to WIN an eCopy OR a PRINT copy of the series

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    Firstly, I d just like to advise that parents read this novel before giving it to very young readers While I think kids of 10 and up would probably be fine, there are a couple of scenes that are a bit violent and scary and so you might want to check it out before giving it to anyone younger.I thought that this was a really fun book for middle grade readers The characters were all well developed and memorable and the author took some fairly common fantasy creatures vampires, werewolves and twisted them to make them her own I really loved the science behind her creatures Zeman very clearly describes the biology of her were creatures in a way that s easy to understand and never talks down to her reader I especially like the way that Snow s transformation is described as being like a Star Trek teleporter as it formed a very clear image of the process in my mind.While I did quickly get into the novel, I do think that some people may not gel with the way the narrative jumps around Although it s all told form Snow s ...

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    Snow Everly feels most comfortable in her bunny form, so when Snow turns six John, John s partner, Edwin, decide it is time for Snow to start school It doesn t go as well as planned Well over the first half of this story is devoted to character development of this urban fantasy world, John, and Edwin Ms Zeman s vampires are unique as are the family dynamics in this tale John is a First Blood, meaning he is Vampire royalty HHe suffers from hearing loss from a birth defect He also is very forgetful, but has a brilliant mind and devotes himself to science Edwin, has a happy go lucky personality He comes and goes as his adventurous soul pleases They are both very devoted to Snow.The plot took way too long to get going in this story I almost set it aside a few times It was also hard for me to become involved with the characters John was aloof, Edwin a bit too happy, and Snow was just an adorable bunny I had to remind myself this was a children s story Most of the evil doings are from humans, which sho...

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    What a concept A rabbit that turns into a human when strength is required and stays as a rabbit when speed is required A very exiting read and a compelling story At the end is a preview of the next book in the series which I cannot wait to read An up and coming author Have to read her other books.

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    Wild ride page turner fun to read Filled with good humor and suspense The characters are well written and the action scenes leave you breathless.

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    Fun story about Snow, the girl bunny who shifts between the two I enjoyed this quick read.The characters were strong, Snow, her Vampire dad, John, Edgar, and the others There were some real scares as we follow her c...

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    Fun different type of were story Great characters On to the next.

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    We received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Reviewed by Elizabeth Slaughter at The Reader s Hollow 4.5x5 Stars I was utterly charmed by Snowball Chronicles of a Wererabbit It is listed as a YA novel appropriate for ages 10 18, and it works very well as such I imagine I would have enjoyed a novel like this very much as a young teen, and adults wanting to introduce younger readers to urban fantasy would do well recommending this title There was plenty for adults to enjoy as well especially if you are looking for something earnest and hopeful as a relief from the cynical, gritty fare that s common in the genre.If, however, you want something action packed Snowball isn t it The prologue starts in the middle of the action, but the story doesn t return to that until the 80% mark Some readers might be bored by the focus on the coming of age rather than action, but I wasn t I enjoyed all the cute, sometimes funny moments and the unusual family dynamic As a bonus, there are several adorable illustrations When the author finally does get to the action, in the last few chapters, Snow absolutely shines as the smart, brave person she is She makes full use of all of her...

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    A hidden gem I m confident this series will become very successful but an excellent heads up is to bear in mind that this is an origins story so the focus is on Snow building her skill set with an impending larger story developing in the background I mention this because with youth fantasy books, the tradition is usually to kick off with a large adventure to get you hooked and then you find out about the origins later on This new approach is refreshing because, as we know from the first page and from the descriptive blurb , she is destined to be a super hero so rather than starting off with her as one, we get to witness the development from the beginning This book the first in the series is about her developing into that role This collection of skill building experiences is hosted through moments that are youth related, yet, still enjoyable for adults M.Y Zeman has not just created a handful of unique and likable characters, she has created an entire world rewriting the lore of vampires and werewolves that we get a taste of but is so well captured that we will want to continue exploring There is a lot of narrative switching from Snow s point of view in moments she was present for and from the narrator s point of view in the scenes Snow is absent from but I didn t find it a hindran...

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