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Download ☆ Wisdom of the Sadhu: Teachings of Sundar Singh By Kim Comer –

Wisdom of the Sadhu: Teachings of Sundar SinghA Modern Saint Francis, Sundar Singh 1889 1929 Left The Wealth Of His Home At Sixteen To Live As A Sadhu, Or Wandering Holy Man His Beggar Like Existence, His Intense Devotion, His Mystical Encounters With Jesus, And His Simple Yet Profound Parables Became The Stuff Of Legends No One Who Met Him Including The Thousands Who Flocked To Hear Him During His Visits To Europe, The Far East, And The United States Remained Unaffected.Known In His Lifetime As India S Most Famous Convert To Christianity, Sundar Singh Would Not Approve Of That Characterization He Loved Jesus And Devoted His Life To Knowing And Following Him, But He Never Accepted Christianity S Cultural Conventions, Even As He Embraced Its Stark Original Teachings Wisdom Of The Sadhu,a Collection Of Anecdotes, Sayings, Parables, And Meditations, Brings Together The Best Of Sundar Singh S Teachings Couched As They Are In A Distinctly Indian Idiom, They Probe The Essence Of The Gospels With Unusual Freshness And Offer Insights Of Great Depth And Value To Every Serious Seeker.

Download ☆ Wisdom of the Sadhu: Teachings of Sundar Singh By Kim Comer –
  • Paperback
  • 208 pages
  • Wisdom of the Sadhu: Teachings of Sundar Singh
  • Kim Comer
  • English
  • 02 June 2017
  • 9780874869989

    10 thoughts on “Download ☆ Wisdom of the Sadhu: Teachings of Sundar Singh By Kim Comer –

  1. says:

    I actually have a difficult time reviewing this book It was amazing But how to explain that Sundar Singh was a humble man who constantly worked to refocus people s attention to the Master, Jesu He wouldn t have wanted a lot of accolades So I ll suffice it to say that it was wonderful to read work that was so passionately devout and yet not stodgily white American Christian Christianity without the culture that is too often associated with it, in this era of history Because of his Indian culture and his Sikh upbringing, Singh brings a totally different perspective to the Gospel, and it s a necessary and refreshing one Sometimes when you remove cultural trappings, truths become fresher and harder to ignore And that s what Singh s work did for me The format and teaching style were different from what I m accustomed to, and s...

  2. says:

    While this is a very humorous gif about my experience reading this book, it was deeply impacting for seeing things a little differently I love the fact that Singh contextualized the gospel for others, taking out the colonization aspects of what Britain brought to India with Christianity for it is not the white man s religion He really makes you think well from not merely his perspective of what God has taught him, but h...

  3. says:

    I review a lot of new books on this blog I have discovered a lot of new authors with poignant insights into the Christian faith I have been challenged and stretched by many of them., but I seldom have the privilege of dipping back into an old favorite The Wisdom of the Sadhu complies the teachings of Sadhu Sundar Singh, the most famous convert to Christianity in early twentieth century India.Singh converted to Christianity in his early teens after the death of his mother and an evening of desperate prayers At the age of sixteen he left the comforts of home to live a life of a Sadhu an Indian religious ascetic that renounces the comforts of this life He was a believer in Christ and a committed Christian however, he rejected the cultural accruments of Christianity in a Western guise as it was often presented by missionaries to the Indian people like in the Presbyterian school of his youth He was a mystic who lived a life committed to Jesus, albeit with an Indian flair.Wisdom of the Sadhu compiles the teachings of this Jesus follower In part one, scenes, we hear Singh s own story In part two, conversations, we hear his answers to spiritual questions from seekers In both sections, we read stories and parables that make vivid Singh s and our spiritual quest.The Q A format of Singh s conversations may strike Weste...

  4. says:

    This man and his teachings are AMAZING Deeply spiritual, Sundar Singh lived his life as a wandering Sadhu for Christ in India The simplicity is stunning here and his analogies bring God s truth to life Powerful A must read for anyone seeking to really know God.

  5. says:

    This is a tantalising introduction to Sundar Singh who was a much respected Christian teacher in India He became a Christian from a Sikh background after an visionary encounter with God The book is a compendium from Singh s writing, collected by themes For the most part he teaches simple devotional ideas, richly illustrated by Indian analogies or anecdotes There are a number of chapter length parables too Towards the back of the book is a searing indictment of the Western Church The West ...

  6. says:

    Unknown to many, I personally discovered this book a few years ago and keep reading it over and over and always find many wonderful teachings and wondering why has not been discovered by searching souls

  7. says:

    Born into a wealthy Sikh family and drawn to religious studies from an early age, Sundar Singh angrily rejected Western Christian missions into colonial India He insulted missionaries, burned Bibles, and made his objections known But as Hindu and Sikh beliefs left him feeling bereft, he contemplated suicide Then a road to Damascus moment altered his path forever Before his death in 1929, Sundar Singh became India s most renowned Christ follower, and remains a national icon today.Compiler Kim Comer selects representative samples from Sundar s writings, numerous speeches, and moments recorded by his many followers Like Rabbi Hillel or Saint Francis, Sundar Singh attracted enthusiastic followers and initiated a school of thought that survived his mortal life He accomplished this, not by trumpeting himself, but by righteous teachings, unclouded thought, and too rare among Christian leaders any matching his actions to his words Before long, his reputation transcended borders, religions, and cultures.European...

  8. says:

    I highly recommend this book This is gospel contextualization at its best Singh s parables are wonderful, full of poetic expressions of love Sadhu Sundar Singh is an absolute gem Can t wait to read of his work I think if he read that last line, he d think, Don t seek to read...

  9. says:

    Sundar Singh had a vision of a truly Indian Christianity This book is an interesting introduction to his thought I do wish that time was spent on his mystical experiences, which he is well known for.

  10. says:

    A useful and inspiring anthology of a great Christian mystic.

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