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!!> Download ➼ The Angel Wore Fangs (Deadly Angels, #7) ➾ Author Sandra Hill –

The Angel Wore Fangs (Deadly Angels, #7) New York Times Bestselling Author Sandra Hill Continues Her Sexy Deadly Angels Series, As A Viking Vangel S Otherworldly Mission Pairs Him With A Beautiful Chef Who Whets His Thousand Year Old Appetite.Once Guilty Of The Deadly Sin Of Gluttony, Thousand Year Old Viking Vampire Angel Cnut Sigurdsson Is Now A Lean, Mean, Vampire Devil Fighting Machine His New Side Job No Biggie Just Ridding The World Of A Threat Called ISIS While Keeping The Evil Lucipires Demon Vampires At Bay So When Chef Andrea Stewart Hires Him To Rescue Her Sister From A Cult Recruiting Terrorists At A Montana Dude Ranch, Vangel Turns Cowboy Yeehaw The Too Tempting Mortal Insists On Accompanying Him, Surprising Cnut With Her Bravery At Every Turn But With Terrorists Stalking The Ranch In Demonoid Form, Cnut Teletransports Andrea And Himself Out Of Danger Accidentally Into The Tenth Century Norselands Suddenly, They Have To Find Their Way Back To The Future To Save Her Family And The World And To Satisfy Their Insatiable Attraction.

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    4 Coconut and Peppermint Stars The room smelled of sweet coconut.And he was hit with yet another temptation, powerful than that of food or drink Blood drained from his head and heat sizzled across his skin from his scalp to the tips of his fingers and the ends of his curled toes Between his legs, his balls shifted and his staff seemed to yawn and stretch and come to life If cocks could smile, his was doing a happy dance of anticipation. This was possibly one of the funniest books I ve read this year A book about a Viking guilty of glutton, turned Angelic vampire sent on a quest to defeat Isis This was bound to either have me scratching my head in confusion or like my actual reaction, have me in fits of laughter This book was surprisingly light and fluffy in a good way and while I thought the whole Isis thing didn t really fit in, I did really enjoy it.Cnut, whose name had me constantly calling him a really bad word, is one of seven brothers who are also angelic vampires created to fight evil and they re lead by Michael the Arch angel Each brother is guilty of the one the seven sins, Cnuts being glutton, their penance is a 700 year stint in God s army.When Andrea s the romantic interest or lifemate sister goes missing and the private investigator her parents who promptly go on a boat cruise hired informs them that her sister Celie, has joined Isis Andrea seeks out Cnut help to find her s...

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    This book has the special designation of being The Worst Book I ve ever read I will treasure it for many many years.

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    4 not hungry for food STARS Finally the last Sigurdsson that never caught my attention Cnut is born with GLUTTON and he was an overweight man before Michael the Archangel came He condemned him to redeem his sin to become Vangels to fight against Lucipires I couldn t forget how entertaining Cnut s journey He s so much better than Harek and Sigurd s story Pft Are you hungry she asked I am always hungry, he replied.Is there a double entendre there Is he implying that no, this guy is just too sizzling hot His hotness is giving me wrong ideas Very wrong Look at him, licking the chocolate off his fingers Be still my heart and other places Yikes Afraid caught up with criminal act such ISIS, Andrea Stewart must search for her missing sister She hired Wings International also Cnut Sigurdsson who thinks this is a fate from Michael to finish his job against demon vampires Many times Cnut reject Andrea to come with him, but yeah, they finally went together to raid the places But not ...

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    I blame myself, honestly.It s always a bad idea to start with book seven in a series By the time most writers get to the end of a series, they re tired They want to move on However, if you tell me you ve written a book about a Viking vampire angel who s supposedly fighting ISIS, well, I have to know I am the author of all my own misfortunes here.My grievances 1 Supposedly ISIS gained a foothold on a Montana dude ranch because political correctness If your library is in a conservative community, this may very well be found amusing.2 One of the demons is named Zebulon the Hebrew, and is supposedly a double agent for the Lord If he s really good, he MAYBE might get to go to heaven and be an angel someday You can see where some folks might find this problematic, and you might want to avoid purchasing if your clientele is significantly Jewish.3 Even trash fiction should make a token attempt at justifying why things are the way they are We are never given even a shred of a good reason for why God, in His infinite wisdom, might want to create an army of Viking vampire angels a k a vangels to fight evil in the world We are supposed to just take it o...

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    I m not exactly a genre romance reader Generally, they make me want to repeatedly bang my skull into a hard object Nor, blessedly, would I describe myself as the sort of girl who reads books about vampire angel Vikings, as a rule HOWEVER I was shall we say, inspired by this tweet Hunted this baby down, because don t you fucking tell me you weren t intrigued the way you re intrigued by the way you can see your bone when you break your arm real bad by a book about a tubby, time traveling, motorcycle riding, Barefoot Contessa watching, vampire angel Viking named Cnutwho, along with a spunky American chef named Andrea a cleverly disguised variation on the author Sandra s name , has to save the world from ISIS on a Montana dude ranch Sandra here doesn t dick around Bring it the fuck on Let s unpack what we have inside this little shop of horrors 1 The name Cnut Don t tell me that s not a typo 2 Sandra, God bless you for inserting random Icelandic words into the text I need to get drukkinn tonight to purge my mind of your nonsense 3 Bless you twice for adding strange British isms blo...

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    Abandoned about 40% in I expected dumb, I did not expect boring I was promised time travelling biker vampire angel vikings, I got a crappy Jennifer Aniston romcom.

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    Grandma s wet dream No surprises Grandma being American, they do get married The good news is, I believe I am now ready for Space Raptor Butt Invasion.

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    The Angel Wore Fangs rounds out the seven deadly sins, one suffered by each of the seven Sigurdsson brothers that warranted their 700 year sentence to become vangels vampire angels in the war of good and evil While I have not read all of the earlier books in the series, I followed along quite well and didn t feel like I was missing any world building or too much back story.We start off the story in the 9th Century Norselands when Cnut Sigurdsson is a huge jarl huge as in enormously fat Over 400lbs His deadly sin, you guessed it, is gluttony I have to admit that I was a little nervous to discover that our hero was a 400 lb glutton with a beard full of lice Luckily for us St Michael the Archangel sweeps in binding the jarl into an afterlife of servitude that forces him to change his ways Present day, over a thousand years later, Cnut is a lean mean 225lbs at his towering 6 4 height driving a Harley and sporting a Ragnar Lothbrok braided viking mohawk But even though our hero is now sex on a stick, he still has body image issues due to what he calls phantom fat He also struggles daily with his gluttony and has to be a concerted effort to not over indulge in his various appetites Cnut was a fun hero I liked that he wasn t perfect and that he...

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    What can you ask for when you get a story of Viking Vampires How about time traveling Viking Vampires Vangel that must infiltrate an ISIS compound because Demon Vampires have taken control of the group in order to harvest souls for evil.Cnut was found guilty of excessive gluttony, given a choice of redemption, Cnut must serve as a Vangel under the faithful watch of arch angel Michael Now a new improved Viking vampire, Cnut is called out by Michael to bring down ISIS An impossible job for one person, how is he to single handedly find a way to do this Soon after Andrea walks into is detective agency, handing him an in to ISIS on a platter her sister has been taken by ISIS and she needs help finding her.A freak mishap during an emergency transportation and both Cnut and Andrea find themselves back in Norseland, where Cnut was the gluttonous warlord that made him into the man he is today Cnut fights his attraction to Andrea, she will cause him to face years of service to the Vangels, even though Cnut is sure she is his other half The double agent vampire demon must choose between eternal hell or turn over Cnut for torture in his stead Will it strand Andrea in the past without saving her sister Will Cnut survive even a day in that kind of torment or loss his soul Hill s humor and wit shine through in The Angel Wore Fangs I don t know of many authors that can pull of humor when writing about ISI...

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    Well here we are, all of the 7 Deadly Sins and 7 brothers taken care of so is this the end of the series of course not, there are some serious threads hanging that require 1 book at a minimum and no I won t tell you since that will be a spoiler which means some doofus will spoil it While I really have enjoyed this series including this book, I was put off a bit by Cnut being portrayed as a pretty smart guy in the other books and seemed like she made him a bit stupid in this book about him He and Andrea made a great couple, plus the locations and the plot was much different than the other books All these things work together to make this a very entertaining novel for this series.Bottom Line The romance was kind of weak but enjoyable, the plot changed after the first couple of chapters and took off on a different line than the other books, to be honest the bad guys played a much s...

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