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Black Flags: The Rise of ISISWINNER OF THE 2016 PULITZER PRIZE FOR GENERAL NONFICTION A Best Book Of 2015 The New York Times, The Washington Post, People Magazine, San Francisco Chronicle, Kansas City Star, And Kirkus ReviewsIn A Thrilling Dramatic Narrative, Awarded The 2016 Pulitzer Prize For General Nonfiction, Joby Warrick Traces How The Strain Of Militant Islam Behind ISIS First Arose In A Remote Jordanian Prison And Spread With The Unwitting Aid Of Two American Presidents When The Government Of Jordan Granted Amnesty To A Group Of Political Prisoners In 1999, It Little Realized That Among Them Was Abu Musab Al Zarqawi, A Terrorist Mastermind And Soon The Architect Of An Islamist Movement Bent On Dominating The Middle East In Black Flags, An Unprecedented Character Driven Account Of The Rise Of ISIS, Pulitzer Prize Winning Reporter Joby Warrick Shows How The Zeal Of This One Man And The Strategic Mistakes Of Presidents Bush And Obama Led To The Banner Of ISIS Being Raised Over Huge Swaths Of Syria And Iraq Zarqawi Began By Directing Terror Attacks From A Base In Northern Iraq, But It Was The American Invasion In 2003 That Catapulted Him To The Head Of A Vast Insurgency By Falsely Identifying Him As The Link Between Saddam And Bin Laden, U.S Officials Inadvertently Spurred Like Minded Radicals To Rally To His Cause Their Wave Of Brutal Beheadings And Suicide Bombings Persisted Until American And Jordanian Intelligence Discovered Clues That Led To A Lethal Airstrike On Zarqawi S Hideout In 2006 His Movement, However, Endured First Calling Themselves Al Qaeda In Iraq, Then Islamic State Of Iraq And Syria, Or ISIS, His Followers Sought Refuge In Unstable, Ungoverned Pockets On The Iraq Syria Border When The Syrian Civil War Broke Out In 2011, And As The U.S Largely Stood By, ISIS Seized Its Chance To Pursue Zarqawi S Dream Of An Ultra Conservative Islamic Caliphate Drawing On Unique High Level Access To CIA And Jordanian Sources, Warrick Weaves Gripping, Moment By Moment Operational Details With The Perspectives Of Diplomats And Spies, Generals And Heads Of State, Many Of Whom Foresaw A Menace Worse Than Al Qaeda And Tried Desperately To Stop It Black Flags Is A Brilliant And Definitive History That Reveals The Long Arc Of Today S Most Dangerous Extremist Threat.

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    I read this book on ISIS, so I m kind of an expert now If you need me at your dinner parties for pedantic insight into the Middle East, hit me up.

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    Editing my number of stars in light of Patrick Cockburn s The Jihadis Return ISIS and the New Sunni Uprising, only discovered after the comment thread on this review I cannot recall Warrick even mentioning Saudi or Pakistani involvement either in the ISIS movement beginning after the U.S invasion of Iraq on which he spent an enormous amount of our time , or after Zarqawi was killed in 2006 He said nothing significantly different from newspaper reporting in the U.S the past 15 years, though he gave enormous credit to the CIA, whose analysis by the way, he did not share with us except in an impressionistic way.I was already familiar with what the newspapers had reported, and found his account rehashed old ground Cockburn s analysis, on the other hand, rips open ME politics and exposes U.S blunders and resultant difficulties The information I was getting in newspapers about ISIS in Syria confused me, which is why I needed something in depth This book probably is not going to answer your questions I am furious that we don t have the kind of journalism ...

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    OH ISIS I thought they were saying Icees, as inWell, now that I m up to speed on radical Islamic terrorism, who wants to invite me over to their bbq, so I can be the life of the party Cuz nothing says FUN like bringing up politics and religion at a social gathering Just look how enjoyable Facebook is these days.All silliness aside, Black Flags is a solid way to understand how ISIS came to be A good number of pages are also spent on Al Qaeda and Bin Laden, but the real focus is Abu Musab al Zarqawi, the thug turned religious zealot and leader of a violent fundamentalist movement.Joby Warrick gives the reader plenty of details on Zarqawi s past and what made him who he eventually became It s not an in depth character study that a psychologist could publish a paper on, but I certainly know the man much better now than I ever have But do I know the real story I mean, what s Warrick s bias He s certainly not kind to the Bush administration s handling of terrorism for most of this book and seems to side with the CIA And what does Warrick know He worked for the Washington Post and as far as journalist...

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    If you are a general reader and want to read one book on the origin of ISIS, look no further In telling the story through individuals the book contrasts to others like ISIS The State of Terror or Inside Syria The Backstory of Their Civil War and What the World Can Expect that are thorough and focus on politics and policies Joby Warrick s approach, focusing on the key personnel, holds your attention throughout This book is heavy on the founder, Abu Musab Zarqawi and its beginnings as part of Al Qaeda, where the others focus on the group as ISIS filling the power vacuum in Syria.Zarqawi is shown through the lens of Jordan s security agency, Mukhabarat, and Nada Bakos his targeter for the US You see him imprisoned for crimes and terrorist activities He is interrogated, often, by Mukhabarat The chaos in Iraq was a perfect opportunity for him but his first operations were directed at Jordan the Embassy in Iraq, the foiled bombing of Mukhabarat, the wedding in Amman and the UN While there were leadership changes, you come to understand the significance of the 2015 capture of Jordan s pilot.Jordan s King Abdullah is shown to have great courage and foresight He has kept his country free of training camps and Arab Springs He and Mukhabarat not only helped to foil the Millennium Plot, you read of how they stopped a large bombing plan for Amman and how they interrogate effectively You also appreciate the work of Gen Stanley McCrystal.There i...

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    If one were to read one book to gain an understanding of how the Islamic State ISIS was able to conquer a land mass that is as big as Israel and Lebanon, it should be Joby Warrick s new monograph, BLACK FLAGS THE RISE OF ISIS Warrick, a Pulitzer Prize winning reporter for the Washington Post writes in a clear style that allows the reader to gain insight and understanding of the many important points he makes What separates Warrick s effort from the myriad of works on ISIS that have appeared in the last year is the perspective he brings A major part of the book presents the rise of ISIS from the Jordanian point of view Concentrating on King Abdullah II of Jordan, the reader is exposed to the inner workings of the Hashemite Kingdom as they try to cope with what is occurring on two sides of their border The book opens with attempts to negotiate the release of the downed Jordanian pilot Muath al Kasabeh with ISIS, and the plight of Sajida Rishawi, a convicted ISIS terrorist who is facing execution for trying to unleash a horrendous attack in Amman In the end al Kasabeh is burned alive, creating revulsion throughout the Muslim world, and Rishawi is executed.In addition to being led inside the Jordanian national security bur...

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    Warrick, a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, explores the origins of ISIS Beginning in the 1990 s he chronicles the rise of Zarqawi and al Qaeda in Iraq and ends with the Syrian war and the rise of Baghdadi and ISIS Warrick is a skilled writer making his account very readable and easy to digest Most of us will remember the major events described Warrick adds value by connecting them, filling in the gaps, giving us a continuous narrative We see the stunning appearance of ISIS running rampant over Iraq not as a mysterious force arising from nowhere, but a logical and predictable continuation of the prior decade of terrorist activity ISIS s rise was fueled by sectarian division It was aided by miscalculations and political expediency by American and Arab administrations alike Below are my notes Abu Musab al Zarqawi grew up in Jordan as a local tough, a common criminal Hoping to change his direction his mother encouraged him to attend an Islamist mosque He adopted extremist beliefs with fervor He went to Afghanistan to fight the Soviets in the spring of 1989 arriving just as the Soviet troops left Instead he fought the Russian backed Afghan government Gaining four years of combat experience, he became a mujahid or holy warrior He returned to Jordan in 1993 where he was imprisoned after joining in an aborted terror attack in 1994 After release in 1999 he went back to Afghanistan where he ran a training ...

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    This book describes the rise of ISIS It is in three sequential parts The first is the background of Abu Musab al Zarqawi who was born in Jordan At first he was just a common thug and not religious He was arrested and in prison fell under the spell of Islam and became radicalized He was released as part of a prisoner exchange, something that happens with regularity in the Middle East.From there he journeyed to Iraq this becomes the second part of the book During the U.S led invasion of Iraq he became the leader of al Qaeda in Iraq Zarqawi became a very adept organizer and carried out violent terrorist activities in both Iraq and Jordan you have only to read of the tragic fate of Nick Berg to see how personally sadistic Zarqawi could be We also learn much in this book of the intelligence networks of both Jordan and U.S CIA and how they tracked down terrorist groups It also appears that the people terrorists they kill in the Middle East the terrorists they create.The focus on intelligence groups and there methodology of informa...

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    Excellent history on the rise of ISIS and the US involvement in Iraq Terrific narrator for the audiobook.5 out of 5 stars.

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    I expected from this book, when I read it It it bring anything new about Isis.

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    A thoroughly depressing read for reasons that are all too obvious, but I wanted to improve my understanding of this loathsome organisation.Despite the upsetting subject matter, this is an absolutely engrossing read, with extensive first hand testimony from former U.S diplomats, CIA operatives, staff of the Jordanian intelligence service, and Sunni Iraqi tribal leaders who have alternately supported and fought the Islamists It was depressing to read about how, prior to the Iraq invasion, the Bush administration exerted constant pressure on the CIA to produce evidence of Saddam s links with Al Qaeda, that simply didn t exist Even worse was the almost unbelievable lack of planning for the post invasion governance of Iraq, that created the chaos from which ISIS ISIL was born We have of course heard this from other sources, but it is always enlightening to hear it quoted by those who were there, and who have no political axe to grind Incidentally this is not to paint Saddam as a good guy He was a tyrant who in the late 80s was probably guilty of attempting genocide against the Iraqi Kurds, but he was not an Islamist It was fascinating to read of the tactics of the various diplomatic and intelligence service...

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