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!!> Reading ➹ Perto do Coração Selvagem ➱ Author Clarice Lispector –

Perto do Coração SelvagemLa Totalidad Del Libro Es Un Milagro De Equilibrio, Combinando La Lucidez Intelectual De Los Personajes De Dostoievski Con La Pureza De Un Ni O Dinah Silveyra De Queiroz Cerca Del Coraz N Salvaje Es La Mejor Novela Escrita Por Una Mujer En La Lengua Portuguesa.L Do Ivo Clarice Lispector Ha Desplazado El Centro De Gravedad Alrededor Del Cual La Novela Brasile A Ha Estado Girando Desde Hace A Os Jorge De Lima

!!> Reading ➹ Perto do Coração Selvagem ➱ Author Clarice Lispector –
  • Paperback
  • 208 pages
  • Perto do Coração Selvagem
  • Clarice Lispector
  • Spanish
  • 03 July 2017
  • 9789871772247

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    Fleetingly wonderful All of me swims, floats, crosses what exists with my nerves, I am nothing but a desire, anger, vagueness, as impalpable as energy Joana and L dia two women, two sides of one medal Together, they would have been a deity On their own, they are two people sharing the love of one man, Ot vio, who is floating between the stable, motherly safety of L dia, and the wild, independent Joana, who can t be owned by anyone Either I light up and am wonderful, fleetingly wonderful, or I am obscure, wrapped in curtains L dia, whatever she is, is immutable, always with the same bright base Why did this young, wild, passionate tale touch me so much Why is it so hard to put into words the admiration I felt for the young woman Joana, who with seeming ease understands herself and her incompatibility with other people And who is willing to accept it too Her vision of the world is tolerant and open minded, and she doesn t expect any hypothetical yet quite unnecessary gods to know than she does herself I don t know a thing, I am able to give birth to a child and I don t know a thing God will receive my humility and will say I was able to give birt...

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    Where does music go when it s not playing she asked herself And disarmed she would answer May they make a harp out of my nerves when I die.A quest for measuring the eternity and finding some sense in defining the immortality while the object of all desires remains nothing but one s own life A truly wild heart Like a breath of fresh, melancholic air, Clarice Lispector finally entered my world and brought along an exquisite gift of precious reflections made out of the lyrical strands of dazzling sentences A sororal feeling ascended, settled down and went away only to come back with full force after small intervals of opening and closing each new chapter of this astonishing literary feat now she was sadly a happy woman A childhood full of questions leading up to womanhood full of unsure answers, the journey of Joana s life comprises of rampant jumps and reckless missteps between a dark abyss and the bright limitless sky A person of extremes and yet it s not hard to imagine her universe In fact, it was dangerously easy for me to understand her and making out her silhouette even from a good distance A sense of affinity was present throughout as if a part of me wandered through some anonymous streets without my kn...

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    Clarice Lispector by Giorgio de Chirico, 1945The title of this book is a phrase from James Joyce s A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man he was alone, he was unheeded, happy, and near to the wild heart of life. According to the introduction, Clarice Lispector didn t choose the title and hadn t actually read any Joyce at that point in her life The title was chosen by a male friend and the bright pink cover of the first edition was chosen by a man in the publishing wing of the paper she worked for The terms of payment were also chosen by others, one hundred copies for the author to keep sell from a print run of one thousand.So it seems as if Lispector or less sleepwalked through the preparation of her book for publishing, allowing others to make all the important decisions But when we realise that she had written the book over a very short period while working full time as a journalist, studying for a law degree, and obeying the conventions of 1942 Brazilian society by getting formally engaged then we are less surprised When did she sleep, never mind make decisions ...

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    NELLA GOCCIA DI TEMPO CHE VENIVAClarice Lispector 10 dicembre 1920 e el nyk, Ucraina 9 dicembre 1977, Rio de Janeiro.Che cosa si ottiene quando si felici, dopo che si felici che cosa succede, cosa viene Essere felici serve a raggiungere che cosa Chiede la piccola Joana alla sua insegnante.Cresciuta, Joana chiede invece al marito Hai mai pensato che un punto, un unico punto senza dimensioni, il massimo della solitudine Un punto non pu contare neppure su se stesso, non c in lui n fu n non fu.Della trama non si pu parlare perch non c In confronto a Lispector, Virginia Woolf Dumas.Quella poca trama che emerge pi che altro da intuire, trasmessa al lettore per illuminazioni allucinatorie, confonde presente e passato, mescola realt e immaginazione, incrocia l a con la rabbia, che forse perfino odio.Joana bambina, parla col padre, poi pi cresciuta, il padre muore, va a vivere con la zia, poi in collegio, si sposa, il marito, Ot vio, cominciamo a conoscerlo presto perch come dicevo prima e dopo vanno di pari passo, poi Joana partorisce, ama, odia, tradisce, tradita, abbandonata E poi Nulla Tutto La vita E la morte.Joana, e qualcosa mi fa credere che l impressione si ripeterebbe leggendo anche altre opere di Lispector, quelle della maturit , sembra preda di un tumulto mistico Che anche flusso mistico O, estasi mistica.Si tr...

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    He was alone He was unheeded, happy and near to the wild heart of life._James Joyce. Near to the Wild Heart is a tribute to James Joyce insofar as the title is taken from one of his novels under a writer s early influence that is a vital element in the commencement and development of a new talent with her pen out, uncapped It is the delicate abyss of disorder carefully arranged with the abrasive and highly inquisitive stream of thought that marks her out, indeed, puts her above so many half measures, among the crowd of established fictionists, just with her one book stride, accomplished at the youthful age of 23, when most people are happy to indulge in breathtaking romantic fantasies or truculent defiance of the status quo whatever that might be as a credible explanation of the existential puzzle now she was sadly a happy woman.Clarice shook me out of my somnolent contentment and pulled me into a mirror house of transcendental imagery, leaving me trapped among reflections of illusion of the contorted self, sta...

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    Freedom isn t enough What I desire doesn t have a name yet It took me some time to understand that one can t please everyone And if you re trying , then sooner than later you ll end up feeling only disappointment and emptiness Trying to pleasing others against your own desires and needs you only hurt yourself And nobody even notices that Oh, Clarice how did you do that, that like hurricane, after all this is how you were named, entered in my well ordered life With this novel, so honestly and deeply penetrating soul I felt all these questions returned to me All these concerns and problems, big and small ones resounded in my head, reminding me myself when I was at your age.I started reading with some obvious associations Firstly, the title He was unheeded, happy, and near to the wild heart of life , it is Joycean Stephen Dedalus in quest of his own identity.Then the cover, intriguing and unsettling, as from some futuristic dreamscape, where some woman is lying as if she was sleeping or waiting But for what Or for whom Is she waiting for somebody to wake her up to the life Or maybe she prefers dreaming than living And so Joana is A little live egg according to her father, a viper for her aunt, betrayed by her husband Otavio Child, girl, woman And whom is she for herself Stra...

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    This is another book that has been on the to read shelf for a very long time My only previous experience of reading Lispector was Agua Viva, which was short but very difficult to follow, but her reputation is such that I felt I should try again, and her first book seemed a good place to start This one is also quite a difficult read the translation reflects the unusual linguistic style of...

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    She wanted to be reborn always, to sever everything that she had learned, that she had seen, and inaugurate herself in a new terrain where every tiny act had a meaning, where the air was breathed as if for the first time She had the feeling that life ran thick and slow inside her, bubbling like a hot sheet of lava Maybe she loved herself And what if, she thought distantly, a bugle suddenly cut through that mantle of night with its sharp sound and left the plains free, green and vast And then nervous white horses with rebellious neck and leg movements, almost flying, crossed rivers, mountains, valleys Thinking of them, she felt the cool air circulate inside herself as if it had come out of a cool, moist, hidden grotto in the middle of the desert Insomnia Lying awake in the dark, unable to sleep, thoughts running faster and wilder through your head, elegant arguments about life being chased by flights of fancy through phantasmagoric landscapes The vast majority of us forget all about these moments in the light of the new dawn Clarice Lispector chronicles her journey into the night in all its splendor and all its agony with amazing grace and uncompromising honesty, all the laudable for the young writer who penned this debut novel at only 23...

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    Timothy Leary s dead No, no, he s outside looking in. Mi dispiace davvero tanto, ho cercato con ogni buona volont se non di farmelo piacere almeno di comprenderlo ma ora io qui non ho nessun motivo per scrivere una falsa sviolinata soltanto perch piaciuto alla maggior parte di amici e vicini, e l unica verit che posso scrivere che l ho trovato cervellotico e farraginoso Quando ho iniziato a leggerlo non avevo idea di cosa aspettarmi un po per via del fatto che i vari commenti e recensioni mi hanno dipinto un quadro molto eterogeneo, ma anche e soprattutto per quella che la storia personale dell autrice nata in Ucraina, naturalizzata brasiliana, afferma di non avere nulla a che fare con il suo paese di origine, e di non averci mai nemmeno messo piede dal momento in cui finch era l l hanno sempre dovuta tenere in braccio ma Dio solo sa se non vero che si pu sentire la nostalgia per un qualcosa o per un luogo che non si mai conosciuto Io credo anzi che sia la forma di nostalgia pi profonda e dolorosa Del resto, il sangue non mente e gli occhi nemmeno una che assomiglia cos tanto a Marlene Dietrich non pu che essere europea dalla punta dei capelli fin nel midollo Tutte le attenzioni dell autrice sembrano essere qui irrimediabilmente calamitate da quel pa...

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    Ele estava s Estava abandonado, feliz, perto do selvagem cora o da vida James Joyce Ep grafe de Perto do Cora o Selvagem Este o primeiro romance de Clarice Lispector, escrito quando tinha vinte anos, e o oitavo que leio Comparando com as obras posteriores para mim, anteriores , achei exageradamente palavroso, repetitivo, confuso, aborrecidoA hist ria ...

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