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[Epub] ➝ The Smart G I Diet By Kim Bryan –

The Smart G I Diet Fed Up With Constant Dieting Feeling Miserable Hungry Can T Be Bothered With Complicated Diets The Glycaemic Index GI Is The New Buzzword Amongst Dieters There Have Been Many Contradictive Themes Concerning GI The SMART GI Diet Plan Is A User Friendly And Very Informative Guide To The Whole Concept Of The Glycaemic Index The Experts Never Intended The GI To Be Used In Isolation And They Urge That People Do Not Make The Mistake Of Using GI Alone This Equates To A Diet Too Low In Carbohydrate And Too High In Fat GI Balanced With GL Glycaemic Load Gives The Full Picture Of How The Concept Of GI Should Be Used The SMART GI Diet Plan Has Worked Out Everything For You From Best Food Choices To An Average Portion Size This Book Covers Every Aspect Of Weight Loss, From Self Esteem To A Shopping List Guide.No Counting, No Calculations, It Has All Been Worked Out For You Make SMART Food Choices And Your Body Will Do The Counting For You Written With The Real Person In Mind

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