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[Epub] ↠ Love and Bullets Author Hannah Howe –

Love and BulletsIf You Like Psychological Detective Stories With A Touch Of Humour And Romance, You Will Love Sam Smith It Had Been A Week Since The Incident At The Abandoned Quarry, A Week Since I D Shot And Killed Someone, A Week Since My Ex Husband Had Been Murdered It Had Been An Emotional Week But Life Goes On I D Been Hired To Discover Who Was Sending Death Threats To Dr Ruth Carey, A Controversial Psychiatrist The Trail Led To Two High Powered Villains And Soon The Death Threats Were Aimed At Me, Threats That Increased Following Two Murders Meanwhile, After Years Of Domestic Violence, I Was Trying To Make Sense Of My Private Life Dr Alan Storey, A Prominent Psychologist, Claimed That He Loved Me, And I Was Strongly Attracted To Him But The Years Of Domestic Abuse Had Scarred Me Emotionally And I Was Reluctant To Commit To A Relationship Love And Bullets Is The Story Of A Dramatic Week In My Life, A Week Of Soul Searching, Self Discovery And Redemption.

[Epub] ↠ Love and Bullets Author Hannah Howe –
  • Paperback
  • 240 pages
  • Love and Bullets
  • Hannah Howe
  • 06 June 2018
  • 9780956690968

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    The tone of book two of the Sam Smith mystery series is darker and serious than book one We go deeper into female detective Sam Smith s head, her self doubts and her fears In this installment, Sam is hired to find out who s sending death threats to a despicable psychiatrist The author takes on a couple of challenging themes recovering from an abusive relationship Sam s dead ex husband was abusive, and the psychological impact of a psychiatrist who preaches eugenics and racial hatred to vulnerable patients Her history with a violent husband makes Sam skittish about a new relationship A big part of the novel deals with her personal story I found this thread to be believable.The mystery of the death threats against the eugenics proponent was also interesting Although it strained my suspension of disbelief that the mobsters Sam comes into contact with were as cooperative as they were Still, that storyline becam...

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    This is the second Sam Smith Mystery by Hannah Howe that I ve read and the I read of this talented author, the I enjoy her stories Her hero Samantha Smith is a character that is so easy to identify with, as a reader, whatever your gender Her emotions and her entire life it seems has been fashioned by her experiences, which have made her very flawed and yet very relatable Her childhood the alcoholic mother, the abandoning father and finally the ex husband who beat her mercilessly have all combined to create a woman so insecure in herself that she is continually battling to prove herself to the world and her own mind As a private detective, she is a woman living in a man s world Perhaps that s part of the reason she chose this profession because it gives her the boost her fragile ego needs, especially when she is successful at it, which she usually is Sam is scared to give herself emotionally and completely to another man she truly fears she brings out the worst in people and any man in her life, no matter how well it starts, will inevitably end up acting violently ...

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    I love the way Hannah Howe combines her mysteries with romance and social issues The mystery in Love and Bullets kept me guessing and in particular I enjoyed the portrayal of Alis and her realistic attitude towards Sam Sam s ...

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    Move over Sherlock, Sam Smith PI is hereI read and enjoyed the first book in the series, Sam s Song , so I looked forward to Love and Bullets , and I wasn t disappointed In this episode, we learn a bit about Sam Smith s character, which I think has developed very well She is complex and fascinating, and sometimes infuriating Sam is a clever and determined PI who is hired by a man to discover the source of death threats made against his wife, and what a character the wife turns out to be The characters that surround the mystery are well drawn, believable and sit comfortably in their situations The plot is solidly constructed and kept me turning the pages The author s writing is easy to follow with nice touches of humour to raise a smile along the way Good news, ...

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    This is a good, fast paced story about a vulnerable yet tough private detective called Samantha There have been threats to a well known psychiatrist whose interests lie in eugenics the latter was fascinating and horrible Sam is asked to find out about the threatsThe writing style suited the genre, the characters were realistic and...

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    What a delightful series this is turning out to be Book 2, Love and Bullets is an intelligently written story with a plot full of twists and turns and an endearing protagonist One can t help but appreciate the depth and skill of this author s writing I highly recommend...

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    Boring Name Don t let the boring name fool you Sam Smith is definitely an exciting character Join her as she stumbles into scapes after scrapes.

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    From talented mystery author Hannah Howe comes Book Two of The Sam Smith Investigative Mysteries, Love and Bullets Set in Cardiff, we follow Sam through the aftermath of having shot dead a notorious criminal.Sam is a complex and at times volatile individual that is vulnerable than she first appears She was easy for me to relate to, with a down to earth personality and a scarred past.I found this to be a good length read with a steady pace and intriguing plot Ruth, the wife of a wealthy professor whom Sam is hired to protect, was beyond infuriating Her character represented all that I hate in a person, from bigotry to racism and worse besides It was easy to wish the worst on her without feeling a shred of remorse for the character.With deranged psychiatry patients, plenty of gunfights, action and humour, this made for a truly amazing sequel Sam is an enigma the real mystery of this gripping series I intend to follow...

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    Having read several books by this author, I was delighted to see I had overlooked this one I quickly purchased it and began the read As with all her writing Howe doesn t hold back on tackling serious subjects an abusive relationship, racial hatred, trust issues with venturing into a new relationship, etc Being that I m a health care provider, I was especially drawn to the character, a psychiatrist who is abducted during the story Sideline characters are well cast Alan Sam love interest and his daughter, the bon bon munching detective, the lascivious connection who helps her meet people of interest, and the husband of the psychiatrist And as always Sam s character burns from the page with interrogations, wit, and human portrayals of her emotional side I love the bridge metaphor her love interest uses and how Sam refers back to it And I also love how self denigrating Sam is the result of an abusive mother and ex dead husband This was anot...

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    I really enjoyed the first part in this series and couldn t wait to start Love and Bullets Sam is fast becoming my favorite PI In this part she is hired to look into death threats against Ruth Carey As the layers are peeled back Sam finds herself in the middle of a messy situation, involving way than death threats with ties to dangerous criminals.There is development of Sam in this part, and some growth in her regarding her broken bits, though she still has work to do there I find it refreshing that the answers to both her case and her life don t come easy I also really liked seeing about Alan and his daughter Alis.As before, the details are vivid enough that I easily slipped into the sto...

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