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[EPUB] ✻ Green Island Author Shawna Yang Ryan –

Green IslandA Stunning Story Of Love, Betrayal, And Family, Set Against The Backdrop Of A Changing Taiwan Over The Course Of The Twentieth Century.February 28, 1947 Trapped Inside The Family Home Amid An Uprising That Has Rocked Taipei, Dr Tsai Delivers His Youngest Daughter, The Unnamed Narrator Of Green Island, Just After Midnight As The City Is Plunged Into Martial Law In The Following Weeks, As The Chinese Nationalists Act To Crush The Opposition, Dr Tsai Becomes One Of The Many Thousands Of People Dragged Away From Their Families And Thrown Into Prison His Return, After Than A Decade, Is Marked By Alienation From His Loved Ones And Paranoia Among His Community Conflicts That Loom Over The Growing Bond He Forms With His Youngest Daughter Years Later, This Troubled Past Follows Her To The United States, Where, As A Mother And A Wife, She Too Is Forced To Decide Between What Is Right And What Might Save Her Family The Same Choice She Witnessed Her Father Make Many Years Before.As The Novel Sweeps Across Six Decades And Two Continents, The Life Of The Narrator Shadows The Course Of Taiwan S History From The End Of Japanese Colonial Rule To The Decades Under Martial Law And, Finally, To Taiwan S Transformation Into A Democracy But, Above All, Green Island Is A Lush And Lyrical Story Of A Family And A Nation Grappling With The Nuances Of Complicity And Survival, Raising The Question How Far Would You Be Willing To Go For The Ones You Love

[EPUB] ✻ Green Island Author Shawna Yang Ryan –
  • ebook
  • 570 pages
  • Green Island
  • Shawna Yang Ryan
  • English
  • 27 May 2017
  • 9781101874264

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    A brutal, beautifully written family epic that is set during the political turmoil in post WWII Taiwan The story of the Tsai family spans six decades and is seamlessly woven around actual events I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys realistic historical fiction and enjoys deeply touching stories about family Something had happened here once, but other things had too, and life went on We have to remind ourselves to remember The youngest daughter of the Tsai family is born in Taipei on the night that the 228 Massacre begins After the initial civilian uprising, the governor general calls a meeting under the guise of reaching out and establishing peace Baba, her father, goes to the meeting in good faith and politely expresses his desire for a democratic Taiwan A few days later Baba is taken from his home, not to heard from again for a decade When Baba returns home, he is a changed man and unrecognizable to his family The youngest daughter, our unnamed narrator who was a newborn when he was taken, has a hard time relating to her father, but he takes a special interest in her She is angry with him when he makes a decision she considers dishonorable, but decades later she too has to choose between what is right and her family s survival Thousands of husbands disappeared in those weeks Sons as young as twelve Brothers Friends What better way to remake society, my mother thought, than to eliminate the teachers an...

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    The people have realized that Martial Law is not law A regime not established by law is devoid of the attribute to dispense law A regime which puts in a bunker the highest law in the land does not have the moral authority to say that nobody is above the law Zulfikar Ali BhuttoShawna Yang Ryan, an award winning American author, pens her new book, Green Island A novel , that unfolds the story of a Taiwanese family living in Taipei when the Martial Law was incorporated and changed the future of this family Told from the perspective from the unnamed narrator who happens to be the youngest daughter in this family, she traverses two decades under this law as well as facing the aftermath of this law by playing so many roles in her life This is not only her story, it is the story of the people who faced the darkness of this Martial Law.Synopsis A stunning story of love, betrayal, and family, set against the backdrop of a changing Taiwan over the course of the twentieth century.February 28, 1947 Trapped inside the family home amid an uprising that has rocked Taipei, Dr Tsai delivers his youngest daughter, the unnamed narrator of Green Island, just after midnight as the city is plunged into martial law In the following weeks, as the Chinese Nationalists act to crush the opposition, Dr Tsai becomes one of the many thousands of people dragged away f...

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    Green Island is a family saga and political novel about the Tsai family in Taiwan Taiwan had been a prosperous Japanese colony before Japan s defeat in World War II After the war, Taiwan was under the military dictatorship of Chiang Kai shek s Kuomintang KMT, the Chinese Nationalist Party Chiang Kai shek used Taiwan as a base for the KMT when Mao Zedong s Communist party took over mainland China.After a brutal incident on February 28, 1947, the fictional Dr Tsai gave a short speech at a community meeting that criticized the government He was arrested a few days later and disappeared for eleven years, held as a political prisoner by the KMT on Green Island He returned as a broken man to his family.The novel is narrated by Dr Tsai s younger daughter It shows the compromises and betrayals that had to be made to protect the family by both her father and the daughter The narrator married an activist professor in California and they were under surveillance by the KMT spies in America The repercussions from her father s imprisonment and the political oppression of the KMT affected the family s lives for decades.Taiwan s history was fascinating, and I found myself looking online for details Taiwan still is not recognized as a separate country by the international community because of its complex relationship wi...

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    Review soon.

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    I picked up Green Island during a Best of Goodreads sale on This was in the 1st round pick of the Best Historical Novel for 2016 I ve pondered this for several months and I simply don t have the bandwidth to craft the kind of review it deserves, but here it goes The themes in this one include human frailty, courage, family, mental illness, entitlement, importance of lineage, honor, loyalty, integrity, pride, shame.Green Island is the story of Taiwan s violent and tumultuous history between 1947 and 2000 through the eyes of a family view spoiler The story begins with a pregnant mother of 3 during the last year of Japanese occupation and the takeover by the Nationalists from mainland China on the island ala Chiang Kai Shek Yes Nationalists as in Make Taiwan Great Again The times are turbulent and the father is taken into custody for 10 years The disappearances were an island wide secret My father was not the only man who had evaporated It seemed everyone knew someone, and it was simply unspoken this way we could not count the missing we would not know for decades that the dead measured in the tens of thousands This was an extremely brutal time and the family has no idea whether he is dead or alive Into this brutal, oppressive environment the unnamed narrator is born and the rest of the tale is through her eyes Ryan does an excellent job in creating the atm...

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    A very good book I always enjoy books that introduce me to aspects of history with which I am unfamiliar Growing up in the 50s and 60s, I always thought of Taiwan as a part of China where the enemies of Mao Tse tung were making a futile stand in order to retake the Chinese government a completely Cold War viewpoint I never considered the existence of the indigenous people of Taiwan or their struggle against the oppressive Kuomintang who took over their island, much less their earlier history of colonization by the Japanese This book shifted my viewpoint.The author also does a very fine job of examining the cost paid by those who stand up against oppression, as well as the compromises that are made in the attempt to protect oneself and one s loved ones The book is filled with betrayals of all kinds, but shows just how difficult the choices can be when the characters are faced with ruthless opponents No one comes out squeaky clean No one escapes damage These very human characters are followed through history, from an uprising in 1947 on the night of the protagonist s birth through her immigration to the USA and her trips back to Taiwan to visit her aging parents The political struggles in Taiwan follow her throughout the book There are a few bumpy transitions as she moves through time in a nonlinear manner and switches to the viewpoints of ot...

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    I don t know nearly enough about Taiwan and its complicated history, which fact swiftly became apparent as I read Green Island Ryan s novel covers a sweeping number of years, focusing on the ripple effects within one family of the father s decade long imprisonment by Chinese nationalists His family assumes he is dead, and his youngest daughter, our main character, can t even remember what her father looked like because she was an infant when he was taken away Imagine the tectonic shift that occurs when he arrives back home years later, a changed man integrating back into a changed family Her father isn t the only one with political ideals to uphold The narrator, once grown, and her husband also find themselves drawn into a dangerous web of secret meetings and risky alliances I wish I had read non fiction on this topic before reading Green Island, so I could have felt the weight of the s...

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    Shortly after Dr Tsai delivers his daughter, the unnamed narrator of the novel, he is taken away to prison during an uprising in Taiwan When he returns to his family ten years later, he is a different man The narrator s relationship with her broken father will color her relationships and decisions later on in her life, when she is a mother and wife living in the United States Green Island is a powerful tale of love and survival and the price of freedom.Tune in to our weekly podca...

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    DNF 20%I must reiterate that this isn t bad by any means, it s just a bit too heavy for what I want right now Recommended based on what I ve read of the book for fans of historical fiction and 20th century East Asian history.

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    The writing talent of author Shawna Yang Ryan in Green Island , which in conveying the emotional toll of what being born and living in a totalitarian state under martial law requires of families, friends, and marriage, is absolutely tremendous Ryan should win an award for Green Island As far as I am concerned, this novel stands side by side with George Orwell s 1984 What increased my shock and horror is Green Island is fictionalized history, not simply a literary extrapolation The experience of reading this book is the same as I imagine it would be if you sat down with your immigrant Jewish grandmother and she finally told you the complete truth of what happened in the extermination camps and how she had survived Those truths would probably cause you to be aware such survival meant she was left with fractured pieces of her self respect and naivety, her beliefs and faith wrenched sideways, her self image destroyed and her feelings of how people were basically good shattered.Daily life for aboriginal Taiwanese after 1947, when than two million Nationalist Chinese and their supporters invaded Taiwan to escape the victorious Communists of China, is one of daily tension and fear, watching every word out of your mouth, being careful of every expression on your own face, watching where you visit or with whom you talk For the next 50 years, all political expression is repressed brutally, and suspicion can divide w...

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