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➿ Lady Mechanika The Tablet of Destinies #1 Free ➶ Author Joe Benítez –

Lady Mechanika The Tablet of Destinies #1 After A Young Friend Shows Up Unexpectedly On Her Doorstep, Lady Mechanika Finds Herself On A Globe Spanning Trek In Search Of The Tablet Of Destinies, An Ancient Mesopotamian Artifact Reputed To Hold The Knowledge Of The Gods And The Secrets Of The Universe Join Us For The Beginning Of An All New Adventure With Our Favorite Steampunk Heroine

    10 thoughts on “➿ Lady Mechanika The Tablet of Destinies #1 Free ➶ Author Joe Benítez –

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    This series has made me cheer up from a bad mood and day and I have to say that s always something to recommend a series Plus, this is a very beautifully illustrated one, so that also really helps This is the first arc in a new adventure featuring Lady Mechanika as she is swept up into a quest to find a lost grandfather who is in Africa hunting strange ancient artefacts The story is fun and we have a new young female who is a major part of this story too it s her grandfather Both she and Mechanika bounce off of one another well and I enjoyed seeing their relationship.Returning to this world is always fun, but especially...

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    Superb graphics with carefully rendered details, great and interesting story I liked it even better than the first Mechanika storyline.

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    Excellent steampunk series.

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    See my review for Vol 2 here

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    Start of this new arc is excellent Lady Mechanika is something like Lara Croft in steampunk era here When she returns from adventure in Swiss Alps where she was hunting yeti, she find Winifred, a granddaughter of her friend who went to Africa looking for some mysterious Summerian artifact called The Tablet of Destinies Winifred is afraid that something happaned to her pappa becuase messages from him stopped to arrive Lady M promises her help.While I was really displeased by ending of first arc because the story was not wrapped up at all, this is a beginning of someth...

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    Enjoying this so far

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