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!!> PDF / Epub ☆ He Wanted the Moon ✪ Author Mimi Baird –

He Wanted the Moon Soon To Be A Major Motion Picture, From Brad Pitt And Tony KushnerA Washington Post Best Book Of 2015A Mid Century Doctor S Raw, Unvarnished Account Of His Own Descent Into Madness, And His Daughter S Attempt To Piece His Life Back Together And Make Sense Of Her Own Texas Born And Harvard Educated, Dr Perry Baird Was A Rising Medical Star In The Late 1920s And 1930s Early In His Career, Ahead Of His Time, He Grew Fascinated With Identifying The Biochemical Root Of Manic Depression, Just As He Began To Suffer From It Himself By The Time The Results Of His Groundbreaking Experiments Were Published, Dr Baird Had Been Institutionalized Multiple Times, His Medical License Revoked, And His Wife And Daughters Estranged He Later Received A Lobotomy And Died From A Consequent Seizure, His Research Incomplete, His Achievements Unrecognized Mimi Baird Grew Up Never Fully Knowing This Story, As Her Family Went Silent About The Father Who Had Been Absent For Most Of Her Childhood Decades Later, A String Of Extraordinary Coincidences Led To The Recovery Of A Manuscript Which Dr Baird Had Worked On Throughout His Brutal Institutionalization, Confinement, And Escape This Remarkable Document, Reflecting Periods Of Both Manic Exhilaration And Clear Headed Health, Presents A Startling Portrait Of A Man Who Was A Uniquely Astute Observer Of His Own Condition, Struggling With A Disease For Which There Was No Cure, Racing Against Time To Unlock The Key To Treatment Before His Illness Became Impossible To Manage Fifty Years After Being Told Her Father Would Forever Be Ill And Away, Mimi Baird Set Off On A Quest To Piece Together The Memoir And The Man In Time Her Fingers Became Stained With The Lead Of The Pencil He Had Used To Write His Manuscript, As She Devoted Herself To Understanding Who He Was, Why He Disappeared, And What Legacy She Had Inherited The Result Of His Extraordinary Record And Her Journey To Bring His Name To Light Is He Wanted The Moon, An Unforgettable Testament To The Reaches Of The Mind And The Redeeming Power Of A Determined Heart From The Hardcover Edition.

!!> PDF / Epub ☆ He Wanted the Moon  ✪ Author Mimi Baird –
  • Paperback
  • 273 pages
  • He Wanted the Moon
  • Mimi Baird
  • English
  • 26 April 2017
  • 9780804137492

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    A daughters quest to understand the father that literally disappeared from her life In 1944, Doctor Percy Baird was confined to a mental institution after a sever episode of mania Mimi was only six when he was no longer in the home and was only told by her mother, that he was away The first part of the book are all in her Father s writing, he penned down his experiences with his illness and his treatment at the institutions to which he was committed What was amazing to me was how much he remembered, even while in his manic states His brilliant mind was constantly at work.The second half of the book was how his disappearance effected her life Of what her and her sister and mothers life was without him How she decided to find out about him and the actions she took The situation itself was heartbreaking but the book was not written emotionally It was very clear and concise.This was in 1944 and the treatment at these institutions were many times barbaric Even if they didn t have the treatments available that we do now, it still seems to me that common sense would prevail and the realization that ice cold baths would not accomplish much medically Although treatments help many today, the brain is still the area that is difficult to understand The stigma about ment...

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    A Harvard educated dermatologist Dr Perry Biard, develops bipolar disorder, is institutionalized resulting in the loss of his family, friends and practice It is 1944 and his disappearance is never explained to his six year old daughter, Mimi For years denial and silence were maintained until a chance discussion with a doctor leads to information and opens the extraordinary journey Mimi takes to uncover what she can about her father He Wanted the Moon is written in two parts The first from a long lost manuscript Dr Biard wrote about his hospitalization, annotated with parts of his medical record You can watch the progression of his illness as the manuscript changes from from understandable to chaotic and back again The second part describes Mimi s years long quest to find out as much as she can about her father She received the copy of the handwritten manuscript, kept by a cousin, when she was in her 50 s It took anoth...

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    When shopping at River Road Books in Fair Haven, New Jersey, I came across some promising books in areas that I was certain would interest me Then I came across He Wanted the Moon, read the back, and knew that this was something I had to buy It was a remarkable decision This is a text that left me thinking about the content beyond the text and as I write this, I am thinking about ways regarding the approaches I take to engage in further research about what Dr Perry Baird was working on with his research on manic depression now known as bipolar disorder and in general, learning about the condition at hand.Mimi Baird writes about her father, Dr Perry Baird, who was a dermatologist that was a gifted, brilliant student that became inclined to do research on the condition that was bringing him down in manic depression Unfortunately, his condition led to multiple visits to institutions that would cause he great decline, losing his family his wife, Gretta, and his daughters, Mimi and Catherine , his license to practice, his professional connections, his ability to research, and so much The way that this book was structured was spot on, for I really like Mimi s decision to begin with her father s very own account of being institutionalized and the events that took place from his instatement on February 20, 1944 and the mo...

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    Note In composing this review, I have assumed the reader to have read the summary provided on the page on which this is posted, or, regardless of what information this page does or doesn t provide, or to have found out this book s general topic.I was very excited to read He Wanted the Moon The Madness and Medical Genius of Dr Perry Baird, and His Daughter s Quest to Know Him, and I was fortunate enough to win an advance edition publication expected in February through the LibraryThing Early Reviewers monthly giveaway program Having finished the work, I have to say that author Mimi Baird met and then exceeded my high hopes my five star rating at the top of this review understates the value of this reading experience in my view.In fact, I think Baird has created a vitally important work that should be among the books everyone should hope and try to read at some point in life I found ideas presented and questions raised in this text that would make it especially valuable reading for any professional engaged in critical services to diverse populations doctors, lawyers and teachers come fi...

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    This compelling read has two clear parts The first portion uses first person diary entries from a successful dermatologist Dr Perry Baird who suffers from manic depression The disease ends his medical career The second portion tells the inside story of a daughter s search the author Mimi Baird to know and understand her father I found both the first part and the second portion a page turner experience The title for this fa...

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    HE WANTED THE MOON is an amazing book that has stuck with me months after I read it I found the book to be educational in an entertaining way and at times simply horrifying Now I rather imagine that you, like me, have run across some textbook entries or articles about the Manic Depressive state I don t know about you but I feel that Depression is the easier part of that equation to understand Depression alone is a common enough ailment Manic though is not common Yet, I thought I had a handle on it Wrong.I have to tell you that in all my reading the authors never truly conveyed to me the imminent danger that the patient was in, nor how a person s reasoning was effected Dr Baird s writings were like was a sound slap up side the head I had an aha moment which left me feeling pretty embarrassed about how ignorant I had been I m in no way claiming to understand the spectrum of manifestations that these diseases might express only that I m a little less clueless The book begins with an introduction by the doctor s daughter Mimi Baird then gives us her father s writings, each section introduced with a brief entry that puts the records into context Through this story telling I feel we readers are given a unique view into the Manic Depressive state, as well as an idea of how the disease was treated and soci...

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    This book is a love story and tribute to the author s father and a heartbreaking first hand account of his experiences as a patient in a mental hospital The author has combined her father s writings, his medical records and her personal memories to create a loving tribute to a brilliant but mentally ill man.Anyone with an interest in mental health will find this a worthy read Perry Baird s descriptions of his physical and emotional isolation from friends and family who might have offered some support and the cruel and barbaric treatment he received from so called medical professionals at the time make this a difficult story to read.Some of Perry s descriptions about himself reminded me of James Fallon s descriptions of his inner thoughts and perceptions of his own truthfulness in his book The Psychopath Inside Baird s account of events and the contrasting accounts from medical personnel offer very distinct experiences of the same reality He also describes his understanding of the way his mental illness was impacting his relat...

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    A mid century doctor s raw, unvarnished account of his own descent into madness, and his daughter s attempt to piece his life back together and make sense of her own.Baird s impeccable journal account of his descent into the depths along with his institutional stays are well detailed His brilliant mind citing the cruel mistreatment by staff, barbaric treatments administered His feelings of loneliness and isolation heartbreaking As his disease appears and fades, his many losses are felt, his heart heavy And so I put down the telephone receiver with a heavy feeling in regard to the consciousness of a great loss, just part of the price to pay for this type of illness The mentally ill patient is often treated like a criminal His imprisonment and his case have many parallels to the situation of a criminal Also he pays a similar price when he returns to society He finds many things changed With patience and courage he can earn back what he has lost, if time and circumstance do not operate too forcefully against him His relentless desire to learn regarding mental illness propels him on the path of research where his suspicious are confirmed Sadly darkness overshadows his research and his initial findings silenced, however, thankfully noted His intellect utterly halting.Stripped away of...

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    He Wanted the Moon is a captivating account of Dr Perry Baird s mental illness as recounted by his restored memoir and by his daughter The book is split into roughly two parts, the first composed of Dr Baird s painstakingly reconstructed manuscript and the second autobiographical about the author and her father.Dr Baird s account of his manic depressive illness in the mid 1940s is honest, compelling, and absolutely horrifying to read It saddens me so much to think of how poorly people with mental illnesses were treated and the stunning amount of ignorance in not only people without mental illnesses but also among the very people caring for mental patients Dr Baird was subject to all sorts of horrifying treatments from restraint, cold packs, and finally, a lobotomy that led to his early demise in his mid 50s Dr Baird had a brief career as a notable dermatologist and a medical research scientist hoping to find a cause or a cure for his illness Unfortunately, his career was held back and ultimately ended by his illness It s heartbreaking to think that, had he become ill a few decades later, he could have benefitted from mood stabilizing medicat...

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    The story of Dr Perry Baird, a doctor suffering from Manic Depression aka Bipolar Disorder and his quest to find a cure before the disease over takes his own life I won this book from both Goodreads and Librarything and applied to win at both websites because I too live with Bipolar Disorder I could really sympathize with Dr Baird and his horrific struggles in mental hospitals I took notes, highlighted and post it noted this book to death I could not believe the remedies these doctors tried to inflict on Dr.Baird The restraint tactics alone, that the state hospital used, only increased the strain on his already compromised mental condition I thought about listing some of them here to give you an idea of what he experienced, but it makes me sick to even think about it let alone write it down It was barbaric The book is taken from Dr Baird s own diaries on his experiences in the hospitals he resided in for months at a time making it all the real He was obviously an educated man, having graduated with top honors from Harvard and his writing is both eloquent and engaging His daughter, the author of the book spends the last quarter of the book talking about her father s research on the subject of his illness and just how close he was to finding a cure or better yet being cured or perhaps stabilized is a better word if only he was born at a different time Timing is everything, is it not The book also explores Mimi s the daughter relationship, or lack ...

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