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❄ John Williams Adventure Series - Book 1 & Book 2 kindle Epub ❦ Author Elizabeth Parkinson Bellows –

John Williams Adventure Series - Book 1 & Book 2 Two Books In One Neat Little Download By Children S Fantasy Author, Elizabeth Parkinson Bellows Both Stories Are Loaded With Adventure, Colorful Characters And, Of Course, A Pinch Of Magic They Are Fun Reads For Youthful Spirits Of All Ages Bandits Of Basswood John William Was Born An Explorer Just Like His Dad Before Him His Adventure Really Began With The Worst Year Of His Life He Lived Everyday In Misery Until His Twelfth Birthday He Set Out To Turn Things Around And Find His Smile Again A New Friend Gave Him An Invitation He Could Not Turn Down Follow Me And Change Your Destiny He Never Imagined Being Captured By Bandits And Taken To A Ship Riddled With River Rats Was Part Of His Fate Not Just Any Bandits The Bandits Of Basswood Known To Be A Ruthless And Wild Crew Of Thieves Trying To Escape Would Be A Ridiculous Idea No One Has Ever Escaped And Lived To Tell About It Someone Should Have Mentioned That To John William Before He Snuck Off The Ship The Chase Out Of Basswood Was On He Took A Chance To Change His Destiny And Ended Up On A Wild Ride To Save His Life Quest For Copia John William Knew There Was Something Special About The Medallion Celeste Found It Chimed And Sparkled In The Sunlight He Was Right The Medallion Was From Copia, A Lost City Masked In Time Legendary Tales Were Repeated Of A Golden City Inhabited By Empyrean Wizards That Was Suddenly Plagued By Greed And Gluttony When A Meager Fledgling Magician By The Name Of Imperius The Great Wandered In Some Did Not Believe The City Ever Existed Others Who Knew Better Wanted It To Stay Lost John William And Celeste Were Than Ready For Another Adventure The Search For Copia Seemed To Be A Perfect Opportunity They Were Unaware Of The Dangers Until It Was Too Late Shadow Jumpers Emerged And Grew Rapidly In Numbers They Wanted The Medallion Its Power Would Bring The Lost City To Life Again, Unlocking The Dark Past Dormant With In Its Walls The Young Explorers Were In A Mess Of Trouble If They Did Not Fix Things Fast, Copia S Pestilence Of Wild Creatures Would Be Set Free To Stir Up An Evil Capable Of Destroying The Realm.

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