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[ Reading ] ➸ The Bears Shared Bride Author Amy Star –

The Bears Shared Bride This Is A COMPLETE Novel, No Cliffhangers Two Bears, One Bride, One Love The LeKing Werebear Tribe Is One That Is Different From Most Since The Beginning Of Time They Have Traditionally Always Had TWO Leaders And Only ONE Queen Now, After Years Of Preparation, Lavinia LeKing Is About To Become Queen And She Will Be Married To Parker And Thearon, The Alpha And Omega Bears Of Her Tribe However, Lavinia Feels Very Unsure About Her Ability To Be Able To Please Not Just One But Two Alpha Males At The Same Time She Then Finds Herself Torn Between The Rough Sexual Attraction Of Thearon And The Seductive Nature Of Parker And So She Wonders Can THREE In ONE Marriage Actually Work And Is She Really Headed For A Life Time Of Menage A Trois Bliss Or Are There Some Dark Surprises Still To Come WARNING As With All Amy Star Books This One Includes Lots Of Sex And Scenes Of An Adult Nature Only Read If 18

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    Kindle Unlimited read Only thing I will say, no mention of the mistress happens after the wedding and I wonder if he gave he up Would have been nice to have him do it because he cared loved his new wife She had been training to be their wife her whole life They are as different as night and day Things are hot at first, but one keeps pushing her away while the other wants to make her happy When her life almost ends due to the mistakes of both,...

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    Lavinia, Parker ThearonThoroughly enjoyed reading Lavinia, Parker Thearon s story very much I love reading a happy ever after story Thank you for writing this story.

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    It s hard for me to find a book I just don t like but sorry to the author but this was one I will try to explain SPOILERS First off we jump right into the story and even though there is a little back story it is fast and then over We jump right to the main characters who we don t get much of any back story on.Two werebears one born with blond hair, blue eyes and another born with a brown eyes and dark brown hair ,a woman that is born just for them to be queen to balance out good and evil I m not quite sure why Some explanation was given but. Anyway the wedding happens quickly between Lavinia who has never met them being brought up isolated and trained for this day while the two males the Alpha and the Omega grew up together All this before the first chapter is half done Oh yeah and even though I hate cheaters the Omega, Thearon decides to keep his mistress Cheaters are a big NO for me According to tradition he is not suppose to after he is married but he doesn t care We have an attempt on Queen Lavinia life Two husbands that leave you wondering what exactly they re thinking One husband sweet and kind another that makes her feel that everything he does is to use her Then the big plot happens to take them down but I don t see a big plot but a whimper and a thud, then the book is over You never hear about the mistress so I suppose he kept her which makes me dislike the book even There was no love or affec...

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    An interesting read into the relationship between the two WereBear Kings and their one bride No one shifted in the book There was an explanation of the human and shifter differences but not shifters shifting During the ceremony wedding would have been awesome to show the exacting color differences Spoilers I found several aspects of th...

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    The Bears Shared Bride by Amy Star Plenty of drama following this trio s mating that places pressure on their developing relationships with each other and Steamy scenes that requires you cool off Each character brings a different dynam...

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    Bears are awesome I m totally hooked on were romance This book was great Each author brings a different spin on the wire genre But Amy Star brought a different take on were romance But it was great If you are a fan of were, you need to read this.

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    I thought this was a really interesting tale There were internal issues and external issues that kept you guessing on what would happen next I enjoyed the story and am curious to read about this group.

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    Sexy Shifter RomanceGreat book and I loved the situation they found them selves in It had passion,humor, whit, twisting plot, and so much It was well written story with a lot of heart This is a must buy book that will leave you want

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    Really good read Interesting world building This was about how three people navigate a relationship in a werebear world while not being killed by some radical weres A new author for me who I plan to find of her books.

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    Promising start, then nothing.

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