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[[ Reading ]] ➿ Battered Dreams (Dreams & Reality Series Book 8) Author Hadena James –

Battered Dreams (Dreams & Reality Series Book 8) San Marcos, Texas A Picture Perfect American Landscape Communities Dominated By Friday Night Football, Modest Homes, And Happy Families Until The Serenity Of Small Town Life Is Broken By One Family S Discovery Of Bodies In An Abandoned Well.Local Police Try To Keep The Discovery Quiet They Seldom Deal With Murder And Aren T Prepared When One Of The Bodies Turns Out To Be A Local High School Boy The Multiple Murders Drive Home The Sinister Reality That They Are No Longer Innocent Of The Crimes That Plague Large Cities Based On The Skill Involved, The Serial Crimes Tracking Unit Realizes That This Is Not The Killer S First Time As The SCTU Digs Deep To Discover The Killer, They Uncover Victims Anger And Fear Begin To Cause Panic In What Was Once A Quiet Community Aislinn Cain And The Members Of Her Team Need To Find The Killer Before The Town Implodes With Terror And The Citizens Begin Doling Out Their Own Brand Of Justice.

    10 thoughts on “[[ Reading ]] ➿ Battered Dreams (Dreams & Reality Series Book 8) Author Hadena James –

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    More intriguing with every installmentHave loved the series since its inception and recommended it to a friend who bought the entire series It seems a shift has taken place in the series where the characters are established enough that you can identify with who they are Perhaps you know someone like ...

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    OK this one was a bit of a miss for me Too much of the story seemed to focus on the differences between sociopaths psychopaths, which for book 8 in the series was not needed, and it got bogged down with textbook type jargon like epinephrine and norepinephrine my eyes g...

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    Wow Such a young killer but still immature in handling choices This book went fast Between trying to find out who was spreading the plague and who killed many teens, Ace was busy Not to mention recover...

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    Battered Dreams Dreams Reality Series Book 8 by Hadena JamesdI love all of these books and find them very informative They play out with gifted characters and an interesting story line Each book has a dif...

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    Hadena James is back on her game.After reading the last book in her series and being a little disappointed with that particular book I think she is back on her game with Battered Dreams It was faster paced and back in lin...

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    WowSo much going on I this book your head will spin Non stop action , crazy killers Enough detail but not over whelming , I had read 6 of these books and I want They move on the who did it, how they going they going to get them and who going to live.

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    This book didn t have much of a thrill to it, but did give you insight to Aislinn herself The book was honestly over before I realized it I kept waiting for the build up and it never happened I was at the end but thinking it was only the middle.

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    I just can t get enough of this series Just love how fast they read Always a page turner

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    Hmmmm not sure what I think about this one.Another well written, captivating read with a plotline that was riveting A psychopathic teenager Yep, can certainly agree there they really are that narcissistic I was disappointed the bubonic plague subplot was not fleshed out it could have been exquisitely gory it really was right up Aislinn s alley It sort of fizzled the ending a bit.I m not quite sure what to...

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    Love this series So unique I have enjoyed each book in this series but was not too enthused or interested in the subplot about the plague Loved the way the author let us in the mind of the killer Would have given 5 stars but felt the ending was rushed and very anticlimactic The series is also in...

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