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Countdown to Killing Kurtis I Do Love My Husband To Death I Love Him So Much That I Ve Waited A Whole Year Minus One Day For Killing Kurtis Day To Arrive Tomorrow It Will Finally Be Here And I M Giddy With Anticipation Don T Judge Me, You Don T Know The Whole Story I Reckon If You Were In My Shoes, You D Kill Your Husband, Too Readers 18 Recommended Due To Some Adult Content And Situations

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    Lauren Rowe delivers a tale of a married woman counting down the days till her Happy Killing Kurtis Day Kurtis is the heroine s porno king husband who has promised to film a legit movie starring the heroine Charlene aka Buttercup has been told countless times by her Daddy that she deserves nothing but the BEST out of this life Buttercup has had this mantra drilled into her beautiful head and gosh darn it no matter the circumstances NO ONE will interfere with her dreams of being a legendary movie star just like Lana and Marilyn Nothing but the best for Charlie Wilber s Daughter Well, like I always say, thank God I m so gosh darned pretty Buttercup is a character unlike any other and I absolutely loved her She is a Texan girl who throws out one liners and colloquialisms Being from New York myself, her humor was downright hilarious and dare I say a hoot Yes, ma am It s so hot, I saw two trees bribing a dog on my way here Good lord, people hanging around a bus station on a Tuesday afternoon sure aren t what I d call a bunch of lookers I could hire half of em to haunt a house Buttercup is witty, delusional, egotistical, cunning while at times showing just the right amounts of naiviety The story takes her from a young girl through adultho...

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    ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT Charlene,aka,Buttercup lives in a trailer park with her alcoholic mother and her Daddy,who she just adores.Her Daddy tells her every day how pretty and special she is and that she deserves the best things in life and after all Nothing but the best for Charlie Wilber s Daughter Buttercup dreams of being the next Hollywood star and wants to be just like Lana Turner and Marilyn Monroe.One day her Daddy comes home and announces he is going to Hollywood and after all he s only one deal away from making it big.He tells her once he s settled in the big mansion,living the dream that he will send for her.She is distraught but totally believes in what her Daddy tells her.The years go by however and not only does Daddy not send for her but he hardly contacts her.Events take a different turn and she finds herself in foster care where she meets a sweet,goofy boy called Wesley.He just adores Buttercup and will do anything for her Every day is happy kissing Wesley day as far as I m concerned Buttercup totally believes it s her sacred destiny to be the next big star so when she s 18 she le...

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    Very entertaining read I ll try to review soon

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    DNF 15% Countdown to killing Jamie 52 PAGES

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    AUDIBLE 5 stars HOLY SH T what in the helllll This is not really a romance story but wow, just wow I m thinking some of the low reviews are because of the expectation the story is a romance This story is so well written, you feel the crazy Ok so the only negative I can think of is for some it may be too long or go long in some of her parts where she s thinki...

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    4.5 Stars As many others have said, this is not anything like Lauren Rowe s previous trilogy The Club which I loved DO NOT LET THIS TURN YOU AWAY This is a great read along the lines of Gone Girl There are some areas that could be thinned out with editing, but sill a very intriguing read Buttercup was one narcissistic SOB I ve met plenty in real life, but never read one that was so textbook The colloquialisms were a riot How one person can come up with so many, I...

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    As a huge fan of The Club, I ll tell you right now that this is completely different, and yet you will recognize the snarky wit of our beloved author In true Lauren Rowe style, this story is riddled with hilarious metaphors, questionable life choices, and steamy sexual innuendo Couple this unique style with a recipe for murder, and you ve got a blockbuster on your hands Whether or not the heroine in this story ever becomes a famous actress , I sincerely hope that whomever is chos...

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    Countdown to Killing Kurtis by Lauren Rowe5 stars I reckon my husband better start thinking about giving his heart to Jesus, cause his ass is mine I was toying between a 4.5 and 5 for this book but for the sheer entertainment value I decided to go with a 5 I know you are probably thinking ENTERTAINMENT This is a book about KILLING YOUR HUSBAND Yes it is, but it is so much than that I think that Lauren Rowe has just invented her own genreromantic comedy with a dark edge I first stumbled across Lauren Rowe s writing with her Club series, it was here that I fell in love with her wit and humour and her crazy writing style Fans of The Club will love this too, yes it is vastly different but Lauren Rowe s voice is prevalent throughout Yes, ma am It s so hot, I saw two trees bribing a dog on my way here Buttercup was a Texas girl and was a one in a million, she was a character that you should surely hate but cannot help but love Her internal dialogue, her wit and classic one liners had me in hysterics throughout this book she truly was one of a kind She hadn t had the best start in life but her dad had groomed her into believing that she was perfect, she was beautifulMarilyn Monroesque, she was worth the moon and stars and she should expect nothing less, after all she was Charlie Wilber s daughter ...

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    Charlie buttercup Wilber has a dream One day she wants to be the leading lady that everyone loves, she want to be on the big screen in Hollywood and nothing anyone says or does will stand in her way because Nobody tells Charlie Wilber s Daughter what she can and can t do Wesley Miller fell for Buttercup the day he laid his 15 year old eyes on her He ll do anything to be the one she depends on, anything to be the one she needs than air and the only one who can truly protect her.Kurtis Jackman is a big shot porn producer in Hollywood When Buttercup lands in his office she knows he s the key to her future of stardom, she ll do anything to fulfil her life s dream, even marry a man she doesn t love I ve honestly never read anything quite like this Throughout the whole story I couldn t decide if ...

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    When I began this book, I of course read the blurb, so I didn t go into this blind I did know that this would be a dark book It was a very disturbing book to read, it was very raw and beautifully organized It was equivalent to a crazy, intense, LifeTime movie, if I had to categorize it I was completely blown away I can t say that I was speechless, well, because after completing the book, I asked myself What the hell did I just read And that response is not to be taken negatively When I finished the book, my mind was blown I went back and read passages again I found myself thinking about the book on my drive to work and even blabbed my mom s ear off on the way from the airport When I began the book, I worried I was going to be overwhelmed with too many flashbacks And that my mommy brain wouldn t keep up But as the words continued on the page, I was able to follow with ease I anticipated every chapter, every nugget of information I had to hold on, I felt the author made every word and phrase in this book with a purpose And the emotions, the rage, the love, just made me enjoy this book I thought ...

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