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[Ebook] ↠ うずまき 1 Author Junji Ito –

うずまき 1Shortly After Shuichi Saito S Father Becomes Obsessed With Spirals Snail Shells, Whirlpools, And Man Made Patterns He Dies Mysteriously, His Body Positioned In The Shape Of A Twisted Coil Soon, The Entire Town Is Afflicted With A Snail Like Disease

[Ebook] ↠ うずまき 1 Author Junji Ito –
  • Paperback
  • 208 pages
  • うずまき 1
  • Junji Ito
  • English
  • 10 October 2019
  • 9781569317143

    10 thoughts on “[Ebook] ↠ うずまき 1 Author Junji Ito –

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    Can a comic a horror manga, in this case creep you out or even scare you You know movies can do it, such as Psycho or Halloween Stephen King can do it I like some of Joe Hill s work such as Locke and Key, and that works to unsettle me, but this is different, atmospheric, black and white and creepy, nightmare inducing maybe It proceeds less from plot than from images of spirals, of the vortex, proliferating.Uzumaki, or spirals, seem to take over a town Possibly curse it No real reason why Some theories are hinted at The need to be be seen, the need to see patterns Collective madness centered in a ingle coastal Japanese town This pattern is everywhere, though at first you just see it through th eyes of one man, then others see it, and then everyone sees it, and we see it AUGH Help It reminds me of how the threatening bird population seems to grow in Hitchcock s The Birds And these spirals are artistically powerful, beautiful, horrifying We get to know adults and kids in this one, and things get increasingly crazy The central characters are Kirie Goshima a sculptor s daughter , Shuichi Sato, who ate different times discuss leaving town, which seems like it would have been the best thing but then we would have not had horror, right In one chapter Azami s scar seems to be a guy magnet, femme fatally drawing them to their doom.In another chapter Kazunori and Yoriko are in love, living in housing projects, where everyone seems to be insane, and the love relationship seems doomed There s a nice visual of two entertwined snakes they see that let s just say figures in the end In another chapter Kiri grows hair into spirals and do does another girl, and their hair does battle The visuals, again, are crazy, but amazingly imaginative Ito is inspired, as he shows in a chapter focused on his creating the series Top notch, but creepy and kinda gross in places But hey, I already told you it is horror, so that what you er paying for I read the first volume 2013, the second for a class in 2015 and now again in 2017 I read volume 1 for a class But the wholes series is worth it.

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    Re read 2018OCTOBER read So worth it Perfection Original Review Creepy awesomeness This pacing is perfect and I love the MCs.The whole town has gone truly sideways Lovecraft or the Golden Spiral, it doesn t matter, it s all so damn connected anyway I love it I love it He s turned nature and the normal state of reality into something truly horrific and awe full These images are going to stay with me for a very long time, and I say that with utter abandonment and joy Setup, punch, knock out This isn t the slow burn of Naoki Urasawa s Monster, Volume 1, which had a serious impact on me This is quick, disturbing, and while I want to say it s truly creative, I ve read and seen enough wonderful works using the golden ratio that I can only tip my hat at how WELL it was pulled off And it was Seriously good.No one needs to know the whole Lovecraftian genre to enjoy this It s fully self contained and truly magical There s only twenty issues or three volumes, so it s a quick read, complete, and worth every moment.

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    Lovecraft approves of your spirals Except for that last story, with the hair That was weak Still creepy, but weak.

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    This is going to be hard to put into words but I ll give it my best The best way to describe this manga is weird It is so peculiar and strange and I m not quite sure how I feel about it I liked it enough but I didn t keep turning the page because I was intrigued I kept turning the page because my brain was short circuiting and looking for answers In all honesty, it s a very interesting premise but it was a bit too random for me The characters from one chapter to another had no interaction or connection, except for living in the same town I think I would ve enjoyed this if subsequent chapters followed a minor character introduced in the previous one It was definitely creepy, and I ll never see a spiral without thinking of this book but I m not sure I ll continue reading the rest of the series I would only recommend this if you are a fan of bizarre horror.

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    CONFESSION This is the first manga I ve ever read IT S TRUE While I love graphic novels in general, for whatever reason, I d just gloss over the manga titles like they were telephone books Perhaps it s because they read backwards from the English titles that I m used to In case you re wondering, the answer is yes, I had to give myself a bit of a learning curve when it came to the mechanics of the Japanese style book design when I started this thing Even the word balloons read from right to left It was confusing at first But that said, I picked up the first volume of Uzumaki on the behest of a friend and HOLY COW I HAD NO IDEA WHAT I WAS MISSING This is one of the best graphic novels I ve ever read Granted, it s only volume one of three so there s no resolution to the main storyline here, but in this tale of a town that is terrorized by the shape of a spiral weird, right told in episodic fashion, it is near perfect in execution The pacing couldn t be spot on, and I could barely stop myself from turning each page And there s so much strange and gross and gory things going on in here and an impeccable coalescence of cosmic and body horror all of it brought to life by the haunting panels of Ito s art that as far as beginnings go, I couldn t ask for Seriously can t wait to dive into volume two

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    I adored the died of a horror manga simply based on the idea of a spiral I now genuinely get freaked out by the idea that part of the inner ear has a spiral My main and only issue is that it dived straight into the horror aspect before we get to know the characters Because of that, part of me didn t care if everyone died.

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    Okay fuck that was creepy.I m only at Chapter 4 yet and won t probably be able to continue for quite a while because I have to return the book, but holy fuck, I ve never been so disgusted and creeped out by a book.

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    A creepy comic about a town in Japan that suddenly gets cases of people going crazy and it all has to do with spirals.The comic manga consists of 6 chapters, short stories within a larger context if you will, all detailing events in the same town as seen through the eyes of a young teenage girl We have her best friend s father going crazy as well as the resulting consequences for that friend s mother, before another friend of the protagonist s as well as neighbours and even her own family are getting sucked into the whirlpool of madness though the story about the neighbouring kids was actually very sweet romantic.All in all, it s a downward spiral excuse the pun , a town s descent into horror and madness.The manga is black and white, the images detailed and always as weird as the scenes they are depicting I wouldn t call myself a fan of the art the artist s style, but it was nice and appropriately creepy and the black and white actually helped intensifying the sense of abstract dread and downright weirdness.There are two volumes and, supposedly, we ll get an answer as to WHY this is happening by the end of volume 3 Only one way to find out Definitely a great read for October.

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    The small town of Kurozu Cho a Japanese version of Lovecraft s Innsmouth is haunted by a pattern Wooooo Yup, spirals lines going round and round are deadly It sound silly but that s pretty original really I don t think I ve read a horror that s got so abstract a big bad, AND Junji Ito manages to make them disturbing too so kudos Our hero is schoolgirl Kirie whose boyfriend s father is obsessed with spirals and then terrible things happen to him Then later the boyfriend s mother is obsessed with spirals and then terrible things happen to her Then another girl is obsessed with the boyfriend and gets involved with spirals and terrible things happen to her And so on Spirals are bad news, people So there s a pattern about this book about patterns The book is made up of several short stories that build up to a big spiral centric horror reveal and then ends only to repeat in the next story an approach that gives it a bumpy stop start rhythm Short story collections are often like this except Uzumaki uses the same characters events settings, so they re all meant to be connected Instead of there being an overarching storyline though it s a series of isolated stories, almost self contained given how little the events in each one affects the recurring characters Maybe that s the intention, that you re supposed to wind up at the end where you began, the structure itself mimicking a spiral, but I thought it was unsatisfying how we never know why spirals are so important or why any of this is happening It s just one horror story involving spirals after another until it s over That said, the stories for the most part are interesting with some nightmarish body horror imagery The first story involving the boyfriend s parents was my favourite with some amazing art Shuichi s father s fate and the smoky visuals of the crematorium were chilling The boyfriend s mother s madness was disturbing too even if I didn t buy that a hospital would allow scissors anywhere near a patient with severe mental problems The last two stories are definitely the weakest Two teenage lovers who want to be together but whose parents disapprove take their desire to an extreme, and Kirie s hair becomes haunted with spirals bah, so stupid Kirie s gone through so much in this book, she has from the same problem as all horror protagonists when they re in a haunted place why don t they leave Why doesn t anybody leave this obviously cursed place Even though the series is only three volumes long extremely short by manga standards there s not much incentive for me to keep reading I wonder, is the whole series going to be like this one story after another of evil spirals taking the lives of these townspeople That approach, as seen in this book, is effective only for so long before the formula becomes overly familiar and predictable But there s no indication otherwise that the series will be anything than these people getting it from the spirals ad nauseam Uzumaki Volume 1 is a fine horror manga with some good stories mixed in with some mediocre ones and featuring excellent black and white artwork throughout definitely worth checking out if you re a fan of the genre but don t expect a masterpiece going in.

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    Review of whole series I m skeptical of comics power to truly horrify using supernatural elements Because the reader controls entirely the pace of a story s execution, one of the primary tools of the horror genre is kept from authors in the comics medium Additionally, revulsion is increasingly difficult to elicit from static imagery a gross drawing is merely that and draws forth none of that sense of fear or terror that aficionados of the genre tend to relish Certainly a compelling story about the affects of war on a civilian population can horrify, but only because it is humanity who is the monster and not some lumbering creature of the imagination There seems little room for the supernatural to scare us from the immobile, two dimensional page.When I first approached Junji Ito s Uzumaki, I hoped for my understanding of comics horror to undergo a dramatic shift I hoped that his mind bending work would bring me to see that the comics page could truly deliver terror Not so much because I like being frightened but simply because I love experiencing the expanding boundaries of what the medium is capable of And Ito seemed the perfect guide if anyone was.Junji Ito is, so I read, considered to be a master of Japanese horror He s created several works that have been lauded for their depiction of strange horror But as inventive as his stories are and as horrifying as I would find these tales had they been committed to film, they come off rather sterile in screentones.Which is not to say that Ito s Uzumaki isn t a good time It is What it isn t, however, is in any way horrifying.Uzumaki, in Japanese, means spiral hence the helpful English subtitle for the book Spiral into Horror and throughout these three volumes we become well acquainted with a town that is becoming possessed by the idea of the spiral The theme of spirals makes its mark across every chapter and in numerous inventive and usually gruesome ways In one case, a girl s hair takes on a spiraling, hypnotic life of its own In another, a boy grows a spiraling shell on his back and gradually becomes a snail A scar bores into one girl s mind Another girl finds herself the love interest of a typhoon Uzumaki begins as a collection of interrelated short stories, each exploring one aspect of the town s strange connection with spirals, but gradually takes on the form of a longer, interconnected narrative There isn t much in the way of character development because apart from the protagonist and her boyfriend who wants desperately to get out of Dodge , most characters don t last much farther beyond the chapter of their introduction There is a lot of death and worse in Uzumaki and so the story soon becomes the question of how this couple will survive the increasingly manic terror being visited upon their town.Really, by series end, the moral becomes clear Girls, when your high school boyfriend says that the town is possessed and you two should run away together, you d be crazy not to do as he says Perhaps Ito is projecting his own childhood s discreet woes Really, after even just one of these incidents, it s not entirely clear why any of the witnesses don t flee the town immediately Perhaps they find the spirals too hypnotic Uzumaki, though boasting its share of faults both in art and in storytelling , still stands out as something that may be worth your time While it probably won t frighten you or give you any kind of nightmares, you may find Ito s images, in a certain sense, indelible In the couple weeks since I finished the book s last chapter, I have continually found myself reminded of particular story moments or ideas that were rather strikingly composed If you re curious what Ito s all about, his short story The Enigma of Amigara Fault is a good starting place It s pretty representative of the kind of horror that is found in Uzumaki review courtesy of Good Ok Bad

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