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!!> Reading ➻ The Leech World ➳ Author Daniel Kason –

The Leech World Noah Ordith Must Choose Join One Of Los Angeles S Two Largest Gangs, Fight In Their War, Or Die Instead, Narrowly Escaping His Initiation Into One Of The Gangs, Noah Is Spirited Away To A Parallel Universe Where An Even Catastrophic War Is Poised To Begin Noah Meets Six Strangers From Earth Who Are Also Stranded In Leech World Along With Seven Strangers, Noah Quickly Discovers That Leech World Is A Land Of Vast, Empty Deserts, Kingdoms At Constant War, And Magic, A Fundamental Force Leading To The Universe S Destruction Searching For A Way To Return Home, They Uncover A Plot To Revitalize Leech World S Dying Universe At The Expense Of Their Own If They Want To Go Home, They Will Become The Seven And Stand Between Two Gods Who Have Chosen Leech World And Earth As The Center Stage For Their Apocalyptic Final Battle.

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