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➿ Wrightslaw Free ➶ Author Melissa Lee Farrall –

Wrightslaw The Goal Of Wrightslaw All About Tests And Assessments Is To Demystify The Assessment Process And Make It Less Intimidating You Will Learn About Psychological, Academic, And Neuropsychological Tests And What These Tests Measure About Selecting Evaluators How To Request A Special Education Evaluation And How To Provide Parental Consent About Speech Language, Physical And Occupational Therapy, Processing, Adaptive Behavior, And Functional Behavior Assessments Test Terms And The Important Realities About Tests And Assessment How Small Differences Between Tests Can Result In Large Differences In ScoresYou Will Learn About Common Difficulties Children Have And What Tests Are Used To Diagnose These Disorders This Book Describes Types Of Tests Used To Evaluate Problems And What Skills Each Test Measures.In Wrightslaw All About Tests And Assessments You Will Find Charts Of Tests And Skills The Charts List Tests To Evaluate Specific Problems, The Skills Your Child Needs In These Areas, And Shows Which Tests Measure These Skills.

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