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Undocumented Read Undocumented Author Tings Chak Undocumented The Architecture Of Migrant Detention Details The Banality And Violence Of The Architecture Of These Centres And Contrasts Them With Stories Of Daily Resistance Among Immigration Detainees This Book Explores Migrant Detention Centres, A Global Industry And The Fastest Growing Incarceration Sector In North America S Prison Industrial Complex, And Questions The Role Of Architectural Design In The Control And Management Of Migrants In Such Spaces Using The Conventional Architectural Tools Of Representation, The Book Draws From The Shadows The Silenced Voices Of Those Who Are Detained And It Confronts The Anonymous Individuals Who Design Spaces Of Confinement.

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    This book starts with illustrations of the outside of Migrant Detention Centres prisons , then takes us through processing and the spaces that detainees are forced to inhabit, as well as their dehumanizing nature The stark, plain drawings than serve their purpose in imparting both the information about the issue of migrant detention and, for that matter, prisons , as well as giving the reader a sense of the disorienting and demoralizing aspects of the spaces The book finishes with an interview with a former migrant detainee, and additional information, particularly ab...

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    This graphic novel was something that made me consider how migration detention worked from an architectural standpoint, and how it can affect various facets of our lives, rather we are aware of it or not There is so much I want to say about how it is inforative in such a simple way, that it, at least fo...

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    Tings Chak uses interviews with architects and detained migrants, along with drawings and diagrams, to give the reader a sense of what migrant detention centers are like in North America The result is an incredibly powerful testament to the invisible lives of those who are detained among us.

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    how do we make the borders disappear

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    by Daniel Tseghay Immigration detention is Canada s fastest growing form of incarceration Pending deportation, the Canadian governments puts migrants in immigration hold, separating them from their families, making adequate legal counsel inaccessible and subjecting them to constant lockdowns.They re deemed flight risks and detained for overstaying their visas or permits, or for having their permanent or refugee status revoked.Like failing to pay a parking permit or filing taxes on time, these migrants are only accused of an administrative offense But unlike those other offenses, these are some of the only ones which lead to detention Canada has three designated immigration holding centres located in Toronto, Laval and Vancouver, writes Tings Chak in Undocumented The Architecture of Migrant Detention, a graphic novel, but than one third of detainees are held in rented beds in provincial prisons One of these holding centres is the CBSA Vancouver Immigration Holding Centre, in the basement of the Vancouver International airport, where Lucia Jimenez committed suicide in December.Chak s illustrations reveal the underbelly of facilities intentionally hidden away Spaces of incarc...

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    MIGRANT DETENTION IN CANADA JUST A NICE WAY TO SAY PRISON Shame on me for giving 2 stars only, but there isn t much bang for the bucks Although I sympathize with Tings Chak, her analysis doesn t go beyond uncomfortable places with CCTV and detainees are humans too and Adolf Eichmann like architects Not wrong, of course, but doesn t come as surprise either, given that prison life of innocent is even a popular movie and documentary genre whatever the clich s Are facts sufficient, without the critique of ideology The question who actually architects migrant detention centres, of purpose and design objectives, strategies and means, consequences etc, is known to Tings Chak but very poorly answered The answers were given in cautious one liner quotations below pictures of doors, just enough to psychologize the quoted man or woman.At least the intro points out the inconspicuousness of the centres or maximum security prisons ...

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    Nonfiction Architecture comics masterpiece Ayesha Basit s review of the work at Antopode is well written.

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