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[Download] ➾ Teamwork (Elemental Ops, #2) By Julia Talbot –

Teamwork (Elemental Ops, #2) Dragon Guardians Keon And Ice Have A Lot To Worry About From The Foreign Soldiers Out There Trying To Steal Their Dragons To The Fact That Ice S Elemental Ops Team Is In House And Trying To Help Out, The Two Of Them Are Having A Hard Time Settling Into Their New Life Together.When Members Of Ice S Team Start Bonding With The Other Dragons, Keon S First Reaction Is Panic The Guys Seem Like Good Men, But These Dragons Are His Life Can He And Ice Keep Everyone Safe, Even From Themselves

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    The second volume of this increasingly cute series about a team of secretive elemental operatives stumbling on a group of dragons and their Guardian was even fun than the fist book Ice has definitively decided to stay on with Keon and his clutch of dragons, but he needs help to defy their enemies who are after the dragons and their eggs as potential biological weapons And I just bet if dragons existed that is exactly what part of humankind would be after And so this story about fairy tale creatures set in the framework of a modern day adventure continues.Ice has gone from an unemotional secret operative to a caring dragon Guardian who is quickly bonding with his dragon baby as well as his human partner Keon He is still slightly baffled by all that has happened but is beginning to not just adjust to the new situation, but to actively like it He is fierce when it comes to the defense of the dragons and Keon, but knows they need help And since he trusts his team, he calls them in with somewhat unexpected consequences.Keon is a little o...

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    Favorite Quotes Lalala, not listening Gig covered his ears, which made Chi chitter with laughter Silly beast.Not a lizard Chi could sound so offended Grr and arg and cute as hell.Were you watc...

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