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✅ The Creative Thinker's Toolkit (Great Courses, #5955) pdf ✈ Author Gerard Puccio –

The Creative Thinker's Toolkit (Great Courses, #5955)People Are Born Creative Geniuses, Right With A Special Gene That Endows Them With Inventiveness The Rest Of Us Only Wish We Had According To The Latest Scientific Research, That S Hardly The Case At All In Turns Out Anyone Can Be Creative You Just Have To Know How To Think Creatively.In Today S Hyperactive World Where Bold New Challenges Can Seem To Bring About The Same Stale Answers Creative Thinking Is Important Than Ever And It S About Than Just Writing A Novel Or Composing A Piece Of Music Creative Thinking Involves Taking A Broader, Imaginative Approach To Analyzing And Solving The Everyday Challenges We All Face, Whether In The Office Or At Home.Because Creativity Is A Set Of Skills That Anyone Can Improve, You Can Learn How To Wield The Same Research Based Tools And Techniques That Today S Creative People Use In Their Own Work All You Need Is An Open Mind, A Determination To Succeed, And The Creative Thinker S Toolkit Award Winning Professor Gerard Puccio Of Buffalo State The State University Of New York An Expert In Creative Thinking And A Consultant To Individual Clients And Large Companies Has Crafted 24 Lectures That Take You Step By Step Through The Creative Thinking Process And That Use Real World Scenarios To Show You This Vital Skill In Action.Whether You Want To Overcome Writer S Block, Look At Your Career With A Fresh Perspective, Solve A Complex Business Problem, Introduce A New Idea To The Marketplace, Or Figure Out The Best Way To Resolve A Tense Argument, Professor Puccio S Course Will Give You Everything You Need So That When Other People Are Dodging Life S Challenges, You Re Uncovering The Potentially Successful Opportunities They Ll Have Missed.

✅ The Creative Thinker's Toolkit (Great Courses, #5955) pdf ✈ Author Gerard Puccio –
  • Audio CD
  • 0 pages
  • The Creative Thinker's Toolkit (Great Courses, #5955)
  • Gerard Puccio
  • English
  • 04 September 2019
  • 9781629970264

    10 thoughts on “✅ The Creative Thinker's Toolkit (Great Courses, #5955) pdf ✈ Author Gerard Puccio –

  1. says:

    Having never really focused much on my creative side that much, I was curious about the toolkit aspect of this course I ve done a few Great Courses audiobooks technically, audio lectures and so I knew what to expect in terms of the format and the depth of the content And I was quite pleased with the course overall The lecturer goes through quite a few tools to help in the creative process but also delves into a fair amount of theoretical work around the entire process, making sure you re able to recognize the various stages and what tools should be applied to them.The lecturer wasn t the best I ve heard from a Great Courses audiobook since he minced his words on quite a few occasions Other than that though, he had a nice, clear voice, came across as very passionate about the subject matter and had well structured lectures There were a few lectures in the second half of the book that weren t as interesting as the others, but I blame that on the rigid structure of the Great Courses format, where each lecture has to be around half an hour and they seem to enforce a multiple of 12 total lectures 24 in this case.Some highlights for me were the number of easy exercises that pointed out certain biases and tendencies people have when trying to think creatively Another was the lecture where he got a bunch of people to do an actual brainstorming session to show how it should work I also enjoyed that the lecturer used a few of his personal experiences to describ...

  2. says:

    Some good information, but rather pedantic, overall The lecturer is difficult to listen to, suffering from a strange, Shatneresque rhythm to his speech Many of the tools seem as though they were added merely to fill the allotted number of lectures.

  3. says:

    Actually not very bad Pretty coherent approach to creativity with fun exercises and solid lessons

  4. says:

    This is a good course summarising many helpful and practical methods that would aid one s thinking process While the book itself is unlikely to change anyone s life methods in one go forever, but reading books on creativity topics or listening to such a course every once in a while provides a good recurring cue to those committed to innovative thinking There is nothing radical or novel in this course, and the course s utility lies in its uncomplicated simplicity This reviewer has a problem in the extremely broad definition of creativity employed to include almost every one and every thought execution process that is not completely routine As a result, the book never makes an effort to ferment completely extraordinary ideation creation regardless of whether this is successful or not except in stating that if you think im...

  5. says:

    The examples and emphases in this book were geared sometimes a little too much towards the business world, but the tools can be applied anywhere, from the arts to family life and anywhere else you need creative thinking to tackle a quandary or decision The speaker encourages cherry picking through the cornucopia of methods and tips in order to gear it towards your own pursuits, and does take examples from every field of endeavor from fine art to science to parenthood to yes, business decisions from personnel problems to product innovation.All the tools and concepts are well tested in real life settings and hav...

  6. says:

    Really strong course for learning about how each one of us can become creative and even reach very high levels of creativity The teacher leans heavily on research and includes components that differ from person to person I greatly appreciate this approach The lessons apply to creativity within many contexts so will help a wide variety of contexts This does make sense since creativity certainly applies to most areas of life I m better prepared to grow my creativity, thanks to this recording I ll do it even as I review the highlights and gems I found within the course.Drawback There isn t a text book version for easy review of what I highlighted, so I must use audio to find my bookmarks This makes it harder to gain full access and periodic reviews of the key points for...

  7. says:

    Quite possibly one of the most important books well, audio book courses that I ve ever read I ve never really thought of myself as a creative person but Gerard Puccio did what I thought was impossible break creativity down into a science He broke down creativity into its various components and showed both when and how to use those components I saw immediate benefits from this course and plan to continue using some of the exercises that he outlined a few times a week to continue bu...

  8. says:

    Incredibly well done Gerard takes us through great content in an engaging, well researched, well cited manner Loved the section opening stories and his passion for the subject I was looking for something that discussed concepts I learned in Engineering Design by Pahl and Beitz in a approachable fashion and this book was it, and had a lot of new content Highly ...

  9. says:

    After listening to this book on Audible, my approach towards solving problems has completed changed I understood the importance of the process oriented methods, involving teams etc in creative thinking Its a game changer fo...

  10. says:

    Their are helpful nuggets throughout this course, but it seems to mechanize creativity with its programmatic in its approach I believe it s designed to add creativity to left brained corporate approaches rather than to deepen a classically creative endeavor in any real way.

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