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ForecastThe Lockwood Triplets Are Charged With Helping To Save The World But At A High Cost Coral Is Always In The Middle, Always The Family Peacemaker She S The Sister With The Most To Prove When A Freak Snowstorm Halts Her Florida Summer, Signaling The Norse End Of The World, She Tracks Down Taran Breen A Would Be Warrior Carrying Thor S Soul A Boy Who S Fought His Temper All His Life And Is Now A Suspect For Murder One Who Looks At Her As No Other Has Before As Roaring Seas Surge And Terrifying Underworld Creatures Emerge For Battle, Can Coral Control Her Goddess Magic And Protect Taran Because Now She Has A Chance For Than Her Crazy Life As Long As She And Taran Win It Is Written That Three Sisters Of Fate Have The Power To Change The World S Destiny.But Only If They Survive

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    FORECAST is the thrilling, high octane, action packed and danger filled second book in Rinda Elliott s Sisters of Fate trilogy With a world battered by cataclysmic storms on the verge of destruction, an epic battle of the gods looming, and an unwritten prophecy with unlikely odds that speaks of a change in destiny, it is an utterly riveting story that is unputdownable.Separated from her sisters for the first time, Coral Lockwood must not only find the boy she promised to protect, a boy who her mother thinks houses the soul of a god and whose existence could mean the end of hers, she has to survive the disasters that are wreaking havoc in Florida With her home state in chaos, it is not an easy feat.But it turns out that finding Taran Breen isn t her biggest obstacle Convincing him of who he is and of what the devastating events really portend is an even bigger challenge And keeping him safe, when someone he knows was murdered and he s being set up for their death, might be too much for her to her handle.Especially since her abilities don t allow her to see into the future like her...

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    Absolutely bloody amazing Grips you right from the start and the characters are soo deep they are almost 3D and the plot has as much twist as a whole wall full of celtic knots Really, really, enjoyed meeting Coral and Taran.possibly a new dream book boy as this 2nd book is soo good I can see the final 3rd book will be utterly mind blowing Rinda really is a sorceress with the way she ingeniously intertwines the complexities of R...

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    excellent each sister has a distinct voice, and each love interest feels completely different very cool.

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    Posted at Yummy Men Kick Ass Chicks Forecast is the second book in Rinda Elliott s Sisters of Fate series This is a series that follows three sisters, each gifted with a Norse goddess soul It is not a happy relationship, the sisters not wanting anything to do with these souls trapped inside them But these souls are there for a reason to take over the sisters bodies and minds and fulfill their destinies when the end of the world arrives.Or is that really the case Well, the end of the world is here and it s brutal Rinda does not hold back here folks If this is really how the end of the world is going to be, I want no part But it does make for one hell of a ride I found this book to be less action driven than the last book but that does not mean it was quiet There were still obstacles to overcome while running away from giant waves and crazy snow storms In Florida.Yeah fun times.On top of that, each sister has the ability to see the past, present or future in visions they can t control Very cool but difficult to explain The whole idea of the triplets and their abilities and connection to Norse mythology is all very fascinating Rinda does a good job there.Other than dealing with the end o...

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    Originally posted at Vampire Book ClubRagnarok is in full swing and the prophecy is advancing quicker than the three years it permitted While her sisters Raven and Kat have left to find their warriors, Coral has stayed behind to track down Taran, the warrior the triplet s mother pegged for carrying Thor s soul.Regardless of the prophecy stating that one of the warriors will bring about the death of one of the norns, Coral must still keep Taran safe if there is any hope of stopping the end of the world She finds herself inexplicably drawn to the warrior and the feelings are mutual Add in the re emergence of the triplets mother acting not quite herself, as well as Coral s increasingly restless goddess soul, starting anything at this point seems a bit fruitless They just have to survive to the end.One of the biggest things to remember is that Forecast is running parallel to the events that are happening or happened in Foretold and I loved that we get the other half to conversations that Raven was having in the first book That being said, the things that Coral doesn t yet know about her mother, or yet understand about her norn, readers already know It was a little redundant reading about these revelations again, but you have to remember that Coral has yet to figure these things out Rinda Elliott clearly understood this, as these things weren t given as much fanfare as they were in Foretold For all that the storylines are obviously linked, Coral does have her own ...

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    Ever since I finished reading Foretold, I just couldn t wait to get my hands on the next book, and when author offered me a chance to reading an ARC, I absolutely jumped at it As a huge lover of everything mythology and a slightly recent convert of everything Marvel, specially their versions of the Norse Gods, this series has the main ingredients to become something I d really enjoy, and this second book has not disappointed me at all Forecast is the story of Cora, looking for one of the reincarnated warriors that her mother is tracking down, and since we already got the all the main ground work of world building done on Foretold, here we expand on it and we follow the story of Cora and Taran Apparently the sisters each chose a would be warrior at random, but I m pretty sure fate must have been at play in there.Even if we really didn t know much about was going on, during Foretold we were given a few hints about what was going on with Cora, and seeing the same phone calls relayed the other way around, helped me put together the timeline straight in my head much better.This story is much about Taran and Cora and both of them figuring out what is going on, for Taran to discover that his heritage and his mum insisting on getting him a custom hammer was not just being peculiar, and since we already know who s behind the threat, this book relies on the characters than on the mys...

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    This was a great sequel, and I absolutely love all the Norse mythology in this series Taran and Coral made a lovely couple I guess the only negative I can mention is something that is a trope within YA fiction and that is a couple seeming to fall madly in love in only a couple of days Other than th...

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    Gosh, I love Norse Mythology and this series is jet amazing

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    La mia recensione qui

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    Review forthcoming on received a copy of Forecast in exchange for my review.Coral Lockwood is the middle of three triplets each with a Norn inside them the Norse version of the fates With the ability to stop time and make predictions, the sisters have always been close, but now that Raganorak the end of the World is upon them they are apart for the first time trying to find the warriers that may end up killing them As soon as Coral meets Taran she knows that he s the one that she s looking for, but someone is framing him for assault using the hammer his mother gave him Having grown up being told that he had the soul of a God inside him, Taran easily accepts what Coral is saying, though that doesn t mean that their path is any easierLink to GoodreadsLink to This is the second book in the Sisters of Fate series and I will admit to being a little worried that because the girls are triplets there was a risk that they d end up the same I was also slightly concerned because the books were happening kind of at the same time there s a slight delay I think so it was whether there d be a repeat of bits of information In fact I thought that both issues didn t really exist, I believed Coral as a person in her own right, and not just an extension of Raven, and thought that the information didn t seem to be repeated.I was glad that the author pulled this off As well as having to have Coral realise some of the things that ...

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