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Worn Out Boots WORN OUT BOOTS From The Author Of The Best Selling Novel THE TRASHMAN Terry McDonald Presents WORN OUT BOOTS An Apocalyptic Event And The Chaos That Ensues In The Aftermath Worn Out Boots Uses As A Vehicle, The Life Of Jeremy, A Teenager, Acollege Student, A Boy Hardly Prepared To Be Thrown On His Ownresources You The Reader Will Follow Him And Witness His Transformation From A Boy Who Was Almost A Sheep, To A Man Who Is A Force To Bereckoned With, And Then You Will Capture A Snapshot Of His Later Yearsas He Enters Old Age.Extreme Violent Action, Language, Adult Situations

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    This is the story of how a na ve and apathetic nineteen year old college student transforms into a man who tries to keep the beasts of the world at bay after a solar flare causes an EMP that destroys electricity throughout the world Most post apocalyptic books focus on the people trying to survive and those who try to take what they have, resulting in death This book focuses on one man who decides he is going to do whatever he can to stop the marauders, rapists, and slavers He becomes a legend.He also pays an incredible price for the job he has undertaken He is routinely tortured and beaten by the evil men he seeks to kill He spends much of his life in pain from the injuries he suffers.The confrontations Boots goes through are described in vivid detail There are bad people all over the pl...

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    Different type of storyI enjoyed reading this book, because a good guy is not put into impossible situations every chapter He has a mission and carries through One thing I would like to see though, is people realising that the old rules are gone and adjust quicke...

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    Great reading, exciting Life is always interesting when told in story form.what will happen in the future no one knows but survivalist will always be here warning us about what can happen.Great reading.Great Great reading.thanks.yy

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    Great book Great book Great book very good readtakes the reader on a great adventure the book put a heroic twist on this guinea reminds me of Stephen kings dark towers

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    GREAT READ This has to be one of the best post apocalypse stories I ve read Buy this book, you will not regret it

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    More violent than I liked, but a good story, and well written.

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    I alway enjoy this authors works.

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