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[Reading] ➽ Her First Time With A Bear (Shifters of Spellholm Forest: The Bears, #1) Author Harmony Raines –

Her First Time With A Bear (Shifters of Spellholm Forest: The Bears, #1) Curvy Girl, Paris Has Been Abandoned By Her Mom, Left To Look After Herself And Make Ends Meet Already Struggling With College, And A Part Time Job, She Is Forced To Take On Her Mom S Shifts At The Local Bar In Order To SurviveThings Would Be Bad Enough, But Her Handsome, Rugged New Boss Looks At Her In Ways No Man Ever Has Before She Struggles With Herself, Trying Hard Not To Give Into Her Feelings For Him Paris Is Desperate Not To End Up Like Her Mom, Who Has Always Dragged Paris From One Place To Another, Sleeping With Any Man Who Wants Her But In Avoiding Men, In Particular Wes, She Might Just End Up Making The Biggest Mistake Of Her Life Wes Is Shocked When Naive Paris Asks Him For A Job He Is Instantly Attracted To Her, She Is The Mate He Had Almost Given Up Hope Of Ever Finding Yet He Struggles With His Feelings For Her, Is It Really Fair To Take Her To His Bed When She Has No Idea Of His Other, Animal Side Things Don T Run Smoothly, But Just When They Have Finally Committed To Each Other, A New Threat Makes Them Realise Just How Much They Belong Together, By Tearing Them Apart Contains Explicit Adult Scenes

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    Hello yummy bear shifter My weakness, sigh.The beginning of this book started off really strong I like the characters and the build Paris is a touch woe is me and has weight issues She has times when she over comes, it just gets old quick I understand she has been dealt a bad hand,I just expected change in her when she found her strength Wes is a perfectly grumpy grizzly Yes, I will have a double serving of that please He does have a quick moment where you might not like him Thankfully he does not go s...

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    Safety I m not a fan of the H being with someone after meeting and kissing the h The H went somewhere with the purpose of having sex, kissed someone, but couldn t go through with it, but still, I didn t like it Little...

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    Her First Time With A BearI really enjoyed this book This is a 3 part series and I m starting book 2 right now Meet Paris a college student who is struggling to get by she live with her mom and helps support her Her mom up and decides to leave one day leaving Paris with taking over her job That s were she meets Wes he s the owner of the bar were Paris is trying to get her mom s job Sparks fly between them from the first meeting ...

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    I liked this book it was a fun read however the ending was horrible it just ends and lots of things were left up in the air unanswered and unknown I was really enjoying this book until I got to the end as it feels like the book is missing the last two chapters...

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    This book started off great, then it just ended It had great potential to be a great book Just as the book started to get really interesting it was over, really thats it I truly hope there is a fallow up book to answer all the unanswered mysteries.

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