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[EPUB] ✰ Rocking Marcy (Rocking #3) By Kacey Hamford –

Rocking Marcy (Rocking #3) At A Glance You Could Be Fooled Into Thinking That Marcy S Life Would Be A Happy And Lively Journey Through A Series Of Different Men S Beds But On Closer Inspection, Her Life Is Busy And At Times Complicated Drama Seems To Follow Marcy Around In The Form Of Her Friends Lives And As A Result Of Some Bad Decisions.After A Series Of Emotionless Dates And One Night Stands, Marcy Finally Finds Love With Rick, The Bass Player In The Up And Coming Rock Band Flix But With Marcy S Fiery Temper, Rick S Desire To Keep Her Safe And Flix S Tour Looming Ever Closer Will There Be A Happy Ending For Marcy And Rick Just As Marcy Starts To Relax And Prepare Herself For Her Own Fairy Tale Ending, She Makes A Discovery That Could Cause Everything To Come Crashing Down.Rocking Marcy Is Book 3 In The Rocking Series, But You Do Not Have To Have Read Book 1 And 2 To Enjoy Marcy S Story.Due To Strong Language And Sexual Content, This Book Is Not Recommended For Anyone Under The Age Of 18.

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    Kacey Hamford continues to bring readers a story chalked full of emotional drama, humorous scenes, intrigue and steamy sex You do not have to read books 1 2 to read this one.Marcy has lived a life of one night stands, no attachments, no emotions When she meets Rick, the bass player in the band Flix, her thoughts change This is a man should could settle down with While they begin to build a relationship, the band goes on tour They say their goodbyes, but Marcy surprises Rick and comes Kacey Hamford ...

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    Another fantastic book from this series beautifully written and created flowed from chapter to chapter I loved Marcy and Rick great chemistry together true love for them both A book full of different emotions which leaves you happy and sad ...

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    WOW just Wow I couldn t wait for this book and finished it in a very short time Once again Kacey has given us an outstanding book which has romance comedy and suspense With each book I m hooked and I ...

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    Mary s story is explainedin this book If you thought she was happy go lucky, then Yuri our need yo dig deeper Marcy is a drama whirlwind that follows her everywhere and often into her friends lives too.I love her relationship with Rick, there s no denying they are destined to be together.

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    I love Marcy and Rick these two make my heart melt They are so amazing and true to each other Their love is something fierce I love reading Their story and look forward toThis author is by far amazing and she just draws you into their story the for sharing

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    This is another one of those books that is going to grab you by the heart You are going to love this amazing adventure I can t wait to see what comes next for the group.

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    a good read well written.

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    I love this seriesThese characters in this rocker world make you laugh and want to strangle them at times too Hot tattooed rock stars and MMA fighters too

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    This book give a lilback ground of the first two books which I loved I couldn t but it down once I started it

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    Loved this book Seeing things from Marcy s POV But also getting some back history on her Plus seeing how Marcy and Rick s relationship grows The journey is bumpy but worth it.

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