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Ebook ➧ Great Strides (Growing Roots, #3) Author Chelsea Falin –

Great Strides (Growing Roots, #3) Willie Has Finally Found Her Father, And He S Welcomed Her With Open Arms Now She Must Forge A Relationship With The Man She Never Even Knew Was Alive It Isn T Just Him, However, Willie Must Also Find Out How She Fits In With Her Step Mother And Half Siblings Left In Alabama With No Close In Age Peers, Willie Makes Great Strides In Finding Out Who She Is As An Individual Without A Group Of Close Friends To Rely On.Alabama Offers Many Firsts For Willie The Most Notable In Her Own Mind Is Her First Relationship There Are Other Firsts In Store, However, And A Whole New Cast Of Characters To Get To Know How Will Willie Handle This Newest Experience Will She Handle It In The Mature The Way She Has Always Handled Change Or Will This Be The Point In Which Willie Loses Herself Genetics Are A Tricky Business At Times, And You Just Never Know What You Re Going To Get When You Throw Two Ancestry S Together Willie S Mamaw

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    One year ago an Author asked me to read her books They were short novellas the story centered on a young girl named Willie and her finding out about her heritage as a Native American Chelsea Falin was actually my first blog tour on my blog so when she asked if anyone was interested in reading the 3rd book in the series how could I say no This is a story that has so much heart and some really amazing characters that after a year I still think about them I was so very excited to be able to read Great Strides the 3rd book in the Growing Roots series.Oh Willie how I missed you, this book starts right were the last book left off with Willie going to spend some time with her father She had finally been reacquainted with and was sad that she was leaving her family and friends but looking forward to spending the time with her father The book is told in mostly Willies POV but it jumps around a little to each characters, I loved reading in other characters POV, I did get confused once in a while who was talking but it didn t take to long to figure out who it was I think the story being told like this give you a great idea of what everyone has been doing since last we saw them and also gave us an inside about her father and how he was feeling about his relationship with Willie We are introd...

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    You know how you read a bookand you get sucked inand you hit the last page without realizing it When it feels like you just fell off a cliff Yeah that is how this book is I have now finished the 3rd installment of this series It only gets better A real coming of age story Chelsea has an amazing gift for bringing her young characters to life.They are real No spectacular events but real things that happen to real peop...

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    Willie goes to stay at her father s for the summer and meets her brother, 2 sisters, her memaw, aunts, uncles and cousins She finds out her looks come from her memaw, but a lot of her personality comes from her dad She also meets the next door neighbor, Nash He becomes her first boyfriend The family takes a vacat...

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    I love this series, feel like I have grown up with Willie.This continues the story She has met her father is going with him to his home meet her half siblings Step Mum.This experience really makes her gown up even come to realise the person she wants to be.She also embarks on her first relationship with Nash, a kind young man, who treats her well.She also finds out a bit of her Heritage family hi...

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    I read the first two books in this series and really liked them The character of Willie is really likeable and I have loved travelling on her journey as she learns all about her family history and meets new relatives The Native American he...

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    The storyline in this 3rd novel was as good as the first 2 The characters were thought out and likable It will be nice to see how they all wind up when the last book comes out I only had one issue, though The POV changed every once in awhile and while it wasnt distracting to the s...

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    This series got much better as you read them, I really struggled through the first book but after that they were nice reads and I really enjoyed the overall story line.

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    I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review This book starts off with Willie going to stay with her dad for the summer I really loved the story and thought it was pretty cool to s...

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