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[Epub] ➝ Big Trouble ➢ Dave Barry –

Big TroubleIn His Career, Dave Barry Has Done Just About Everything Written Bestselling Nonfiction, Won A Pulitzer Prize, Seen His Life Turned Into A Television Series And Now, At Last, He Has Made The Transition To Novelist And Done It With A Style And An Inventiveness That Establish That, Yes, He Is Very Good At That, Too With A Wicked Wit, Razor Sharp Observations, Rich Characters, And A Plot With Twists Than The Inland Waterway, Dave Barry Makes His Debut A Complete And Utter Triumph.

[Epub] ➝ Big Trouble ➢ Dave Barry –
  • Hardcover
  • 309 pages
  • Big Trouble
  • Dave Barry
  • English
  • 13 August 2018
  • 9780783889245

    10 thoughts on “[Epub] ➝ Big Trouble ➢ Dave Barry –

  1. says:

    As it happens, the Herk household did have a dog, named Roger Roger was the random result of generations of hasty, unplanned dog sex among other characteristics he had the low slung body of a beagle, the pointy ears of a German shepherd, the enthusiasm of a Labrador retriever, the stubby tail of a boxer, and the intelligence of a celery Dave Barry may have written here a sort of National Lampoon s parody of the typical crime novel, but he brings into the equation a lot intelligence than the proverbial celery The result is the perfect beach read for me witty, fast paced and surprisingly hard hitting on the subject of institutional corruption I ve read this on my holiday a few months back, so the details of the plot are a little vague there s an investigative reporter turned advertising designer, there s a wealthy real estate investor with a dysfunctional family, a couple of Russian gangsters running a bar, another couple of panty hosed dime store robbers, another couple of paid killers from up North, another couple of angsty teenagers, another couple of patrol cops with gender issues, a squirt gun, a giant South American Toad, some goats lost in traffic on the highway, a pothead living in a tree, gazomb...

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    Dave Barry channels Carl Hiassen Assorted lunatic south Florida types well, and a couple of dudes from New Jersey chasing each other around, albeit in a reasonably logically connected way, as their assorted plots and goals cross paths, clash, and burn It was, indeed, laugh out loud funny in parts.Continuing the compare and contrast, Barry is not so dark and edgy as Hiassen, nor are his characterizations, though consistent, at all deep there s barely time for interiority as the characters of Big Trouble race from crisis to crisis But while Hiassen is perhaps the better fiction writer, ...

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    This is one of those rare books of which the movie adaptation starring Tim Allen and Rene Russo is much better than the book For example, the additional father son storyline in the movie is hilarious, and both the narrat...

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    This is one of my two favorite books It was HILLARIOUS I really can t say what my favorite part is It could be either time when Matt attempts to shoot Jenny with a water gun Or maybe it s the incident with Arthur Herk and the toad who has hall...

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    My apologies to the citizens of Miami, Florida.According to author Dave Barry the following astounding things happened in Miami There isA burnt out hippy living in a tree house, who falls in love with a South American maid, who works for a crookwho is being targeted by hit men, who are not bothered by the Miami police, who are chasing love struck teenagers,who are dodging low life criminals, who are mixe...

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    There s a certain kind of rococo, hyperactive plotting that you tend to see from authors who aren t used to writing stories with a great deal of plot they understand that plot tends to denote Characters Doing Things, so everyone is constantly Doing Things, or on their way to go Do Things, or arguing about how they have to Do Things and how This Other Thing They Are Doing is interfering with this goal The plot pushes the characters briskly from one Terribly Exciting Situation to another, and neither the characters nor the reader get a chance to breathe.Frenetic, breathless plotting can work decently in a character driven screwball comedy it isn t inherently a bad thing But when the plot pushes the characters rather than the other way around, they cease to be characters and instead become panicky vehicles for Wacky Hijinks.This plus the fact that the threat of sexual violence is pretty much guaranteed to derail any existing comedy accounts for why I did not care for Big Trouble.Dave Barry packs the story with characters who range from bemused everymen to aggressively quirky plot generating machines he gives elaborate backstories to people who only appear for half a scene, which, rather than giving the appearance of depth, seems like he s populating his world with an army of one dimensional punchlines This is a problem especially when you don t set up the joke ahead of time it reads like oh hey, look, another hilariously quirky extra rather than being a s...

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    When I first saw this book, I thought what you re all thinking Dave Barry wrote a book A real book This cannot be And yet it can And it is And it s awesome.One of the major themes in Barry s newspaper column is that South Florida is insane Things happen in Florida that could never happen anywhere else Hell, has a special tag for stories from Florida, such as Congresswoman accuses filmmaker of taking her support of Castro assassination out of context Man hires taxi to drive him to rob bank Motorcyclist killed after striking wild pig Woman tells cop she bought bad crack Thieves dig tunnel under Gamestop store, steal XBox 360s Car Salesman Stabbed In Neck During Test Drive In Orlando Cyclist Killed After Being Hit By 3 Cars And so on.For his debut novel, Barry decided to use that kind of madness as his setting for a story that is repeatedly compared to the work of El Leonard not a bad bit of work It has a money grubbing mega corporation, mafia assassins, Russian arms dealers, teenagers...

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    This is the hilarious story of a group of South Florida wierdos, who are most of them accidentally embroiled in a rather life threatening escapade The writing reminds me a little of Buffy, and the book actually references Buffy a couple of times I was literally laughing out loud on several occasions I know there s a movie made from this book, but it probably isn t as funny because the funniest thing abo...

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    eighteen majillion stars this man knows how to tell a story negative make that several dozen stories all tied together and NOT annoyingly cliche like crash or babel , but actually hysterical, in the kind of way that makes you want to laugh and be afraid for humanit...

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    Just saw the movie for the umpteenth time, wanted to see if the book added anything to the story Some of the dialogue is verbatim from the book So funny, almost like the movie I love Dave Barry s writing.

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