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!!> KINDLE ➚ Steampunk Soldiers ❦ Author Philip Smith –

Steampunk Soldiers Steampunk Soldiers Is A Unique Pictorial Guide To The Last Great Era Of Bright And Colorful Uniforms, As Well As An Important Historical Study Of The Variety Of Steam Powered Weaponry And Equipment That Abounded In The Days Before The Great War Of The Worlds.Between 1887 And 1895, The British Art Student Miles Vandercroft Travelled Around The World, Sketching And Painting The Soldiers Of The Countries Through Which He Passed In This Age Of Dramatic Technological Advancement, Vandercroft Was Fascinated By How The Rise Of Steam Technology At The Start Of The American Civil War Had Transformed Warfare And The Role Of The Fighting Man This Volume Collects All Of Vandercroft S Surviving Paintings, Along With His Associated Commentary On The Specific Military Units He Encountered.

!!> KINDLE ➚ Steampunk Soldiers  ❦ Author Philip Smith –
  • Hardcover
  • 156 pages
  • Steampunk Soldiers
  • Philip Smith
  • 06 May 2017
  • 9781472807021

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    Steampunk Soldiers is a pictorial guide and a historical study of the variety of steam powered weaponry and equipment before the Great War of the Worlds.I found this book interesting to read because the different take on history with the rise of steam technology at the start of the American Civil War that change the world history Unfortunately, I did find that the book dragged a bit A much as I enjoyed reading about this alternative world was it just not always that interesting to read about the different soldiers But I do admit that the pictures of them made the book a bit better The part I liked best reading was the one about the America...

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    You can read this and other reviews at Things I Find While Shelving I received a free ARC via NetGalleyI liked the idea behind this book It s someone s artwork of steam powered weaponry and machines in the 1800s.But I don t know that I buy it Like, is there a book series where this is the universe and someone was like let s make some pictures Because I want to know a little about the world.Like.Why are most of the major powers still the same Why was only the American Civil War affected by the meteor shower that sped up the steam machine process My other issue is the pictures themselves Don t get me wrong, they re super cool But well I know the blurb says they re meant to be paintings, but I wish they weren t The way that the artist talks about the subjects usually makes it sound like they re going to be sketches, which I think would ve been an added level like, a guy traveling around the world, sketch...

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    More steampunk soldiers in an alternate history a bit alternate and a bit less steampunk, I think Also, the alternate path seemed a bit less plausible to me with the detail added Some interesting possibilities.

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    Every time I come to a product such as this I always start with the same explanation of my exposure to steampunk it isn t huge I m fully aware of steampunk and it s alternative take on history, and the way it blends technological innovation with the capabilities of the period and maybe even throw in something exotic to help things along but other than a couple of books and a few other smaller things that exposed me to this popular genre I ve never really had any involvement in it I do like it, but I ve never truly delved into it.I think one of the things that has kept me from it is the fact that nothing has ever really reached out of the pages and grabbed me, convinced me that I should explore it I ve always enjoyed it but I ve never really been encompassed by it, or really wanted to dedicate any time to it I think, with all the other things that I m passionate about that take up my time, it d take something pretty spectacular to make me want .If I was sucked into this world it d have to be something in the tabletop roleplaying arena and I think Steampunk Soldiers The American Frontier may be...

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    More reviews and no fluff on the blog

    This is a wonderful idea and so well executed an alternate history modern world finding a lost set of illustrations from the era of steampunk, showing military uniforms of various countries All have historical grounding but then spiced with a bit of different types of steampunk suitable to the cultures This book was great fun to read and I appreciated that there was a story in addition to all the steampunk military goodness This ticked off all the boxes for steampunk and historical military aficionados.Story It s been nearly 100 years since the meteor shower of 1862 gave the world hephaestium The element burned longer, hotter, and brighter and gave rise to new inventions brought the world firmly into the steampunk age Some countries prospered from the meteors gifts, others fell into ruin But the greatest application was the military And although we live in the age of computers, supersonic train travel, and cybernetic prosthetics now, we remember the steampunk age fondly Fortunately for us, the lost illustrations of Miles Vandercroft, art student, are found by a descendant Vandercroft illustrated the soldiers he encountered while on a grand tour but those illustrations were forgotten after his untimely death in 1909 Now they are now printed in their full glory for us to marvel at our mi...

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    I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for a review, and here it is The first thing I have to say is this, the ARC of the kindle version really needs to be edited, this book is loaded with beautiful visuals which are cut up or missing when I read it on my Fire I am assuming this will be fixed before it goes live Reading this book on my computer I was able to see just how awesome it really is Another caveat, the main reason I requested this book is because of a game I recently started Steampunk wargame Dystopian Wars and was looking for inspiration for both aesthetic and adjusting the game s flavor I love the rules and aesthetic, but absolutely loathe their take on alternate history I swear this book took a lot of the same elements present in Dystopian Wars and made them awesome, no of these fake people and everyone being so nice to each other, we are at war for god s sake Ok, that side rant aside, it is very obvious that I fell in love with this book The attention to detail in both art, history, and military garments is amazing I was impressed from the moment I opened the book, and this is not just the typical Steampunk glue some gears on it and elegantly dr...

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    An amusing alternate history work, framed as a collection of military uniform sketches and notes from the century before You pick up bits and pieces of the alternate history from the notes Though the first, the shower of hephaustium meteors that powered the original steampunk, is introduced in the introduction in a solemn note compared the original steampunk to what is obviously a advanced version of that world.Covers approximately the same Great Powers as our end of the 19th century With ...

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    A fairly standard Steampunk world, with the twist of being viewed from an exclusively military perspective Unfortunately the lack of detail in the writing, not the art, which is very good lets the book down, and while it gives plenty of room for the imagination to roam it also means that customers looking for the usual Osprey ...

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    In 1862, a meteor shower brought to Earth a new element, hephaestium, which burned hotter and longer than anything before it and ushered in an age of steam driven wonders Twenty five years later, artist Miles Vandercroft began an eight year global odyssey during which he sketched the soldiers of the world as they used the awesome and awful weaponry and equipment that this new element made possible Until recently his art was lost, but now it is collected in this volume, alongside notes from Vandercroft and the authors describing the soldiers he depicts and how they fit into the global military and political picture of the time.Mark Stacey s paintings are executed with a keen eye for detail and their subjects project personalities that make it easy to believe these are real people captured in action It was the steampunk in the title that drew my attention rather that the soldiers , and there are some great ideas for any steampunk looking to add to his or her costume for example, the accurizer, a wrist mounted sighting aid ski pole mounted pistols an arm mounted double barrelled shotgun the aero cavalry flying pack There are also great armoured suits and automatons, best among them the Highlander Battlesuit with its kilt and built in bagpipes My knowledge of 19th century military history is at best woeful, so I was scurrying to Google to see wh...

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    This review originally published in Looking For a Good Book Rated 3.0 of 5Imagine a coffee table style book of weapons and uniforms I don t have to imagine too hard, I recently reviewed a book on weapons Now imagine an art book of steampunk paintings And now put the two together and you have this book.The idea is really interesting Author Philip Smith has created a strong back story a meteor shower in the mid 1800 s gave the world a supply of hephaesteum, which propelled inventors into the age of steam and provided for a wide variety of weapons and useful devices Enter art student Miles Vandercroft who traveled the world chronicling the weapons and uniforms of soldiers during this age of steam and those uniforms and weapons are displayed in this book It s a portfolio of uniforms and weaponry in an alternate history, steampunk world.As I say pretty interesting Nowif there were just some reason for it.I have a really large collection of art books From modern fantasy art collections to volumes on individual masters such as Rembrandt and Monet and Renoir and quite a bit in between This book strikes me as something that wants to be shelved in with my art books since it s mostly single page paintings of individuals, but at the same time, it s trying to be something different.Although there is a little description to go along with each painting, to identify the type of soldier, where s he is from, and t...

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