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!!> Read ➮ 僕の知るあなたの話 ➲ Author Tsuta Suzuki –

僕の知るあなたの話High School Student Matsumoto Haato Has Fallen In Love With His Abusive Mother S Ex Boyfriend, Yakuza Shibusawa, Who Was Nice To Him In The Past When He Has Nowhere Left To Go He Turns To The Gruff But Kind Older Man This Three Chapter Love Story Details The Changing Relationship Between The Two Men Over The Years.

!!> Read ➮ 僕の知るあなたの話 ➲ Author Tsuta Suzuki –
  • Paperback
  • 203 pages
  • 僕の知るあなたの話
  • Tsuta Suzuki
  • Japanese
  • 02 April 2017
  • 9784812470282

    10 thoughts on “!!> Read ➮ 僕の知るあなたの話 ➲ Author Tsuta Suzuki –

  1. says:

    I love Tsuta sensei s works I always feel like I either get something totally new or a different view on an old theme In this case we re supplied with what seems to be the typical tough yakuza older seme who becomes the love interest of the weaker younger uke but as the story progresses, Tsuta sensei gives you an honest interpretation of how appearances can deceive and bo...

  2. says:

    Pretty art with some nice stories Some of them could have been evolved, and others I didn t care for as much The first story between the yakuza member and his ex girlfriend s son turned host was cute, and I would have liked backstory about them, as well as what happens in the fu...

  3. says:

    This is a bit messy.

  4. says:

    I am a fan of this authors series Strange and Mystifying story which is why I picked this up I love the older younger trope and rather enjoyed this one Still have my paperback copy.

  5. says:

    I m kinda fond of the art style firm, detailed and clean, but there s not much to say about the plot things are still a little halfway.Anyway the couple is undoubtedly adorable.

  6. says:

    Yaoi Manga karya Tsuta Suzuki ini memiliki judul asli Boku no Shiru Anata no Hanashi Sebelumnya saya sempat berkeinginan untuk me review karya lain sang mangaka, Merry Checker , yang baru selesai dibaca hari ini Tapi karena tidak ada, jadi saya pilih untuk review ini dulu Kisah dimulai dengan seorang Matsumoto Haato yang kabur dari rumah dan datang ke apartemen Shibusawa Nishijima Shibusawa ini mantan pacar ibunya Haato, dan pekerjaannya yakuza Haato datang dengan harapan menjadi otouto nya as in, otouto di sistem yakuza ya Shibusawa, tapi ditolak mentah mentah karena 1 Nama Haato itu sendiri, dan 2 karena Haato memang masih naif untuk terjun dalam gelapnya dunia yakuza Tidak hanya itu, motif lain Haato menemui Shibusawa ini tentu saja karena memang naksir sejak jaman ibunya masih pacaran sama ybs Shibusawa menyerah dan akhirnya memperbolehkan Haato menumpang di apartemennya kalau sewaktu waktu Haato mau kabur dari rumah lagi tapi hanya sebatas itu, tidak ada penawaran lebih.Namun tak lama, karena kejadian tragis yang menimpa ibu Haato membuat Shibusawa meruntuhkan semua batasan batasan yang ia ciptakan antara ia dan Haatosinopsis segini cukup nggak sih plak Okay, now into the real review Artwork Suzuki sensei halus seperti biasa bisa dilihat dari gambar sampulnya Oke punya deh, terutama ngegambar ekspresi ekspresi wajah karakternya Terus plotnya, ya Kisahnya unyu unyu angsty ...

  7. says:

    A collection of short stories by Tsuta Suzuki A few of the stories follow the same characters, but mostly it s a grab bag of shorts The characters are quite mixed, so most fans of the genre will probably be able to find something they ll like the first romance starts off between a yakuza member and his ex girlfriend s adult son, who has had a crush on him for years You could consider the romance part a spoiler, since they don t get together until the 2nd story, but it s a book of romances It s shouldn t be a surprise to anyone Also up to play are a pair of high school students, and a pair of office men who work at the same company, and a teenager and the mysterious ghost who decides to adopt him Sexual content is a mixed bag as well some of the stories are rather graphic though due to Japanese censorship laws, there s no genetalia shown...

  8. says:

    Tsuta was good pick for easy going yakuza story of elderly boss of small syndicate who by the way met one woman, who had gay son Woman was killed of during the story and son ended with yakuza boss Happy coupl...

  9. says:

    Tusta Suzuki is a great mangaka I love most of her mangas and this is the favorite of them all An older uke, a seemingly useless seme, and beautiful plot and art The main story was great but the others didn t appeal to me.

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