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✭ Ring Around the Rosary Books ✯ Author Gretchen Grossman –

Ring Around the Rosary Gretchen Is The Author Of Ring Around The Rosary The Memoir Of A Girl, A Nun, A Wife, And A Mother Born To Loving Catholic Parents, Gretchen Grew Up Devoted To The Church And Entered The Convent At Age Seventeen, Only To Find The Religious Life Stifling And Joyless Determined To Embrace Her Free Spirit And Build The Life She Longed For After Leaving The Convent, Gretchen Found Herself Navigating An Often Chaotic And Lonely World In Which Doing The Right Thing Seemed To Always Be At Odds With Her Heart S Desires Gretchen Went On To Become A Mother, Living In Chicago And New York City, And Earned A Master S Degree In Education And Taught For Over Thirty Years She Is Now A Grandmother And Lives In Decatur, Illinois Read About Gretchen At Or Follow Her On Twitter GGretchenmobleyPinterest Gretchen Grossman DutchGirlPressLinkedIn Gretchen GrossmanGoogle Gretchen Grossman Facebook Gretchen Grossman Mobley Ring Around The RosaryGoodreads Gretchen Grossman

✭ Ring Around the Rosary  Books ✯ Author Gretchen Grossman –
  • Paperback
  • 322 pages
  • Ring Around the Rosary
  • Gretchen Grossman
  • English
  • 05 September 2019
  • 9780615956725

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    I was sent this book to read and review if I wanted to I thought it sounded very interesting, especially since I had grown up Catholic also.I love the way Gretchen tells her story, from a young girl brought up in a small town in a Catholic family and in the church She is brought up to obey her parents and when she goes to parochial school, of course it s about obeying the rules of school as well as the church She is shy, and does what is expected of her Because of this she ends up at 17 years old, in her family car with her parents, siblings and the family priest on her way to giving her life to God She is unsure once the journey begins and it doesn t get better After ...

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    I was approached to review Ring Around the Rosary, a memoir by Gretchen Grossman I got so much than I bargained for As it started out, Gretchen as a little girl decided she might want to become a nun, but hadn t really firmly committed to the reality Unpopular with boys in her teens, she took that as a sign that she should be devoted to God But her view of God didn t exactly mesh with that of the Catholic Church Once in the convent, she began to notice inconsistencies For instance, they were not to have close confidential friendships with other nuns, could not enter each other s cells, and were never allowed to talk with the older lifelong nuns However there was one older nun that frequently could be observed spending time exclusively in one other nun s company, even holding hands at times The young girls were told only that the Sister was profoundly holy, but they wondered Their life in the convent was very sheltered One shock after another followed They had to sign contracts forcing them to commit to their vows Their mail incoming and outgoing was screened and certain letters were not given to them at all Gretchen s mother made pretty aprons for her, but she was not allowed to keep them They were locked away to be given as gifts at a later date All this did not sit well with independent, creative Gretchen who was so close to her family, and she began to nurture a plot to leave the convent After five years, she finally had her opportunity and refused to rene...

  3. says:

    Ring Around the Rosary is a memoir about a girl who s driven to fulfill a vocation Or so she thought, or has been led to believe After reading this powerful story, which can easily be mistaken for a novel, I was eagerly engaged, and desperately wanted to know .Why did Gretchen allow herself to be lured into a convent, when her destiny was ultimately to become a mother How did she escape the confines of the convent five years after she joined, when fleeing was at her disposal all the time More importantly, what was the ultimate attraction for her with the man who chose her to be his wife, the husband to be with the hidden agenda In my humble opinion, what this dignified, gentle lady needed was to be was cherished and appreciated, and that s what captured my respect at the onset Believe me, folks, memoirs like this don t come along every day After reading this story, I consider it a gift This sensitive author weaves her memories into a unique narrative that s gripping, and her prose is without rancor or self pity I don t write reviews with spoilers, but I will share this Once you read Ring Around the Rosary, the secrets will be soon revealed I couldn t put the book down once I d started traveling with Gretchen on her journey Because this read couldn t be engaging or riveting, once you embark on it, it certainly deserves 5 stars This is an awesome and true life opportunity for others to learn from, for those who will never have to walk in Gretchen s shoes Bravo, Gretchen ...

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    This is certainly than a coming of age book It is than a critique of the Catholic Church of the 60 s It is than an illustration of the role of women in the 60 s and 70 s It is than a love story filled with adventure Yet it is all of those It is an emotional journey that I took with Gretchen I worried about her, I rooted for her, and I cheered for her If I had been her friend during this part of her life, I d have p...

  5. says:

    The author told a compelling tale with humor and grace without resorting to bitterness even when some might be understandable It was a very interesting memoir that must have been cathartic to write By the end of the book, I was impresse...

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    I came across Gretchen Grossman on Twitter and she sent me her memoir that was brilliantly titled Ring Around The Rosary I always knew that corruption runs everywhere including churches or other places that you may not suspect corruption to exist and Gretchen s experience as a nun in the motherhouse exposes of religious corruption But her memoir isn t just about that It s really the story of her going around the world and the rosary As a young girl, she wasn t popular with any of the children in her school especially boys Along with other hints, she decided at a young age to become a nun but because she made her decision at an early age and stuck with it, she didn t prepare herself for the realities as well as the restrictions of the Catholic world When she was old enough, she was almost literally pushed into what she thought was her passion by her father and a monsignor and that s where the corruption begins But after five years, Gretchen finally gets the courage to leave the motherhouse and ...

  7. says:

    I received a copy of the book from the author for review.Memoir of the author s five years as a Catholic nun and the challenges she faced upon leaving the convent.Grossman grew up the youngest child in a family of actively practicing Catholics The Church was central in her life An innocent, sheltered kid, she showed symptoms of severe anxiety early on obsessively counting things, especially at Mass.As Grossman grew up, she wasn t bullied into joining a convent so much as passively carried along by assumptions that she helped create She knew from the start her vocation was probably a mistake, but she wasn t confident enough to follow her own instincts She spends five years as a nun, a good three of them come after she tells her superiors that she wants out But she made that five year commitment They held her to it, and she doesn t fight the obligation Turns out leaving the convent isn t the end of Grossman s challenges She s socially immature compared to her peers Dating is traumatic and, in one sad instance, violent Yet it isn t long before she s swept into marriage ...

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    I received a copy of Ring Around the Rosary two years ago in exchange for an honest review This memoir is about an American woman who became a nun at the tender age of seventeen She left five years later, married again, had two gorgeous boys, and taught school for twenty years This tale touched my heart and soul in momentous ways, as many of the struggles Ms Grossman endured overlapped issues in my life Some have been critical of this true story, stating that it is harmful to the church As a Catholic, I do not see it that way at all When I was a teenager, raised in an abusive family, I wanted to be a nun as well Had this memoir been available when I grappled with my own decision, also at seventeen, I would have been glad to read it I appreciate it on many levels, but primarily because it would have afforded me a glimpse into the life, I almost claimed as my own What harm does it do for a girl to know the exact nature of the training to which she might pledge Why should she not know the day to day routines that would envelop her days With my history of abuse, neglect, beatings, humiliation, and my parents confining me to an attic and basement repeatedly, a choice to enter the convent could have ended my life Ms Grossman s memoir moved me to sadness, alarm, anger, shock, and love...

  9. says:

    This is not a pleasant story There s so much pain in it that I nearly put it down a couple of times However, it s a moment in time that deserves not only to be read, but studied Gretchen Grossman was caught in a transitional period in the Catholic Church, as well as in American society at large She started out with profound vulnerabilities one could say weaknesses She was not alone I believe many women of her generation were caught in the trap of blind obedience coupled with or caused by a perceived need to please She tells the story of her confinement as a semi cloistered nun, followed by a dysfunctional marriage, in a coherent and well written narrative We feel her suffering And at the end, we feel her gratitude Though so much has and continues to change in the church, as well as in society, women lik...

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    I really enjoyed the spunk of the author of this book Having been manipulated by the Church and her own desire to please, Gretchen finds herself reluctantly taking vows to become a nun It was a time when a religious vocation was touted by some to be better than any other profession in the world Gretchen certainly didn t feel special or chosen, but she couldn t find anyone to validate her feelings that the convent was not the place for her When she did get the courage to leave, the nuns made dire predictions that she wouldn t be able to adjust to life outside the cloister s walls Indeed, she was naive, but she reports her struggles without bitterness or self pity The story mov...

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