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[BOOKS] ✭ Double Alchemy (Double Alchemy, #1) Author Susan Mac Nicol –

Double Alchemy (Double Alchemy, #1) Powerful Yet Tormented Modern Warlock Quinn Fairmont Must Initiate The Silver Eyed Cade Mairston Into The World Of Witchfinders, Withinners, And What Can Happen When Two Men Fall Truly, Madly, Deeply In Love.THE WORLD IN SHADOWIn Modern London There Lurks A Warlock, Quinn Fairmont Dangerous, Powerful, Tortured, Sharing His Body With The Soul Of An Ancient Welsh Sorcerer, Quinn Is Never Alone And Never Wholly Himself He Fights Against All Those Who Would Exploit His Kind He Takes Pleasure Where He Can Find It.In The Forest Of Hampstead Heath, Quinn S Hometown, Cade Mairston Appears To Him Like A Waking Dream Lithe, Lean And Silver Eyed, He Evokes Feelings In Quinn Unlike Any Other Lust With True Affection, Immediate And Shocking Cade Is Clearly Than He Seems And Yet, If A Man Of The World, Cade Is Innocent He Knows Nothing Of Warlocks, Witchfinders Or Withinners He Knows Nothing Of What He Is, What He Might Be, Or What He Might Feel For Him, The Story Is Just Beginning Magyck, Peril And Passion Await.

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    3 somewhat ranting stars This book started out really good and really hot And I mean really lady boner hot.But then the plot started and, well it was okay, I guess Quinn is a powerful warlock and together with his Withinner he s even powerful But he view spoiler just got hurt and about died like three times I think it was three, I lost count , so most of the book, the big powerful sarcastic voice Warlock was recuperating from his injuries I may be cynical, but there was too much hospital visits and sleep, you ll feel better tomorrow roll eyes hide spoiler

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    Review by The Blogger Girls.What an exciting new world to be introduced to I absolutely loved the unique paranormal story being told here It takes a little while to really get the gist of what s going on, especially with Quinn and his Withinner But once you do get the hang of things, it is quite a tale Quinn isn t just any warlock, he s like the king of warlocks Every warlock, at around the age of 7, is paired up, body and soul, with a Withinner, or ancient sorcerer Quinn s Withinner is Taliesin They can communicate and feel each other but can not be in the same place at the same time Tal, as I liked to call him, remains back in his century, except for the times when Quinn invokes him, at which time, they change places with Quinn then being sent to Tal s century They work together, combining powers to keep not only Quinn safe but the other warlocks as well Unfortunately, every time Quinn calls Tal forth, it makes it easier for the witchfinders to hone in on him The witchfinders, or, accurately, witch hunters are out to destroy all warlocks and witches One, in particular, has been wreaking some havoc, but he has yet to be found Every time a warlock is killed, it takes a little something from Quinn This really only skims the surface of what s going on here There is a bit of mystery as to who is truly involved, who isn t as they seem, etc.When this story begins, Quinn meets Cade, and there is instant attraction But there is to this than meets the eye Unbeknownst to him, Cade is part Fey, or Water Sprite to be exact This acts as somewhat of an aphrodisiac to Quinn which he tries to resist by magycal means Setting that aspect aside, these guys still hit it off and they realize there is to their feelings than just the magyk All of this leads to some pretty hot sex We never really find out very much about the Fey side of Cade, and I found myself getting just as frustrated as Cade about this lack of knowledge, as well as the fact that Quinn was keeping things from him in this regard I have to mention Tal again, because he was one of my favorite characters here, although he wasn t present nearly as much as I would have liked He s snarky, cocky and arrogant, always trying to put his two cents in and even being a bit of a sneaky bastard at times He finds ways to disobey Quinn, especially where Cade is concerned But after he does something particularly not nice, I think he learns a tiny lesson and actually works hard to make up for it Needless to say, there are people who won t like this initial turn of events, but I wasn t one of them There were times I felt this was a little bit drawn out than it needed to be, but I was engrossed until the end to find out the truth While some questions were answered, there are many that were not and many new ones kept popping up I am a huge fan of Ms Mac Nicol s writing, and this story really expanded on that for me, as it isn t like anything I ve ever read by her before This ends on a HFN note, with lots of unanswered questions and things still needing to play out It left me longing for , and I cannot wait for the next installment.

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    It seems reviews are the hardest to write, when a book is neither great nor bad, which is the case with Double Alchemy, as you have guessed correctly.So, I will just try to tell you what I really liked, and why this book is not an amazing read.The book starts really strong There is ATTRACTION, and sexual tension, oh my Haven t read such a hot beginning and first sex scene in a while There is mystery, about Warlocks and Witches and Fey I like fantasy and paranormal books, so I was intrigued by it, and think this part of the book was real good Magic, warlock fights, betrayal, loved it I wish we would know about Cade s Fey side, but I guess this is left for the sequel.I did not like the dialogue in this book It was artificial, because nobody in their right mind speaks in perfect sentences What we get here is a written down dialogue, that makes the characters remain somewhat lifeless, staying on the page That could have been so much better.Let s get to the protagonists, Quinn and Cade And I think, I have to put that behind spoiler tags, though they will be mainly mild ones view spoiler Cade works at the university and does historical research He meets Quinn, and his dormant Fey side awakens He is a Sprite, some kind of a magical water creature So far, we only know, that Sprites need water, are extremely jealous, and that Cade comes from a line of healers But unfortunately, that s all In any other book, there would have been time spent on developing his abilities and bringing it into the war that is raging But Nope Cade remains the useless lover of the King of the Warlocks A nuisance.Don t get me wrong, I liked him He was fun, actually But there was so much potential for him to be .So, Cade and Quinn meet, have this undeniable attraction, because of what kind of magical creatures they are, they have sex, fall in love They are soul mates This is something that does not bother me, in my paranormal books But I felt, there were some diametrical vibes going on here On the one hand, there is declaration of never ending love, of not being able to live without each other, and on the other hand, Cade is considering to leave Quinn I get his reasons, yes, but what is it now Quinn He is a lot of things, actually He is the King of the Warlocks He is a guy with lots of secrets, that he doesn t wanna share, even with his soul mate, Cade He is strong, ruthless, arrogant, bossy He loves Cade, and I think this is his best feature He is kinda losing it, the farther the story evolves He s getting self righteous, and is even considering something unforgivable regarding Cade He is frightened and becoming this asshole at the end of the book Again, for this to solve out, we need to read the next book.There is also unfinished business in the action plot, which was okay for me.I think, I also have to mention one incident in the first half of the book Or maybe not, I m not sure But here s a content warning There is non consensual sex between Cade and Quinn s Withinner His alter ego Warlock They are connected and sometimes switch places I don t know, what the purpose of this scene was It s kinda solved ok, the Withinner redeems himself, but WTF is this scene doing here in the first place I don t get what this would achieve other than the reader being enraged No purpose for the story whatsoever hide spoiler

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    Somewhere in the 3.5 4 star range I m not really sure I enjoy paranormal books and I enjoyed that aspect of this book, I think it took me a little while to get into that part of it In the beginning when Quinn is explaining things to Cade I wasn t really feeling it It got better for me, though, once the other characters were introduced and things were happening instead of Quinn just explaining.There was some serious hotness in there as well, I mean, I was scouring google for an image of a cock tied in a green bow There were times when I felt things didn t quite flow right, but overall I liked the writing style I didn t highlight any particular parts, but things would be intense and then a light memory would be described, or things would be crazy and then they re off to have sex, which is finebut like I said, sometimes the flow wasn t quite right The insta love thing is not my favorite, but it was explained and so I got over it pretty quickly.TaleisinI wanted to simultaneously kick his ass and give him a medal I enjoyed Quinn, but he pissed me off on several occasions He has a lot of responsibility and a lot of secrets and he wanted Cade to just take too much on faith and I felt badly for Cade because Quinn was so closed off how could he not question the relationship.The bad guywas bad I find while reading I am really quite bloodthirsty.I enjoyed our secondary characters Percy did his last name change in the middle of the story and Jomo who I wished we got a little of honestly.There are several things that were left unresolved, and I will be reading the next one.

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    I was totally impressed with Susan Mac Nicol taking a plunge into the paranormal wild side and I think she may have found her new calling I started out a little confused trying to understand exactly how Quinn and his Withinner Taliesin worked, but it didn t take long to figure out this magycal world though and I was hooked I was also hooked on Taliesin, and even though he was a very naughty sorcerer I still liked hima lot So much so that I want a Taliesin book But this book is about Cade, an unsuspecting water sprite fey, and Quinn, the king of all warlocksand the magyc the two of them seem to perform whenever they are in the same vicinity They just cannot keep their hands off each and it s hotand dangerousover and over again Common theme there peoplehot and dangerous, so what s not to love This is the first book in what I think is a two book series By the end we are left with a healthy HFN, but lots of unanswered questions, and some that will have Cade kicking Quinns ass in the next installmentno doubt about that at all And I can t wait P.S Isn t that an awesome cover I love it

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    If you re looking for a great MM and PNR read pick this up.Quinn and Cade are an amazing couple, they are sexy and share some great banter, they go through so much in this story and I loved every bit of it Here s a brief recap when Quinn and Cade first see each other the attraction is magical literally Quinn is a warlock, Cade believes he is human but Quinn quickly recognises him as fae, thank goodness they re both gay In a way their than a couple as Quinn has a withinner.his withinner is his immortal life partner, a strong and powerful warlock, it s funny as when he talks to him it s like his crazy, you d lock him up lol His withinner isn t completely innocent though So much goes on, I really enjoyed how Cade and Quinn s relationship developed along with the PNR side of the story that has many twists This book grabs you and won t let you go, the writing and story flows easily and keeps you hooked, if you like books where you feel you personally know the main characters and feel all there emotions you will enjoy this book.Five sexy, lovable and magical stars I was gifted a copy for an honest review

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    4.0 StarsWarlock Quinn Fairmont and Cade Mairston and Taliesin What a story Granted, the first 1 2 of the book pissed me off and I was livid with the view spoiler cheating although some may argue it wasn t really because of the fae magic sexual compulsion but whatevs, it still pissed me off hide spoiler

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    May contain spoilersDOUBLE ALCHEMY gets a big 4 stars from me I don t think I need to tell you how much I love this author as I always say in my reviews I am a fan of Susan s So why not the full whammy big 5 stars The only thing for me was I found the start of the book to be a bit slow but as soon as the story kicked in and picked up pace I was there hooked The world the author has created is remarkable I loved Quinn s character and the added part of him was awesome Taliesin amused me and I loved that he was naughty with that but he does learn a lesson in this story I would love to know about him Cade is just too cute When he first meets Quinn the attraction is strong and you have that instant love thing going on, that s because of something that lies dormant inside of Cade As the story goes on you can see it becomes and once again Susan doesn t disappoint with the sex scenes Fans herself Susan also doesn t disappoint on making me hate the bad guy and woman in this case I was with Cade I didn t like Mary when we first meet her either and wanted to poke her eyes out I enjoy a good fight scene so when it came to Quinn facing off with his enemy De Vere he also finds himself in a standoff with the sneaky witchfinder to Oh yes I was shouting at my kindle at that scene and smiled big at the end but oh that sneaky witchfinder At the end of the book I shook my head and thought Don t do it Quinn it s not going to bode well for you And yes then came the questions so many questions I need answering I have my suspicions that someone close to the couple is not all what they seem I have two characters in mind but damn I m going to have to wait till the next book to find out.If you like story s to contain, twist and turns, magyck, witches and warlocks And the love story between the two male characters then one click this book because you won t be disappointed

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    Wow Just let me lead with that Susan Mac Nicol has kicked magical butt with Double Alchemy I will try not to be too detailed because of spoilersI don t want to ruin anything.This book has it all A very strong, passionate love affair between the lead characters Quinn and Cade that springboards Cade s introduction into a dangerous world of magic Susan does an amazing job of creating a world inhabited by all sorts of magical creatures and gives it a wonderfully rich depth.I absolutely loved the Withinner idea Taliesin is a truly fascinating character all on his own and by the end of the book I was wanting and of him.There s plenty of suspense and drama throughout the book as Quinn s people are being attacked and killed Deviousness, betrayal magical smackdowns abound.Cade struggles to understand this enigmatic man he loves, knowing that because of his position in the magical world, Quinn will never be able to share everything with him.And QuinnA man who has been making horrible, hard decisions since he was child Tempered by those and shaped by the arrogance that his station requires he shows just how far he will go to protect his peopleBut most of all, just what he is capable of to save the man he knows is his soul mate.I can t wait for the next book Susan said that we would have a HEA in this one to hold us until the next in the series and she deliveredBut all the things that she has set up for the next book has me going crazy with curiosity.Cade is strong right now The thought of how he could be when he comes into his heritage makes me drool.And when I think of him standing up to Mr I m in Charge Quinn..I am crossing my fingers here Susan.

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    3.75 STARSNot a bad read for a warlock and witch Urban Fantasy Erotic Thriller, set in modern day London, I do love my UK novels It kept me interested and was written by an actual wiccan witch A thesaurus might have helped it flow a touch as certain words were used repeatedly That is me being rather picky though and might be the correct terminology used by people who practice wicca The writing is good, the main storyline is interesting as are the MC s It s a very sexual book though so I found that detracted from the main story a lot , I would say it borders on erotica rather than romance but it s a close call I will read the sequel though.I did enjoy it but it could have lost a lot of the sex but the author chose to make this part of the story with her valid reason s for the MC s so it s established within the plot at the start of the book, so I ll let just let that pass even though it s detracted from the main storyline and literally became the second major plot If half the sex scenes were dropped and the crux of the story was focused on, it could have been a rather excellent thriller I did enjoy this book though, but if you hate UF and wizards and warlocks, don t go there AND NO I m not a prude at all in regards to sex in books but this is excessive for me but as I said the author has established why, but it s almost like filler, as in sex sell s I ll write filler , and boy does one MC get filled repeatedly in detail.

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