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[[ Read ]] ➫ The Billionaires Alibi (The Billionaires Alibi #1) Author Maddy Raven –

The Billionaires Alibi (The Billionaires Alibi #1) OMG I Read The Billionaire S Alibi Last Night And I M Hooked Fans Of Scandal And Revenge Will Love This Series M Hamilton, ReviewerAlexa Romo Has Nothing No Career, No Money, No Plan Her Boyfriend Dumped Her And Now She S On Her Own Only, She Can T Seem To Find Her Own Feet To Stand On What S A Girl To Do When The Clock Is Ticking On Their Shared Apartment, And Going Back Home Is Simply Not An Option William Henry Harper Has Everything The Money, The Career, The Looks But One Woman Haunts His Thoughts An Ex Girlfriend Who Died Because Of His Betrayal Four Years Ago Now, Her Younger Sister Is Coming Back To Town, And She Insists They Meet Up, Even If It Dredges Up Their Long, Sordid Past A Betrayal, A Murder, An Unexpected Proposition The Billionaire S Alibi Serials Will Shock You, Tantalize You, And Have You Begging For.The Billionaire S Alibi The Proposition Is The First Book In This Series It Is A Serial Novella Is About 18,000 Words, Or About 100 Printed Pages This Romantic Suspense Is Recommended For Mature Audiences Ages 18.

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    Alexa has nothing in life at the moment A dead end job she is pretty sure she will be fired soon from Her ex is just allowing her to stay any at the apartment Will things ever look up soon for her

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    Wow WHEN DOES BOOK 2 COME OUT Review to come.

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    Alexa is down on her luck She currently lives with her ex boyfriend She is working as a nanny personal assistant and feels as though she is at the end of her rope She has a college degree, she has had countless jobs in the past couple of years and nothing has come out of it all In comes Will, spoiled rich kid He lost his great love four years before and refuses to allow for himself to develop feelings for another female With this in mind, he continues to have a series of one night stands that leaves his latest conquests with a sweet note and a brand new white gold and sapphire necklace A real playboy, he is constantly hounded by the press One day while scoring drugs in a grocery store, Will and Alexa cross paths while Alexa is shopping for her employer With this faithful meeting, Alexa and Will become irrevocably connected Will uses Alexa to try to cover what he has been up During her assistance of Will, she gets into an accident and ...

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    Alexa Romo s entire world has gone from crumbling to crashing down around her She watches a drug exchange while at the market for her boss The hooded man who received the drugs has followed her through the market, trying to buy her off so she leaks no information to the media She has absolutely no idea who he is.Turns out he is playbook Billionaire, Will Harper and he isn t going to leave her alone He jumps into her vehicle and trying to outrun the paparazzi is impossible.Alexa loses her job and returns home to find her ex having sex in their living room One thing after another crumbles and she finds herself as a person of interest in her best friend s murder.Somehow that annoying playbook is als...

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    This is about 3 short novellas that are linked Persuasion, Contract and Scandal.There is a very spoiled Billionaire who has a very serious problem that is fixed by a very ordinary girl.But the problems keep piling up and a serious scandal breaks And the girl keeps fixing them And the mother keeps control of everything And all the time the ordinary girl is trying to conceal her own serious problem from everyone as it would cause an even worse scandal PS there are 9 books to complete the series...

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    let me just say what I read I loved about this book why 2 stars then bc is not a book it is in pieces. it s only part of a book then you pay 3.99 for each additional part of the book not for me I would rather spend the money on complete books it s shame bc it sounds great and loved what I ...

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    Why Is All Of This HappeningThis is a quick well done read about a young woman whose day went from bad to worse He seems to be a spoiled rich young man who cares only about himself She was one step away from the skids when she met him and dropped even further down after Th...

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    too short

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    This is not a book It is one single part of a book, and not even a very good one.

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    Kinda like a rags to riches concept but lots of secrets will have to wait for the rest of the books for many things to be explained.

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