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Download ☆ V!RG!N By Radhika Sanghani –

V!RG!NOkay, I Admit It I Didn T Do It.Yet.This Is Normal, Right I Mean, Just Because Everyone I Know Has Talked Like They Ve Already Done It Doesn T Mean That They Re Telling The Truth Right It S Not Like I M Asking For That Much I Don T Need The Perfect Guy I Don T Need Candlelight Or Roses Honestly, I Don T Even Need A Real Bed.The Guys I Know Complain That Girls Are Always Looking For Mr Right Do I Have To Wear A Sign That Says I M Only Looking For Mr Right Now Sooooo Anyone Out There Want Sex Anyone Hello Just For Fun I Am Not Going To Die A Virgin One Way Or Another I Am Going To Make This Happen.Hey, What Have I Got To Lose Besides The Obvious.

Download ☆ V!RG!N By Radhika Sanghani –
  • Paperback
  • 304 pages
  • V!RG!N
  • Radhika Sanghani
  • English
  • 08 July 2017
  • 9780425278338

    10 thoughts on “Download ☆ V!RG!N By Radhika Sanghani –

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    This book is solid proof that even New Adult chick lit can be well written, hilarious and meaningful In fact, I am amazed at how good this book is Virgin should probably be the bible for teenage girls and young women everywhere it is an honest, laugh out loud funny portrayal of growing up, relationships, sex and all the icky bits and there are some real icky bits.I cannot tell you how surprised I was Let s be honest, I read this because of that title which was too curiosity inducing for me to pass up I foresaw potential DNFs and eye rolls and cliched, stereotypical characters I got none of that I picked this book up, got drawn into the unfortunate but completely hysterical life of Ellie, and spent most of the time snorting with laughter sexy is my middle name at all the situations she found herself in So, I ve said before that humour is subjective, and maybe you won t like this because of that but, you know why this book is so damn funny Because it s so damn true From the stupidly ridiculous thoughts teen girls have about sex to the waxing shaving nightmares should I how much where exactly hope I don t cut my VJ oh fuck It felt so relatable and refreshing in its honest, no holds barred depiction of everything young women worry about and obsess over It is primarily funny fiction, but I swear some parts of this book would have been re...

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    Find all of my reviews at s file this review under In case you aren t already aware I suck at reviews I m not just talking about the fact that I don t words reel gud and opt to use funny movin pitchers to get my point across, but I mean I S.U.C.K at keeping up Something I didn t realize until a few weeks ago is that I also suck at requesting books from the library A lot of you know that when it comes to libraries, the gods really smiled upon me Not only do I have the oft mentioned Most Beautiful Libraries In America right down the street from my office, but also the holy grail of porn collections up in the burbs Now, these two library systems are separate from each other which means their websites don t necessarily work the same either I thought I was on the site requesting an E copy of this book, but it turned out I was actually on the other website requesting a physical copy Which led to my son reacting sort of like this when I made him go with me to pick up my stack of holds and he saw this title I will be paying for years of therapy for that child due to my library antics alone Last time I attempted to check out a paper copy porno it didn t scan and all the bells and whistles whooped alerting the librarians that I was attempting to sh...

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    How to describe this novel. first words that come to mindPathetic, Miserable, Temperamental,Plaintive I was pretty disgusted with the main character the entire time I was reading this I really hope this is not supposed to be a relatable character, because if so then our planet is going to shit.I suppose I was given adequate warning by the title, but every bloody sentence has her whining on and on about how it is so deplorable to be a ...

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    You can also read it here The rumor about boys finding virgins sexy was a LIE It was just some medieval bullshit that old people said to try and make their daughters keep their legs crossed and not get pregnant First of all, Virgin is not Erotica And honestly, I wonder why it wasn t shelved as Erotica I mean, yeah, it wasn t really focused on sex scenes but the language and there s actually a chapter dedicated on teaching someone how to give a proper Blow. gift If you ll read the book, you ll get this joke Anyway, I m not an expert when it comes to this thing so I m just going to say that Virgin is not for everybody That s for sure Some might get offended or get turned off, but some like me will be totally surprised and will like it because despite of its crude and malicious language and content It s honest And it s freaking hilarious Okay, so there s like a lot of cringe worthy moment like. mini spoilers ahead SHE ACCIDENTALLY CUT HER CLITORIS

    SHE SLIPPED ON A SEMEN that is not her own

    SHE TRIED TO BREAK HER OWN HYMEN WITH A BOTTLE and she also. ACCIDENTALLY BIT A GUY S thing while doing a blow gift Ellie, a 20 year old virg...

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    Knjiga poslata u stampu, vec se prevodi nastavak Na zabavan i duhovit nacin knjiga govori o seksualnom odrastanju mlade devojke, njenim prvim seksualnim iskustvima raznovrsnim zenskim mukama svake mlade devojke a o kojima se najcesce ne govori ni medju prijateljicama Prica o devici slucajnoscu a ne po sopstvenom izboru Mladim devojkama ce knjiga mozda biti od pomoci, nas starije ce podsetiti na mladost i te muke koje smo pregrmele Knjiga u kojoj ce svaka zena prepoznati delic sebeA musk...

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    Actual rating 4.5 starsFor reviews, Cover Snark and , visit A Reader of Fictions.This review is going to be personal in a way that I rarely get on my blog I d feel comfortable if any family members who happen to be reading my blog would please skip this one or at least have the good grace to not talk to me about it I am not and probably never will be mature enough for that.Reading books like Losing It and Virgin is a very personal experience for me, as I am a 26 year old virgin I m not waiting for something specific except for what feels like the right time for me Though less abundant than slut shaming, virgin shaming is also prevalent in popular culture and I ve always struggled with my own identity I felt and still sometimes feel weird and behind, like there s something wrong with me that I ve ended up where I am I ve even idly VERY idly considered plans like Ellie s finding someone with the sole goal of not being a virgin any However, I know myself well enough to know that s not something I m capable of, even though I do see the appeal of it.Books like Virgin attract me, but they also scare me, because oftentimes the message is that it is indeed better to get it over with and to join everyone else in th...

  7. says:

    NOTE I received a free digital galley of Virgin from Penguin s First to Read giveaway I received no other incentives for reading or reviewing The review below is entirely of my own opinion Also inserting a warning here about strong language I remain as appropriate as I can, but this is a book about sex so maybe grow up a bit I would like to applaud Radhika Sanghani for writing a novel that is frank in its discussion of sex, accessible to young readers in similar plights, and TMI in all the right ways.I would like to But I can t Because Radhika Sanghani ends up making virgins and women my age look like superficial, air headed, sex crazed robots with no redeemable qualities and no interest in anything other than THE D She may have had good intentions, but anyone with half a brain is only going to feel insulted and disgusted by her lack of descriptive narration, forced dialogue, general disregard for fluidity, assemblage of poor continuity, and despicable characterization I can only assume that she paints Ellie so clueless about sex because she thinks that virgins must be completely innocent about even common sense sexuality, which is super offensive and becomes a disservice as Sanghani has...

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    In Radhika Sanghani s New Adult novel, Virgin, Ellie yearned to lose her virginity at all costs Her friends did it They normalized her life So, why s she abnormal See my full review at

  9. says:

    As I was reading this I kept thinking, OMG is Radhika listening in on all my conversations with friends and, WTF this is actually my life, except written way better of course Seriously, I haven t laughed so hard at a book in years and it wasn t just because it was funny It s incredibly poignant, especially to this generation of females What we go through growing up, trying to understand boys, being afraid to ask real questions aka can you put a lady bullet up there and this whole myriad of things that you might discuss with your closest friends is now written, and fantastically so, in this book I challenge any woman who reads this NOT to find at least one part of Ellie s story that you don t completely relate to,...

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    I have to start by saying I m on the fence about Virgin by Radhika Sanghani More on that later Ellie Kolstakis is a 21 year old virgin Not from lack of trying, but just cause Ellie, with the help of some friends, embarks on a journey to lose her V card before she graduates from college Afterall, everyone else is doing it.From the beginning, Sanghani grabs readers with Ellie s wit and personality She s honest and open about all her sexual mishaps, inexperience, and really hairy parts Yeah, Virgin does not sugarcoat the truth and just takes the most honest approach with lady parts, sexuality and the modern woman, as well as uncensored conversation My best friend and I often think that men have no idea how umhonest women talk about sex Yes I liked Ellie very much at times Although Virgin is instantly entertaining, I kinda grew tired of Ellie and her self pitying She goes on and on about how she doesn t measure up to friends such as Lara or Emma It s almost like she couldn t help but remind readers how unfortunate looking she may, or may not be That is why I m on the fence with this novel I loved the American Pie feel a lot than the She s Come Undone moments Over...

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