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The Undesirables How Long Will We Be Here One Man Asked Nobody Could Answer Him Nobody Knew The Intention Was Clear This Was The No Advantage Policy Take Them To A Distant Island, Lock Them Away, Punish Them, Forget About Them Criminals Were Given A Sentence To Serve These Men Were Not Even Given That Lost Hope Ebbed Out Of The Men In Uncontrollable Sobs And Tears Queue Jumper, Boat Person, Illegals Asylum Seekers Are Contentious Front Page News But Obtaining Information About Australia S Regional Processing Centres Is Increasingly Difficult We Learn Only What The Government Wants Us To Know.Mark Isaacs Worked For The Salvation Army Inside The Nauru Detention Centre Soon After It Re Opened In 2012 He Provided Humanitarian Aid To The Men Interned In The Camp What He Saw There Moved Him To Speak Out The Undesirables Chronicles His Time On Nauru Detailing Daily Life And The Stories Of The Men Held There The Self Harm, Suicide Attempts, And Riots The Rare Moments Of Joy The Moments Of Deep Despair.Mark S Eyewitness Account Humanises A Political Debate Usually Ruled By Misleading Rhetoric.About The AuthorMark Isaacs Became Impassioned By The Asylum Seeker Debate After A Visit To Villawood Detention Centre While Writing For Oxfam Months Later, In October 2012, Mark Was Employed By The Salvation Army To Work At The Regional Processing Centre In Nauru While There, Mark Established The Recreations Program And Oceans Program For Asylum Seekers He Eventually Resigned From The Salvation Army In June 2013 And Spoke Out Publicly Against The Government S No Advantage Policy.

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    A must read for anyone with an opinion on the Australian refugee policyAustralians are justifiably proud to be known worldwide as an easy going, generous people quick to laugh and eager to lend a hand in times of need Yet when people seeking asylum from hostility at home arrive in our waters, they get short shrift indeed In accordance with current policy, the legendary Australian warmth is entirely absent, with asylum seekers being verbally abused and herded like criminals into fortified and guarded processing centres They are then presented with the stark choice of languishing in detention for months or years while their claims are processed or returning to their homelands But as Munjed Al Muderis writes in Walking Free, his account of his experiences as an asylum seeker in the Curtin Detention Centre There was one flaw to their argument I couldn t go back to my homeland, Iraq Well, not if I wanted to avoid imprisonment, torture and, probably, execution Allen Unwin, 2014 While a great deal of soul searching about the dehumanising cruelty of this policy is needed by all Australians, it is our political leaders who must ultimately be held to account Dramatically compounding the problem, on bo...

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    Australia s Nauruan gulag A very well written and moving account by a young secular employee of the Salvation Army, who applied to work in an Australian camp for illegal immigrants on the tiny island of Nauru Faced with major issues ourselves on the immigration topic, I think the scary thing for me was not so much Australia s way of handling it terrible though it is but the veil of secrecy that is drawn over their activities Thus the visa fee to Nauru is now 8000 non refundable even if you re not granted one There was a complete media ban on camp operations The Wilson guards monitored all people within the camp, not just the men They monitored Salvos Salvation army workers , listened to our conversations, recorded our interactions When journalists arrived on the island, Wilson Security kept photos of them on their guard house wall so they could be easily identified and prevented from entering It was also quite a shock to see how the Salvation Army, an organisation I had always regarded as Christian based, was forcing its employees to say nothing indeed to lie in order to keep a lucrative contract.The author writes movingly of the men he met...

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    One that all Australian s should read The guy worked in Nauru, he got up close with asylum seekers He talked with them, took them out on excursions Watched them go through stages of psychological breakdown and eventually to attempt suicide He doesn t lay guilt trips He doesn t lecture He just tells the story of his experience and gives some well researched facts about humans rights situations in the countries where these people are coming from It will shock you.The Gov shipping asylum seekers, including kids to off shore tropical hell holes , deliberately slowing down their processing time and banning the media from reporting on it Officers in the camps refer to asylum seeker by their Ship ID number I have heard this even applies to the children.They need to block the media because if the public actually knew what was going on, they would stop supporting the policy Most Australians pro...

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    This book details the horrific and unimaginable conditions that those who are fleeing their own countries for fear of their life deal with, when Australia deems they have jumped the queue by arriving by boat Isaacs worked for the Salvation Army who was stationed there to look after the men He details the often frustrating lack of resources and support from other organisations and management as well as the rampant, overbearing bureaucracy It provides insight into individual lives that Isaacs encounters, their personal struggles as his own to come to terms with the common perceptions that most Australians have of those seeking asylum as illegal , queue jumpers , people smugglers and economic refugees I recommend that all Australians read this book to understand the reality of what these people go through, why they make such a hazardous journey and how our own government s deterrent policy isn t working as it often outweighs or ...

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    This book is a well written account of the horrors and dehumanising conditions of Naura Detention Camp Issacs does a good job of staying impartial in giving the facts, but he is honest in his opinions It is a pity we couldn t get to know a few of the men deeply, I found it hard to follow which man was which and in a sense that made the impact less personal For ex...

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    One of the books every person in Australia should read before daring to open their mouth about the current asylum seeker debate in this country.Not an easy book to read Pretty damming of all sides of politics, of service providers and of the manipulation the Aus...

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    An incredibly important book, bringing humanity to one of most polarising issues in Australia, and around the world.Isaacs allows readers to get to know and understand the human beings at the centre of refugee and asylum seeker policy, proving they are than just boat people.

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    A well written and important book for all Australians to read.Thought provoking story of the life Asylum seekers are living on Nauru.There is no other way of knowing how these people are living apart from Mark Isaac s eloquent account of the time he spent on Nauru.Well worth a read

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    An absolute MUST read This true account is profoundly sad but an important and necessary record of the consequences of Labor and Liberal policies under Howard, Gillard, Rudd, Abbott and later Turnbull toward refugees and asylum seekers I highly recommend this book.

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    Well written Raw Eye opening Important.

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