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[[ Ebook ]] ➠ Pushing Back Entropy Author Andy Johnson –

Pushing Back Entropy Reduce Conflict And Build Health Into Your Workplace Team Life Has A Few Unalterable Principles Among Them Is The Principle Of Entropy The Tendency For Things To Move Toward Disorder And Decay Unless Additional Energy Is Added Into The Equation Workplace Teams Without Fail Operate, With Or Without Our Conscious Awareness, According To This Principle Resisting This Tendency, Conflict Prevention And Healthy Team Building Are Two Sides Of The Same Coin Healthy, Successful And Fulfilled Teams Master The Principles In The Book To Push Back Entropy Proactively Doing Nothing Guarantees Things Won T Change.Pushing Back Entropy Is Composed Of Two Equal Parts Part One Describes The Nature Of Conflict And A Comprehensive Plan For Its Prevention Part Two Describes Five Aspects Of Healthy Teams Shared Character, Strong Cohesiveness, Laser Clarity, Positive Results, Clear Communication The Appendices Are On The Sciences Of Behavioral Styles DISC , Motivators And Emotional Intelligence That Form The Basis For The Assessment Model Andy Uses In His Work With Teams.

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