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[PDF / Epub] ☁ Matter of Trust By Jeff Erno –

Matter of Trust Published As Part Of The The Real Story Safe Sex ProjectTravis McDonald Is Fifteen And Has Never Been In Love Other Than A Wicked Crush He Harbored On His Eighth Grade Sex Ed Teacher, Mr Myers When Jeremy Loper Asks Him To Hang Out, Travis S Heart Is All A Flutter He And Jeremy Really Hit It Off And Soon Become Boyfriends, But When They Decide It S Time To Take Their Relationship To The Next Level On Jeremy S Sixteenth Birthday, Travis Is Faced With A Harsh Reality Can He Support His Boyfriend At A Time He Needs Him Most, Or Is The Situation Just Way Too Scary For Travis To Deal With

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    I was interested in reading this story because it belongs to The Real Story Safe Sex Project, which essentially aims to educate young adults about safe sex without making it seem like a school lesson, and I wondered how successful it would be in doing that I also wanted to see what the author, Jeff Erno, was like as some of his longer works seem interesting.From the point of view of the narrative, I liked the gradual development of the boys relationship in the story as well as the protagonist s introspection about his sexual orientation and his attractions The portrayal of his competing hopes and doubts seemed realistic to me In terms of its message, the story does get the point across about the value of safe sex However, it doesn t do this in entirely a value free way Firstly, view spoiler Jeremy is presented as being in some way dishonest because he hadn t told Travis until three months into their relationship that he already had sex with another guy Given that Jeremy and Travis hadn t had any sex other than simultaneous mutual masturbation , Jeremy s decision not to disclose his prior sexual experience until the prospect of anal intercourse with Travis arose seems reasonable to me In fact, he acted responsibly in informing Travis only once it became clear that sex with him was likely why not keep this personal information private until then Jeremy s second revelation that the guy he had had s...

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    This free story is part of The Real Story Safe Sex Project which is an effort organized by Brent Hartinger, author of The Geography Club, to raise awareness among gay youth about safe sex and preventing the spread of HIV I ve made the book available for free here on Good Reads and on my own website, and it will be available on for 99 cents proceeds going to charity To find out about The Real Story Safe Sex ...

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    First of all I would like to thank my friend Dee for sending this book my way Being that I have a 12 year old son that will be having sex ed in a couple of months, the timimg couldn t of been perfect Thank you, Dee This free read is published as part of The Real Story Safe Sex Project is intended to teach the youth about the awareness of HIV and the practice of safe sex without making it seem like a lecture But rathe...

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    3, 5 starsA short sweet free YA story about the first time with a main focus on safe sex that is very important not only at this age.

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    The intention was good, but the execution was pretty poor.Cheesy content, weird dialogues It was kind of lame, to be honest And the MC sounded like he was 10 instead of 15 lol

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    I thought this short story was lovely I really enjoyed the relationship between the boys which was very sweet and heart warming The HIV storyline felt a little rushed, but I guess that s just because I would have liked the whole story to have been longer and in depth Great read

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    A free read with a very important message Highly recommend

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    A sweet short that focuses on the importance of practicing safe sex.

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    Very nice read with a very important message No balloon, no party.

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    This great little short with its casual, matter of fact cadence and engaging sense of authenticity really impressed me Written in first person, I found it easy to slip into the skin of its charismatic lead, Travis, an eight grader experiencing the first pangs of puberty and coming to terms with his same sex preferences.Travis s story plays out over the course of about two years, with short captivating flashback passages which reveal his gradual understanding of his sexuality and his growing desires A crush on a teacher surprisingly leads to an embarrassing, but magical encounter, which eventually finds Travis with a friend and then a boyfriend As things slowly heat up between the two adolescents, safe sex becomes a topic the couple can no longer put off.I really enjoyed this piece Travis s journey is communicated in a lovely sparse voice that hits just the right balance to provide a winningly accurate and genuine picture of the average early gay teen years And the story holds a terrific timeless quality, despite the inclusion of cell phones, Easy Bake ovens and Subaru s to its narrative The author gains major classic style points from me as a result, meaning I feel the stor...

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