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!!> Download ➹ Ballet Spectacular ➾ Author Lisa Miles –

Ballet Spectacular This Enchantingly Beautiful Book Is The Perfect Reference Volume For Children Who Love Ballet Featuring Stunning Full Color Photos From The Royal Ballet S Own Collections And Informative, Fact Filled Entries, It Covers All Things Dance Inside, Young Readers Will Be Captivated By A History Of Ballet Through The CenturiesAn Overview Of Basic Ballet Steps, Music, And ChoreographyA Look Inside The Royal Ballet And The Royal Ballet SchoolDetails About Shoes, Tutus, Accessories, Costumes, And Most Intriguing To Passionate Young Lovers Of Dance Will Be The Exploration Of A Day In The Life Of A Professional Ballet Dancer, Images Of Beloved Performers Such As Margot Fonteyn, Darcey Bussell, And Carlos Acosta, Detailed Close Ups Of Costumes, And Photos From Iconic Performances Of The Royal Ballet More Than 160 Color And Black White Images Throughout.

!!> Download ➹ Ballet Spectacular  ➾ Author Lisa Miles –
  • Hardcover
  • 79 pages
  • Ballet Spectacular
  • Lisa Miles
  • 25 November 2018
  • 9780764167454

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    Grades 3 9This enchantingly beautiful book is the perfect reference volume for children who love ballet Featuring stunning full color photos from The Royal Ballet s own collections and informative, fact filled entries, it covers all things dance Inside, young readers will be captivated by A history of ballet through the centuries An overview of basic ballet steps, music, and choreography A look inside The Royal Ballet and The Royal Ballet School Details about shoes, tutus, accessories, costumes, and Most intriguing to passionate young lovers of dance will be the exploration of a day in the life of a professional ballet dancer, images of beloved performers such as Margot Fonteyn, Darcey Bussell, and Carlos Acosta, detailed close ups of costumes, and photos from iconic performa...

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    This was a very interesting book We actually never read the whole thing, but it doesn t seem meant to be read cover to cover Instead, it s a young person s introduction to all the aspects of the ballet world, including choreography, music, costumes, and the storylines of many famous ballets My six year old son was especially interested in reading the story synopses, and all three kids liked looking through at the many photographs from ballets and ballet preparations The only real ...

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    this is a big favorite i loved loved loved this book for anyone who loves ballet this is a great book it even had me reading raven girl because i found out that the story was turned into a ballet the book tells you about ballet styles, what dancers wear different ballets ect for anyone wh...

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    This is a beautiful book about ballet The pictures are outstanding The detail about the concept, facets and life of ballet are spot on.Unfortunately, no women of dark skin are represented in this book Ballet remains a glass ceiling career for dark skinned women and this book perp...

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    This is an AMAZING resource for anyone who is interested in Ballet Even the pictures alone are mesmerizing From classes to the history of Ballet to famous dances, this book covers extensive detail of the art of Ballet Beautifully made, and highly recommended to anyone with intere...

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    Beatrice loves this because it describes many professional details in the world of The Royal Ballet The costumes are so cool.

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    A gorgeous book.

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