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[Epub] Test-Driven Development By Grzegorz Gałęzowski –

Test-Driven Development This Ebook Is An Attempt To Create Open Source Extensive Tutorial On Test Driven Development.It S Work In Progress And Any Contribution Is Welcome.The Main Destination Format Is Epub, Conversion To Mobi Is Done Using Calibre S Ebook Convert Utility.Both Formats Are Readily Available For Download, So Please Feel Free To Do So.

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    The book is only half written Therefore, it s too early to give a rating.The clear statement on the state of each chapter is a great help and an idea I hope will be picked up by other authors It improves the reading experience massively.So far, the book doesn t meet my expectations With this title I expect an extensive tutorial, yet all I can find is plenty of off topic stories and not much of a tutorial What should I do Why should I do it this way What alternativ...

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