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[Ebook] ↠ Shaken Not Stirred... A Chemo Cocktail Author Joules Evans –

Shaken Not Stirred... A Chemo Cocktail Shaken Not Stirred A Chemo Cocktail Is The Cancer Chapter In My Story It S A Series Of Postcards From The Other Side Of Breast Cancer And Chemo Been There, Done That, Had To Buy A New T Shirt When The Glass Is Half Full, Being Optimistic Is Pretty Much A 50 50 Chance But When I Was Staring At Two Empty Cups In The Mirror Yikes If That S Not Life Handing Out Lemons Then I Don T Know What Is And I Know, Everybody Always Says To Make Lemonade When You Get A Twist Of Your Fate Like That But I Guess I M Of A Lemontini Kind Of Girl Ha The Lemonade Never Sees The Vodka Coming Now That S A Twist I Can Dance Shaken Not Stirred A Chemo Cocktail Is One Part Hope, A Dash Of Bitter, A Splash Of Sweet, With A Twist Of Humor, And Served On The Rocks It S A Comedy About My Tragedy Yeah, I Know Cancer Isn T Funny It Sucks But, I Believe Laughter Heals So Hold Still While I Tickle Your Funny Bone.

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    Nice account I laughed and I cried I laughed in some funny parts I don t even remember now, there were so many, and I cried in a couple spots I remember There I was, happily reading along when she describes telling her kids about the cancer and how they dropped to the floor Powerful scene I cried with them And then the description of how her boys built her a bridge, or was it a path, to the tennis courts had me shedding a few It was the thought of how they expressed love for her like that, Simply worded, but the boys touched my heart too So sweet I read this because it was free and because a friend going through this I am informed for the sake of my friend and feel s...

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    There and Back in Light WritingMartha Beck teaches this thing called Light Writing She s not the only one who practices it but she has a kickass workshop that teaches it Basically, it s where you take a challenge, or problem, ...

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    Just love your humorI have had 2 cancer scares and it s not the word if but when I have read other books about breast cancer and yours had been the first to go into depth on what to expect from start to finish, so thank you May you write books and I ll be on the lookout for them...

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    Enjoyed it thoroughlyGlad I downloaded it I enjoyed every bit of it I smiled and got teary eyed thanks for sharing your battle.

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    in the words of Larry, I laughed I cried it moved me, Bob Thank you for allowing us into your life.

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