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[Ebook] Преступление и наказание By Fyodor Dostoyevsky –

Преступление и наказаниеRaskolnikov, An Impoverished Student Living In The St Petersburg Of The Tsars, Is Determined To Overreach His Humanity And Assert His Untrammeled Individual Will When He Commits An Act Of Murder And Theft, He Sets Into Motion A Story That, For Its Excruciating Suspense, Its Atmospheric Vividness, And Its Depth Of Characterization And Vision Is Almost Unequaled In The Literatures Of The World The Best Known Of Dostoevsky S Masterpieces, Crime And Punishment Can Bear Any Amount Of Rereading Without Losing A Drop Of Its Power Over Our Imaginations.Dostoevsky S Drama Of Sin, Guilt, And Redemption Transforms The Sordid Story Of An Old Woman S Murder Into The Nineteenth Century S Profoundest And Most Compelling Philosophical Novel.Award Winning Translators Richard Pevear And Larissa Volokhonsky Render This Elusive And Wildly Innovative Novel With An Energy, Suppleness, And Range Of Voice That Do Full Justice To The Genius Of Its Creator.

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    There was a time in my life when I couldn t get enough of reading Dostoevsky Maybe because his books made me think so deeply about being human and how we choose to live our lives I began with Crime and Punishment, probably the work he is best known for What I remember is being fascinated by Dostoevsky s brilliant understanding of human nature I remember thinking what a deep study this book was an incredible examination of a man who commits murder and how he is punished for it I ...

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    What can I add to 7000 reviews at the time I write I think this book is fascinating because of all the topic it covers Like the OJ trial, it is about many important interconnected things and those things remain important today, even though this book was originally published in 1865.Sure, it has a lot about crime and punishment But also insanity and temporary insanity, the latter a legal plea that could be entered in Russia of the mid 1800 s It s about guilt and conscience, long before Freud In fact, this book was written at a time when psychological theories were coming into vogue It s about false confessions It s about poverty and social class and people who rise above their class and people who fall from the class they were born into It s about the wild dreams and the follies of youth.There is also mention of many social theories that were in vogue at that time, so, for example, if you want to, you can click on Wikipedia to find out about Fourier s system and his phalansteres There is attempted rape, blackmail, child labor, child prostitution, child marriage and child molestation There is discussion of marrying for money There are ethnic tensions between Russians and the Germans of St Petersburg Should you give to charity or should you give to change the conditions that caused the poverty Like me, you may have thought that was a modern idea, but here it is, laid out in 1865 There s a lot about alcoholism Stir in a cat ...

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    To go wrong in one s own way is better then to go right in someone else s. I have been giving a lot of thought to this novel lately Despite the three years that have gone by since reading Crime and Punishment three years in which I ve read some outstanding literature, joined Goodreads and written just over 100 reviews of the books I ve journeyed through Dostoevsky s novel still resides on it s throne as my personal favorite novel No other web of words, brushstrokes or music melody has ever struck me so deeply and consumed me so completely as this book did The author s collection of works as a whole has left such a mark on my soul that I felt it necessary to permanently affix his likeness on my arm Over a century has passed since its initial publication, yet Dostoevsky s message is still as poignant today as it was when it was first inked onto paper Crime and Punishment features an immensely engaging blend of intrigue philosophy political, social, moral and religious commentary, that all thread together to create a masterpiece of literature that captures the deep, raw core of the human condition when it is at it s most gruesome and vulnerable The exquisite literary genius of the novel evoked a strong emotional resonance in me and the timing of my reading was just right to forever wed me to my love of books.Initially envisioned as two separate novels, one following the inner turmoil of a murderer and the other chroniclin...

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    6.0 Stars One of my All Time Favorite novels In addition to being one of the first works of Classic Literature that I suggest when asked for recommendations from others, this story holds a special place in my heart as it was the story, along with Moby Dick, that began my love of the classics for which I will always be grateful So often we are forced to read the great works of literature for school or at times not of our choosing and I think it tends to lead to a lifelong aversion to themlike being forced to eat vegetables as a childyuck.I was fortunate enough to come back to these stories on my own terms while I was in College My parents, at my request, bought me a subscription to several Easton Press library collections including the 100 Greatest Books Ever Written and Books That Changed the World Two of the first three books I received were Moby Dick and Crime and Punishment So I took a weekend off from getting drunk and running naked through Downtown San Diego and decided instead to get drunk in my apartment and read Crime and Punishment.and I fell head over heals in man love with Dostoyevsky I loved this book from the opening scene in which Raskolnikov is convincing himself ab...

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    I ve come to the conclusion that Russian door stoppers might just be where it s at It here meaning general awesomeness that combines history, philosophy and readability to make books that are both thought provoking and enjoyable Up until this point, Tolstoy had basically taught me everything I knew about nineteenth century Russian society and its people By that, I mean that everything I knew was about the drama and scandals of the Russian aristocracy The difference here is that Dostoyevsky took me on an educational but also gripping journey around the backstreets and drinking dens of St Petersburg He showed me the nitty gritty details of life in Russia for those less fortunate drunks, prostitutes, the poor and he painted a very vivid portrait of this time and culture Raskolnikov is a great protagonist he really is His head is one messed up place and he constantly struggles with what he believes in, his conscience, and his desire to get what he wants The reader is pulled so deep inside the dark depths of his mind that it s hard to avoid becoming completely absorbed in the story He is at times nasty, at others funny, and at others pitiful Dostoyevsky has created one extremely well rounded and complex character Crime and Punishment shows the huma...

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    The problem with being a high school student with average intelligence is that you can get fairly good grades with fairly minimal effort It is an invitation to cut corners and utilize only one half your ass This happened to me in English class I d sit back, take good notes, and bluff my way through various tests this was back in the day before Google, when my family only had an AOL dial up connection and all the answers, right and wrong, were on the internet For these sins, I am now fated to read the classics long after I was supposed to read them On the plus side, coming to the classics on my own volition gives me a better appreciation than having to read them with a figurative gun to the head This has allowed me to enjoy certain works to a higher degree.However, I don t think any number of years will allow me to appreciate or enjoy or even suffer Fyodor Dostoevsky s Crime and Punishment First published in 1866, Crime and Punishment is the excruciatingly detailed psycho epic about the murder of a pawn shop owner and her sister The murderer is named Raskolnikov He is a former student living in a wretched little closet apartment He is utterly unlikable smug, arrogant, temperamental, condescending and self delusional Today, we would recognize this person as having a serious mental illness and the book would be called Inability To Form Criminal Intent and Inv...

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    What a sensational reading experience, what an unconditional surrender to an atmosphere of fear, anxiety and confusion and to an epic battle of wills Rarely these days do I read with that kind of hopeless, helpless feeling of being completely, utterly lost in the imaginary world From the first moment, when Raskolnikov steps out on the street and begins wandering around in Petersburg, to the very last pages, I live with the characters, I am part of the story, I have my own opinions, and argue against their actions, in my head, while reading on in a frenzy What can I say There has been enough said of Raskolnikov s murky motives for doing what he does I don t agree with him at all, neither with the theory he proposes, nor with the idea that he can expiate his crime through intense suffering I hate the nonchalance with which he discards the murderee a louse as an unimportant detail in the bigger picture of him, his character, his suffering ego, and his ultimate redemption and resurrection as a new man Even if the pawnbroker is not a sympathetic character, she is an independent woman, who provides for herself, without having to sell her body to a husband or a pimp She is not a louse , and by killing her out of vanity, pride, self promotion, delusion or hubris, Ras...

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    Oh, Fyodor.Who else could keep me up and awake night after night, even though I promise myself every morning to go to bed at a decent hour Who else can create such authentic human emotions that I feel I m experiencing all of them myself Who else...

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