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Twixt You Wake Upon The Cold Ground.As You Struggle To Rise, As Your Breath Exhales Like A Ghost, You Know Only Two Things You Can T Remember Who You Are.And You Re Being Hunted.No One Sleeps In Abeo City The Lost Souls Gather Indoors At Night As Snatchers Tear Through The Sky On Black Feathered Wings, Stalking Them But Inside The Rotting Walls Of The Safe Houses Comes A Quieter, Creeping Danger The People Of Abeo City Have Forgotten Their Pasts, And They Can Trade Locks Of Their Hair To Sinister Women Known Only As The Sixers For An Addictive Drug Nox Will Give You Back A Single Memory For A Price.Like The Other Lost Souls, Lottie Wakens In This Harsh Landscape And Runs In Terror From The Snatchers But She Soon Comes To Realize That She Is Not At All Like The People Of Abeo City When She Takes Nox, Her Memories Remain A Mystery, And The Monsters Who Fill The Sky At Night Refuse To Snatch Her Trying To Understand Who She Is, And How She Ended Up In Such A Hopeless Place, Lottie Bands Together With Other Outcasts, Including A Brave And Lovely Girl Named Charlie In The Darkness, And Despite The Threat Of A Monstrous EndLove Begins To Grow.But As Lottie And Charlie Plot Their Escape From Abeo City, Lottie S Dark Secrets Begin To Surface, Along With The Disturbing Truth About Twixt A Truth That Could Cost Her Everything.Twixt Is A Stunning, Page Turning Adventure, Part YA Paranormal Romance, Part Thrilling Horror, From Award Winning YA Author Sarah Diemer.

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    I contain multitudes. Spookapalooza part 2 witchy buddies strike again I must admit this was a tad too mild for me, but I still enjoyed the story a lot It was really deep and emotional I liked how it was developed than how it was presented if you get what I mean, but the entire concept is interesting and the idea of what it could have been, is probably what kept me reading from start to end with the same am...

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    I love everything I ve read by Sarah Diemer Her writing is an art form and she has an imagination that appears to have no limits.

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    This was an original concept with a truly surprising plot twist The author has a gift for description, and she built the world and the characters beautifully It s hard to review without spoilers, but it s a mystery fantasy story that has some horror elements and a lovely f f romance.

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    You wake upon the cold ground As you struggle to rise, as your breath exhales like a ghost, you know only two things You can t remember who you are And you re being hunted In addition to being a great summary of our starting point, the above quote from the book description gives a glimpse of the tense, foreboding atmosphere that permeates Sarah Diemer s Twixt One nameless first person narrator has little time to register her strange, cold surroundings, the blood on her hands or the fear coursing through her before a young woman suddenly arrives and urges her to run It s almost night, and that means the Snatchers are coming Twixt was recommended to me by a friend and I didn t know anything going in, and as that s how I d recommend experiencing it I won t get into plot details I will say it starts strong and builds wonderfully throughout The writing style is tremendous and the atmosphere established downright chilling The strange world our heroine finds herself in is fantastically imaginative and vividly realized Even elements common to this genre are given a little slant of context that makes them feel new The story, characters and world all convey emotional impact throughout the book, perfectly ca...

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    I would say that I loved this book The author surely had to put a lot of thoughts into it, from the superb worldbuilding, that I, have to admit, wasn t really expecting, to the plot that was pretty neat Reading Twixt was definitely an interesting experience that I surely would love to go through again, with all of those plot twi xts and almost dreamy storytelling Even that first person style that I honestly dislike was, in the end, pretty fitting.And now, why didn t I give Twixt full stars, if I liked it that much My reason is pretty suprising, given that my friend always make fun of me that my rating is like It s gay, 60 10 It s just I see a pattern in Sarah Diemer s books Not that I ve read so many, having read only The Dark Wife and Sappho s Fables, which she wrote under her pen name, but it s unavoidable to see the sim...

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    Not that I ever doubted Sarah s writing but um Twixt didn t just surpass my expectations, it ran past them like a marathon sprinter Twixt is a beautiful beautiful tale of coming to terms with something horrible and heartbreaking and love and loss and it was equal parts spooky and soft and I can t even find the right words to emphasize how good it was but it was SO GOOD And perhaps some people won t like the ending since it was a bit abrupt and vague but I actually quite like it no one really knows what happens THEN and AFTER and everyone has a different concept of it but the way it was written and described was so bright and pure I think it s safe to say we can all believe it s something good we re just free to interpret it however we want as long as it makes us happy and satisfied Anyway the characters were amazing, Lottie and Charlie s scenes made me weep with joy, Violet was the sweetest o...

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    This is such an amazing, unique story Every time I started reading, I was just swept away by how amazing Diemer s writing is It s entrancing The idea is one that I have never seen before and it honestly had me hooked from the first page I will say that I did see the plot twist coming, but even still the emotions that I felt whilst reading the revelation were great I honestly recommend this book completely The only reason for 4 stars instead of 5 is because the...

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    4.5 just because I managed to guess who one of the main character really was during the first few chapters I was so rooting for Charlie and Lottie I liked the ending What happened to Lottie at the end reminded me of a line I read from somewhere life is just a chance to grow a soul seems like she was given a chance at tha...

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    Find the original review at Jellyfish Reads I was looking forward to reading Twixt since I remember that I read The Dark Wife a couple years ago and enjoyed it, but I think Twixt failed to measure up to the The Dark Wife.The prose in Twixt is lyrical, but unfortunately I don t think the writing style worked for the story that was being told I think a sparser style would have helped to build up the atmosphere and tension much better As such, I think the pace was slowed by the descriptive prose That s not to say there weren t moments when the lyrical prose was fitting and beautiful, but I felt the narrative was weighed down by the style a lot of the time, making the first half drag on a bit too much.Nothing much really happens in the first half of the novel There was a plot twist about 60% in that I saw coming from miles away, so I spent the first half just kind of waiting for the twist to happen Characters are not particularly well fleshed out I think maybe if there was emphasis on getting to really know the characters in the first half then I wouldn t have been so bored But I just ...

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