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Lady in PearlsA Savvy Investigator Seeks Answers To A Secretive Woman S Past, But The Price Is Higher Than They Bargained For The Aristocratic Nathan Bancroft Was Once Part Of A Secret Organization Of Spies Called The Zodiac But After An Assignment Goes Devastatingly Wrong, He Resigns, Haunted By His Mistakes Now He Uses His Skills And Social Connections To Solve Little Problems His Clients Can T Admit They Have He Has Thwarted Blackmail Schemes And Discovered Lost Secrets, All The Time The Soul Of Discretion.When He Is Hired To Discover Why Vanessa Phillips Pays A Hefty Sum To A Stranger Every Month, It S Just Another Job But Vanessa Is Not Just Another Woman Armed With A Sharp Wit And A Skeptical Mind, She Defies Nathan S Attempts To Uncover Her Secret One Thing She Cannot Deny Is His Allure As A Man, And Soon She Finds Herself Dreaming Of His Kiss As Both Their Secrets Threaten To Unravel Around Them, Their New And Fragile Love Looks Doomed, Unless Nathan Can Confront His Own Past In Order To Save Vanessa S Present.Lady In Pearls Is A Stand Alone Novella Set In The Secrets Of The Zodiac World.

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    Posted on Buried Under Romance Lady in Pearls is a lovely and short tale with romance, intrigue, and most importantly, love It is fast paced and thoroughly amusing, with interesting multi dimensional characters and a plot that never ceases to engage the readers For a novella to break out of the many molds of Regency romance is surprising, and even so when it s well done to a high degree Sir Nathan Bancroft likes to solve mysteries, and when he is hired by Beatrice Phillips to discover why her granddaughter, Vanessa, has been withdrawing a good amount of money every month, his interest turns to Vanessa Upon their first meeting, both parties find the other arrogant and assuming, but their subsequent encounters have become not only heated, but also truthful The reason for Vanessa s being known as the lady in pearls is both poignant and bittersweet, a wonderful addition to her complexity and naturally, Nathan s being a supportive hero is just double the sweetness It was a great delight to find, in so many pages, two peop...

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    LADY IN PEARLSSet in 1821 this charming period romance has a fairytale feel to it Sir Nathan Bancroft is a man whom others turn to when there is a mystery to be solved or a problem that needs fixing So when he s contacted by Mrs Beatrice Phillips he knows that she is going to require his help In fact she wants him to investigate her granddaughter Vanessa a wealthy young woman, who it seems is drawing a large sum of money from her bank each month Beatrice fears the worst, that Vanessa is in the clutches of a blackmailer Nathan agrees to help Mrs Phillips solve the mystery.Nathan uses the direct approach with Vanessa, but she s far too intelligent to give him any information Nathan is attracted to Vanessa, not just because she is beautiful but he admires her wit and quick mind.Once again this author has written a charming romantic short story With engaging characters, this is a short bu...

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    Find this review and at Lusty Penguin Reviews Delightfully entertaining, Lady in Pearls is a sweet Regency romance novella by Elizabeth Cole With vivid descriptions and vibrant characters, the author pulls readers into this charming romance making them feel like they are right there in London, 1821.Sir Nathan Bancroft is a discreet problem solver for those who need help in covering up scandals Certain that her granddaughter, Vanessa, is being blackmailed, Beatrice Phillips hires Nathan to make the problem go away Nathan makes arrangements to meet Vanessa at a ball, and he is immediately taken by the redhead in the green dress, not realizing that the beautiful woman is in fact Vanessa Determined to figure out Vanessa s secrets, Nathan charms her while they dance at the ball Nathan doesn t expect Vanessa to be so guarded, but he falls for her because of her intelligence and wit Their banter provides laugh out loud moments as Vanessa falls in love with Nathan too But, everything changes when Nathan figures out Vanessa secret Feeling betrayed, Vanessa cuts Nathan from her life However, Nathan isn t about to lose the love of his live, and the plan he puts into action to get Vanessa back is ingenious, which brought a huge smile to my face Nathan and Vanessa are an adorable couple worth cheering for.Appealing characters and stunning plot twists make Lady ...

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    Lady in Pearls is a sweet little Novella about a mysterious woman named Vanessa and a gentleman named Nathan Vanessa in an independent woman with her own wealth, but lives with her meddling aristocratic grandmother The grandmother finds that Vanessa has taken to withdrawing large sums of money on a regular basis and fears her granddaughter is being blackmailed and enlists Nathan, who has a talent for secrets, to discover what is happening As it turns out, things are not as they appear My only complaint if you could call it that, as it is a Novella is simply that it s too short I would have loved so many details like the rest of Cole s work I love her character development Ev...

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    LADY IN PEARLS by Elizabeth Cole is an sweet Regency Historical Romance set in 1821 London.A Novella A quick,fast paced story filled with passion,secrets,deception,finding answers,romance and love Well written with charming,witty and engaging characters and an interesting plot A fairy tale sorta of story A string of pearls and a unique plot,want For another quick,fun afternoon read, pick up Lady in Pearls you will not regret reading this one I look forward to from th...

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    I can t add much to what has already been written But I will say that Elizabeth Cole really drew me in with her vivid descriptions and wonderful prose.It s a novella, so I accept it is short, but it would not have been harmed in any way to be longer.I was born a long time after 1821, but the descriptions are so vivid I f...

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    Short story Quick regency romance MOSTLY clean though hinted at things I d have preferred not be hinted at, i.e., His dreams were unusually vivid, however, and required him to wash with extra cold water upon waking It ...

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    Full disclosure I edited this novella.This is a sweet romantic story with intelligent characters whose connection goes well beyond the physical Their banter is amusing and the pace of the story is relatively quick The secret isn t drawn out artificially, which is something I really appreciate.

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    Loved the short story of Nathan and Vanessa Ethan has left his days behind as a spy and work as a man of discretion, helping people When Beatrice Vanessa s Grandmother hires him to find out who she gives 20 po...

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    4.45 stars rated pg13 heavy pg13 I m very slowly going through all my bookshelves and trying to catalogue books bought and read in years gone by Stars and ratings are mere guesses at this point I m assuming I enjoyed the book at some point in my life

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