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!!> Reading ➳ Storms in Jars ➬ Author E.J. More –

Storms in Jars Every Life Knows Times Of Darkness, But Some Know Than Most.In Smoke We Meet A Lonely Creature, With Only Its Own Hunger For Company.Milton Hobbs And The Price Of Serenity Introduces Us To An Alcoholic Looking To Bargain, Whatever The Cost Kimmy S Not Welcome Here Any Follows The Journey Of A Childhood Friendship Turning Sour Amid The Demons That Lurk In Shadowy Corners Of A Grown Up World.These And Other Stories Can Be Found In This Dark Collection Of Nightmarish Tales.Date Of Original Release July 2012 Different Cover.

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    I m actually somewhat surprised by my own rating of this book Several months ago, I received a copy of this ebook in a roundabout way through a blog that I contribute to sporadically for review I accepted it, despite it having only one rating of 2 stars Not exactly a shining endorsement But, I like horror, and I like short stories, and this was very short, so I figured I wouldn t be investing much time if it did stink after all And then I read it, and found that it didn t There were some editing issues a plethora of missing commas, mainly Though there were some other little things I noticed, general editing clean up items such as improper capitalization, etc, they didn t really detract from the story as much as the absentee commas did There s a big difference between We have a basement, Detective, Detective used here as a title in lieu of name, so it should be capitalized and We have a basement detective, which is what was in the text The former advises the detective being spoken to that the speaker has a basement the latter could be implying that there s a detective housed in the basement, or they staff a detective who specializes in basement work who knows But, editing aside, I quite liked the stories They were short, but much longer, and they wouldn t have worked All were contained in this gray zone of Info The Reader Does...

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    POST is my favorite of the 5 stories I liked figuring out what was going on with Zachary along with Zachary And the ending was horribly good.With the first story I had a hard time suspending disbelief I think that is how you say it How were the victims gotten without any evidence of their disappearance Or perhaps it s over my head about how he takes his victims.The 2nd 3rd stories remind me of Twilight Zone episodes You don t really understand what is going on until it all unfolds They were suspenseful and kept me interested The 3rd story made me think of The Interrogation by Dean R Koontz 4th story, POST I loved as already stated.5th story I really liked this one too A great dark short story The main character s internal dialogue felt very realistic Love the title of the book The author s writing style was very comfortable to read and I look forward to reading by him her.I rece...

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    Five dark tales Five protagonists wanting their lives back, to go living, but restrained by the s of society and experience five storms in jars that just want break and move on, but can t.Overall, this short collection is a wildly uneven affair, ranging from the less than interesting Other Beryl to the genuinely affecting Kimmy s Not Welcome Here Any The best of the lot is the aforementioned Kimmy a tale of teen angst and decisions we live to regret It strikes the right chord of familiarity coupled with unexpected hostility Smoke is a wonderfully evocative, but maddeningly elusive tale ofsomething I know I ll be reading it again Post puts a mild heart tug on a familiar tale Milton Hobbs and t...

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    My overall impression This collection contains mostly moralistic Twilight Zone style stories with twist endings, a story template that is currently out of fashion That s not to say I didn t enjoy it, or that I don t like that sort of thing I do Also, I think the bulk of the stories could use a bit of polish for punctuation consistency, mainly , whereas others could use a bit work However, I found them to b...

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