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[PDF / Epub] ☀ Konfidenz Author Ariel Dorfman –

KonfidenzAriel Dorfman Construye En Konfidenz Una Compleja Novela De Amor Y De Espionaje En Diferentes Planos Narrativos Y Temporales, Cuyos Protagonistas Pueden Situarse En Cualquier Epoca Y Parte Del Mundo Donde Deba Pelearse Contra Las Dictaduras Y Las Guerras, Donde Haya Que Luchar Por Darle Cuerpo A Los Suenos.

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    Context is ninety percent of verisimilitude What I mean is that when our good uncle opened that letter from Paris, signed by Franz, full of details about life here, it never crossed his mind that it could have been written by someone else Context and, naturally, ingenuousness People believe what they want to believe Briefly I really, sorta, kinda, totally, absolutely, mostly, maybe should read again, liked it a lot Helpful If not, let s try this

    Do you like Mysteries

    Neither do I Not particularly.

    Do you like Intrigue Suspense stories

    Ditto Not exactly a fan either.

    Metafiction Surprise plot twists Contentedly complacent about not really knowing

    We are all PoMo.

    When a woman checks into her Paris hotel room, she is immediately contacted by Leon, a friend of her fianc A conversation ensues He knows a lot about her She s never heard of him He knows than seems likely, or prudent Someone is listening in Others are listening in on them all and watching them The reader is watching all of them and listenin...

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