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✻ Blood Hostages (Planescape: Blood Wars, #1) Epub ✾ Author J. Robert King –

Blood Hostages (Planescape: Blood Wars, #1)When His Uncle Is Abducted By A Pair Of Gargoyles At The Behest Of An Eight Armed God, Aereas Joins His Cousin Nina On A Perilous Journey Into A Bizarre And Twisted World Where They Uncover A Plot To Turn The Tide Of The Blood War And Unleash A Horrific Evil Original 75,000 First Printing.

✻ Blood Hostages (Planescape: Blood Wars, #1) Epub ✾ Author J. Robert King –
  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 314 pages
  • Blood Hostages (Planescape: Blood Wars, #1)
  • J. Robert King
  • English
  • 09 March 2018
  • 9780786904730

    10 thoughts on “✻ Blood Hostages (Planescape: Blood Wars, #1) Epub ✾ Author J. Robert King –

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    There are only a few reviews on goodreads for this novel and they are all bad However, there are no reasons given for the hatefest this book is receiving I picked this book up at a Walmart when I was a kid I thoroughly enjoyed it and have re read it multiple times It isn t a masterpiece, but the visuals are imaginative Nd the plot works The environments are crazy and the characters are strange ...

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    Oh, gaming genre fiction sometimes you re good, occasionally brilliant but usually mediocre Oh where to start I m lost going through this book than Aereas and Nina seeing Sigil for the first time No good point of reference at the beginning Nothing to set up a trans on why we should care about these characters We had 39 minutes in a movie to learn about Luke one would think that a book would take the time for a decent set up And the teenage angst And t...

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    kids killing a maralith in one round i don t think so

  4. says:

    I have only myself to blame really Most of the old TSR novelisations for Dungeons and Dragons have a well deserved reputation of being badly written shovel literature written to take advantage of kids that didn t know any better I had thought that the inherent coolness of the Planescape setting might mitigate against this, but I was disappointed Blood Hostages is not a good novel by any definition.While this isn t a particularly horrible example of the genre, it does suffer from a lot of the problems endemic to this sort of novel Poorly defined characters with no clear and consistent personalities or motivations Characters doing bizarre things for no apparent reason multiple volunteers signing up for a fight against The Lady and then a trip to the Lower Planes without any tangible promise of a reward A large cast of characters, most of whom have little relevance to the plot, leading to heaps of who are they again moments Prose that s purpler than a boxful of eggplantsThere are some p...

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    This is a really bad book This is also a pretty good crappy planescape novel So I m averaging out 2 stars in general and 4 stars for what it s meant to be I was also led to believe this book had happening in Sigil and it leads you to think it may but like Pages of Pain it pretty quickly diverts you down a dark alley and then elsewhere which has...

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    I enjoy DD novels in general, but this series is horrible.

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