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!!> BOOKS ✯ The Russian Boy ⚡ Author Neil S. Plakcy –

The Russian Boy A Famous, Erotically Charged Painting Called The Russian Boy Depicts A Nude Russian Noble Named Alexei Dubernin, Younger Lover Of Painter Fyodor Luschenko Their Affair Takes Place In The Elegance Of A Lost World, The Russian Enclave On The Cote D Azur In The Years Just Before The Revolution Of 1917 The Painting, Owned By The New York Museum Of Fine Arts, Is Stolen From A Restorer S Studio In Paris, Bringing Together Three Very Different Men, Each Of Whom Must Risk His Life To Return This Precious Work Of Art And Earn The Love He Deserves Fifty Year Old Rowan McNair Was A College Art History Professor Until He Lost His Marriage, His Family And His Job After An Affair With A Young Male Former Student Now He Struggles To Make A New Life In New York As A Journalist And Art Theft Consultant Taylor Griffin Is Finishing His First Year On A Painting Fellowship At The Institute Des Artistes In Montmartre, Sharing A Tiny Studio Apartment With His Russian Emigre Boyfriend, Dmitri Baranov, A Fellow Student When Dmitri Steals The Russian Boy, He Plunges Himself, Taylor, And Eventually Rowan Into A Dangerous World Of Drugs, Sex And Intrigue The Russian Boy Is A Sexy, Romantic Story About Older Men Involved With Younger Men, About Art And Love And The Risks We Take When We Fall In Love.

!!> BOOKS ✯ The Russian Boy  ⚡ Author Neil S. Plakcy –
  • Paperback
  • 206 pages
  • The Russian Boy
  • Neil S. Plakcy
  • English
  • 15 April 2018
  • 9781468135718

    10 thoughts on “!!> BOOKS ✯ The Russian Boy ⚡ Author Neil S. Plakcy –

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    Let me ask you something Who is the main character of The Russian Boy Is it snarky, cruelly pragmatic Dmitri, an art student turned art thief who most of the plot revolves around Is it his nimble and smooth talking American boyfriend, Taylor Is it even Rowan, the down on his luck, art historian private eye who is pursuing them and the artwork Dmitri stole Hell if I know It s difficult to think of The Russian Boy as a romance Too much time is spent split between too many characters and all of the relationships feel forced, contrived and under developed The narrator spends most of the book telling you that Dmitri and Taylor are not in love, they re not love interests So stop wanting them it have a HEA reader Stop it I can feel you thinking about it Which is kind of unfortunate because Taylor and Dmitri s relationship was really the only compelling one in this hodgepodge of gay men Every single character in this book is gay Every single one, even some of the minor characters That must be some kind of statistical anomaly surely I mean I know birds of a feather flock and all but GEEZ I really wanted to like The Russian Boy It hits all my weaknesses sexy slavs, homoeroticism, glamorous foreign locales, delicious sounding food digressingMmmmmmmm But I just couldn t The characters were so irrational, their behavior towards each other so unsympathetic and sometimes just plain old fashion WTF that it s...

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    Five years ago Rowan McNair was a 45 year old professor of art history at a prestigious university When he became involved romantically with a much younger but adult former student and his relationship with the young man was discovered, McNair lost his tenured position, his marriage, and most of his contact with his two sons Now at 50 he s barely making ends meet as a consulting detective on cases where a knowledge of art is required However when a notorious painting of a beautiful Russian lordling is stolen, McNair is tapped to track down the missing masterpiece The story quickly evolves into the tale of three love affairs involving older men and their younger paramours Rowan meets a young American who helps him with the search The story of the painting s creation and the affair between the painter and his muse is revealed and lastly the thief, a modern day Russian boy, becomes involved with a French older man This story is complex and in trying to summarize it one quickly understands that challenge that the author had in presenting the material in an ...

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    SIDEBAR Having received this as part of the Don t Buy Me Love event the M M romance group was sponsoring, I was pleased to receive the copy from the author in exchange for this review The Russian Boy is, at it s core, an interesting concept Art theft amongst art students that involve the Russian mob, a former art history professor turned art theft investigator, the French police, nefarious characters at every turn, all found along the picturesque coastline of Nice, France has everything to offer an interested reader You d think so, right To a certain degree, Mr Plakcy succeeds in his endeavor to captivate us with his tale of intrigue, romance, mystery and adventure There s the theft of a valuable painting at that center of this story However here is where the author allows the story to get away from him a bit.To begin with the first couple of chapters are a bit disjointed that takes the reader out of the moment because of their awkward phrasing and composition Thankfully, if the reader is patient through the first couple of chapters, they are rewarded for their efforts This is something that the author might want to re examine as some readers may not think it worth their while to give it a chance In the end, I was fairly happy I pressed on to the juicy elements of the story as they were worth the read.For reasons that aren t ...

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    I received a free copy of this book via the Goodreads Don t buy My Love program in exchange for an honest review.4.5 stars Four lives intersect in a compelling story about art, starving artists, theft and murder It took me several pages to settle in to the writing style, but once I did the pages flew by Even switching from present day to 1912 13 and back was smooth The descriptions of everything are vivid I especially enjoyed the view in Nice I can see those buildings and how the light and shadow work to make them stand out I can see the sky and the water The waves The palm trees, which I didn t know grew in the area I was there I could smell the flowers and the food Oh, the food I could taste it, just the way the author described And it is so good The book starts at a run and the story never stops moving Dmitri steals the painting on the first page and the problems and consequences begin immediately Taylor figures out what Dmitri did Then Dmitri flees to Nice with the painting because his contact demanded he meet there instead of in Paris Dmitri meets Albin in Nice while he s waiting for his contact Rowan, an investigator of sorts, travels to Nice when his boss learns the painting may be there Then Taylor follows Dmitri because even though he doesn t want Dmitri as a boyfriend any longer, ...

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    I got this for free for an honest review through the DBML program of the M M Romance group on goodreads.I got hooked on Neil Plakcy when I read his Mahu Series So I was expecting good thing from The Russian Boy Neil delivered all of my expectations and It is hard to write a story that has two different time lines, He made it flow together good The characters in the modern timeline were well built and acted like real humans a mix of rational and irrational behaivor that was consistant with how they were built It is easy to see how poor Dmitri was lead astray by Yegor, even as he did steal the painting The Russian Boy his conscience was tugging at him The setting was describe with an artist sensibility which make sense because three of the main characters were artist or trained as an artist As in most mysteries, the body count grew ...

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    I m not sure about this one to be honest, even the blurb exhausted me.FREE from

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    I received a free copy of this book via the Goodreads Don t buy My Love program in exchange for an honest review.This contemporary mystery describes the circumstances surrounding the theft and recovery of a painting known as The Russian Boy Dmitri, an actual Russian boy, is studying art in Paris He is only a few months from the end of his scholarship, and will have to leave his studies due to no money Then, he is approached by Yegor who offers him 20,000 Euro to steal the painting from the studio where it is being restored Dmitri is counseled by his boyfriend, an American art fellow named Taylor, to refuse Yegor s offer.Dmitri doesn t He steals the painting and heads for the rendezvous with Yegor in Nice Only, Yegor never shows Always resourceful, Dmitri makes the acquaintance of Albin, a man willing to take him in for a nightor Worried about his lover, Taylor travels to Nice, hoping to help Dmitri out of what will surely become a debacle.Debacle it becomes Former art professor Rowan is dispatched to Paris by the insurers to track down the missing painting Interpol is alerted Dmitri is double crossed by Yegor, and Yegor ends up dead Painting Seemingly gone Rowan s investigation not only yields Taylor, and Dmitri, but engagements with the Russian mafia, and a human trafficking ring The tension of the whereabouts of the painting, and recovery of it, continues to build throughout At times I felt this was of a thriller than a romance.Other reviewers have co...

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    This book is like two books rolled into one really and I think that is why quite a few people who have reviewed it have had difficulty with it The Russian Boy of the title refers to a painting being restored at an art academy in Paris, the problem I think for many is that it is stolen by another Russian boy Dmitri who has been studying at the academy and whose scholarship and money are running out so steals it to order to get money to continue studying The story running in parallel is about the subject of the painting a young Russian boy called Alexei in the year 1912 who wanted to be an artist and convinces his family to apprentice him to the artist Luschenko whose primary work appears to be painting portraits for wealthy Russians who winter in the south of France The main story of the art theft has many twists and probably would have been better without the background story of the painting What I found interesting was the inter generational relationship between the American investigator and Dmitri s artist friend Taylor which seemed to simmer for quite a while with will they or won t they moments.Had the book not had the background story of the painting then time could have been given to the main characters and fleshed them out plus the ending seemed very short and ingenious as it was I would have liked a paced last couple of chapters with maybe an epilogue to see where everyone was a year later All in all I would give the book 3.5 to 4 stars but I can understand o...

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    I seem to have no luck whatsoever with this author s books This is the second one of his that I reand and it had such promisebut alas, it wasn t to be The characters are two dimensional paper figurines moving to and fro as directed by the strings I can clearly see The plot had promise, in the hands of another m m mystery author it would have been divinely handled, probably ending up feeling a bit like an Agatha Christie Not in this one The relationships felt forced, the story moved along as if coerced by a very visible hand The sex was a nightmare Can you expect anyone to believe that a character who was raped mere hours before could now enjoy ...

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    I got this book free in exchange for an honest review.This story follows 3 young male artists as they follow their dream of painting It is told in two different timelines with Alexei s story unfolding in 1912 and Dmitri and Taylor s in current time Each young man is enthralled with an older man who inspires their artistic muse The main focus of the story is a painting, The Russian Boy, of Alexei done by his lover which is stolen in current time by Russian boy Dmitri.It was a nice story, but I wanted it to be so much It wasn t a fully developed romance, and the mystery line wasn t strong enough to carry the story to a higher rating for me I wanted relationship development in all three story lines I did not feel connected to Alexei s relationship at all and would have liked to know about what happened to him The same with Dmitri s story it just ended and we never find out what happens with him As for Taylor s story it just wrappe...

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