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!!> PDF ✬ Fitness for Geeks ✪ Author Bruce W. Perry –

Fitness for Geeks If You Re Interested In How Things Work, This Guide Will Help You Experiment With One Crucial System You Usually Ignore Your Body And Its Health Long Hours Focusing On Code Or Circuits Tends To Stifle Notions Of Nutrition, But With This Educational And Highly Useful Book You Can Approach Fitness Through Science, Whether It S Investigating Your Ancestral Health Or Using The Latest Self Tracking Apps And Gear.Tune Into Components Of Your Health Through Discussions On Food, Exercise, Sleep, Hormesis, And Other Issues As Well As Interviews With Various Scientists And Athletes And Discover Healthy Ways To Tinker With Your Lifestyle.Learn To Live In The Modern Digital World And Still Be Physically VibrantExamine Apps And Widgets For Self Tracking Various Fitness IssuesZero In On Carbs, Fats, Proteins, Vitamins, Minerals, And PhytochemicalsFind And Choose Food, And Learn When To Eat And When To FastReboot Your System Through Movement In The Outside WorldSelect From Than A Dozen Techniques For Your Gym WorkoutFuel Fitness By Focusing On The Science Of Nutrition And SupplementsApply Lifestyle Hacks, Such As High Intensity Exercise And Good Stress

!!> PDF ✬ Fitness for Geeks  ✪ Author Bruce W. Perry –
  • Paperback
  • 336 pages
  • Fitness for Geeks
  • Bruce W. Perry
  • English
  • 09 December 2019
  • 9781449399894

    10 thoughts on “!!> PDF ✬ Fitness for Geeks ✪ Author Bruce W. Perry –

  1. says:

    I got this book for my husband, thinking that he would enjoy it as a geek I imagined it would clearly lay out the science behind diet and exercise principles in a scientific manner, leaving out the photos of musclebound dudes that I d imagine would turn off a geek from other fitness books.What was I not expecting A thinly veiled piece of Paleo diet propaganda When I say veiled, I only mean that it was not mentioned on the front or back covers I m not saying paleo doesn t work for some people, but I don t appreciate it being described in such smug scientific terms, when the science behind the diet is in fact not as solid as it might appear Occasionally the author will ask an actual dietitian questions in a sidebar, often including what do you think of Paleo as the final question It doesn t present options other than paleo, and offers dubious advice please note chocolate is not actually physically addictive You may have an emotional need for it, but your body does not suffer withdrawl if you stop Don t compare it to coffee, it is not the same Although called Fitness for geeks, the diet portion takes up the majority of the book When we finally get to fitness the info is cursory at best, and no surprise CrossFit is pushed actually, I don t mind CrossFit, but it s not useful in a book like this and it s totally expected from the paleo leanings in the beginning At this point it became clear to me that wh...

  2. says:

    I tried to like this book.About three chapters in, I decided this book wasn t for me From indirectly talking about people s auras after working out, to indirectly recommending paleo diets, this book just hit my woo woo trigger one too many times I enjoyed the discussion about different sites for tracking fitness, but when push came to shove about nutrition and such, I felt like I was spending time on the web trying to verify every little piece of information in this book I felt like I was reading the equivalent of an infomercial for something that will be thoroughly debunked in ten years.I was really hoping this book would be something I could enjoy reading without having to be too c...

  3. says:

    Fitness for Geeks is a cool idea, an O Reilly book, targeted at geeks, all about staying healthy As a geek who has lost 100 pounds in the last few years and who wants to lose 40 , this was the perfect book for me Or so I thought.The book is actually very disappointing Despite clearly being targeted at geeks it even includes a number of detailed references to programming , it s unsatisfying A chapter on nutrients goes into extremely geeky detail about the chemical makeup of various foodstuffs, but none of it has any apparent practical applications not much in the way of do this, do that kind of advice, just a bunch of isn t that neat facts.It also contains a chapter, and many sections within later chapters, referencing available tools and web sites you can geek out on, or use to collect statistics and measurements I understand where this comes from, my ability to closely monitor and study things mathematically was instrumental in my weight loss, but such material inherently dates the book it s less than a year old, but already many of the tools mentioned have been supplanted by better ones Material like that needs to be current, which means its better suited for a blog post than a printed book Fitness for Geeks is also full of an awful lot of woo Party of my geeky nature is my tendency to be skeptical, so a lot of the pseudoscience about the Paleo diet ...

  4. says:

    There were some really great sections in this book I particularly enjoyed the detailed explanations and the nutrition science sections even showing what macronutrient molecules look like The strength of the book also comes from the quality sidebars that share interviews with medical and sports professionals , or share recent research findings I found this particularly helpful in the intermittent fasting section and in interval training section regarding Tabatas, etc I also liked the Outdoors chapter that mentioned man...

  5. says:

    Have two words for this book Horse shit

  6. says:

    Really a 3.5 5 Some interesting information, I like the general philosophy that our bodies are optimized for a different lifestyle than the one we are now leading Science seems accurate but didn t go far enough at times For example, the section about various stages of sleep, along with the apps available to track them, needed explanation on the relevance I enjoyed the overview of the various apps, but found the diagrams too small to read ...

  7. says:

    I m glad I read the book, but it could have been so much better Here are some things I think could have been improved 1 Nitpick, but it makes a difference be consistent with your use of measurements The book was all over the map metric, imperial, and even really old fashion pints Being from Canada we are well versed in both major measurement systems, but the way most authors handle is they put one unit in parenthesis.2 Who is the audience You had me fooled at the beginning I really thought the book was aimed at IT people who are currently lacking in fitness knowledge and practice I m an IT person and very active I found most of the book WAY beyond anything I d ever do I think most of the book is aimed at those who are already extremely active and knowledgeable in nutrition.3 There wasn t a compelling reason to do many of the things mentioned in the book Fasting Really I can t imagine doing so and wasn t convinced it was a good thing to try unless I had cancer or something The same for ...

  8. says:

    Some good and useful ideas but overall lacking in scientific rigor I would have preferred a narrower scope with thorough research, less anecdotal information and a formal style.

  9. says:

    I bought this pretty much the day it came out, if memory serves I think there was an O Reilly deal of the day , or bundle, or some such, and I d been meaning to get it anyway I got about a couple of chapters in and the Hugo Voters Packet descended, and I didn t read much else for a while, but went back to it for something factual every now and again Once The Hugo season was over, I got back into it in earnest.Initially it got off to a good start, with a round up of some healthy lifestyles, gadgets and so forth, and it was here I was convinced to get a fitbit, and then I hit the chapter on Nutrition.Nutrition is important, and can underlie a lot of fitness, health and so on, but it was all detail, no relevance It took almost the rest of the book before nutrition reared its head again, and this time it came with practical advice it would have been better structured, IMHO, to get the reader interested in all the reasons why they need to monitor their nutrition before wading through fifty pages or so of quasi organic chemistry That being said, I m likely to go back to it now that I m a few months in, and review it, and I suspect it will be of use on repeated readings I know the books is in the..for geeks series, but this felt like mindless, obsessive trivia rather than useful information Again, to reiterate, it came good in the end, but it very nearly caused me to give up altogether.The book definitely hits i...

  10. says:

    Hav ing thor oughly enjoyed Cook ing for Geeks which I highly recom mend , when I saw that a sim il arly novel approach to fit ness was avail able I was all on board to enjoy this one as well And enjoy it I did Bruce Perry s approach in Fit ness for Geeks is a com pre hens ive and quirky walk through a new way of ima gin ing fit ness As the author quickly points out, things such as fit ness, diets, ets are ejec ted from the dis cus sion not for lack of rel ev ance but simply because they con note some pop u lar dis trac tions from the geeky approach pro posed The approach is unique get into the mind set of the geek not the cir cus type and look at a dif fer ent sort of approach to fit ness and well being It is prob ably best summed up in the adage iden ti fied early on if one is aware that they are observed or that the met rics are being com piled one intrins ic ally tends towards doing that little bit , to keep ing things within the bounds,or the like Its a bit of a dif fer ent approach indeed and for the geek in me I appre ci ated the new and novel ways that the author intro duces to look ing at tak ing care of self Its not just abut the gad gets of which there are many great ones recom men ded but about a cer tain hol istic approach that brings together a sci ence and process.This approach cov ers a won der fully diverse series of top ics and it s not ...

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