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[Read] ➵ Two Feet Off The Ground ➼ Suzie Carr –

Two Feet Off The Ground I Laughed Out Loud Throughout The Book Great Read With Wonderful Characters I Have Now Read All Her Books And This Is By Far The Best I Will Remember This One In The Future As One If The Better Romance Novels I Have Ever Read ReviewLauren Woods Is Crazy About Paula McKenna Paula S Sexy, Adventurous And The Hero To Lauren S Twelve Year Old Son, Owen The Two Women Are Deeply Attracted To Each Other, But There S One Big Problem That S Keeping Their Love Grounded Paula Accepts A Job Offer Across The Country, And Lauren, With A Debilitating Fear Of Flying, A Son Deeply Rooted To His Friends And Life In Rhode Island, And A Best Friend Who Depends On Her To Keep Her Salon Up And Running, Is In No Position To Up And Move Will These Two Find Their Footing Together Or Crash Land

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    1.5 Stars Usually I like Suzie Carr s work but I couldn t stand the main character Lauren If she wasn t throwing a tantrum like a child every other page then she was lying to try and impress the woman she was falling in love with or being extremely selfish I ...

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    Good read A great book that s not all about coming out The characters in this book are already out, living their lives A very funny book with serious moments as well I found myself thinking about what was happening and what might happen while I was at work and couldn t read Highly recommended

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    wow Suzie Carr never seems to disappoint A story about one women facing her fears, finding true love and old friendships I laughed, I fell in love and I cried But this romance did something i wasn t really looking for ...

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    Loved this book, totally took me by suprise as I have to be honest, I m a bit of a fan of thebutch protagonist However, I totally fell in love with these characters Having insecurities myself made me really appreciate certain angles within t...

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    I read this book because a friend of mine said that it was one of the best love stories she had read in a long time I couldn t agreeIt s a FUNNY read, too Carr absolutely nailed it again I love her three books Definitely a great story with a universal message

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    Great book Laugh out loud funny in parts with very endearing characters.

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    Awful It made no sense You fall in love at a snap, okaytypical lesbian book But break up because she s terrified of flying Because that s CLEARLY the only way to get anywhere Oh, and THEN she s magically over this intense phobia just like that Absolutely unbelievable and not enjoying to read.

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    I absolutely love this book, re reading it for the second time to discover I d not reviewed it The main character Lauren really made me laugh, even with little things such as closing down her son s game on the computer to reply to Paula s email tickled me Yes I think Lauren can be a big whiney at times but I found her to learn and develo...

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Two Feet Off The Ground is a well written and easily read that I would happily recommend to others It was nice to read a thoroughly modern book, with well thought out characters who avoided the usual stereotypes found in some books It was good to finally read a book with a character who dealt with problems caused by anxiety, its a subject many authors tend to avoid As someone who does deal with anxiety I can honestly say that I found the character of Lauren was so totally believable, I could Two Feet Off The Ground is a well written and easily read that I would happily recommend to others It was nice to read a thoroughly modern book, with well thought out character...

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    Didnt read the detail about this book and it being about two woman in love.This book had a good ending to it though.

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